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I am also having problem with the photos that are being uploaded to eBay. I couldn't get any gallery photos to go up on quite a few items and then the inside photos weren't going up either. I tried to upload some photos today and got a message about an error with Auctiva uploading.

Hope it resolves soon. It appears to be acting a little wonky anyway. It is disheartening to think you've uploaded to eBay and see only a photo or two instead of all you uploaded. Please fix!
Hello All -

I am not aware of any issues with the image uploader at this time and if you are encountering difficulty with it, please ensure that your Java is up to date. You can check this at

As it sounds like you are each encountering different but specific difficulties, please file support cases from under the Help tab of the site detailing how and were you are encountering difficulty with your images and what you are experiencing as well as the text of any error messages you may have encountered and we will be happy to look into any difficulties you may be having.

- Craig
Hi philatelyny,

In order for your images to be sent to eBay's picture services, you must check the box that says "Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images" in the image section of the lister page. Otherwise only the first image will be displayed in eBay's images, and the others will be in the description. I didn't see the box checked in any of your recent Saved listings.

I hope that helps!
Along the same lines of this thread, I have also experienced issues with just the Header Image being displayed on mobile verions of eBay. Having read this thread I am now ticking the "Enable Optional eBay Gallery Image" box while creating new listings. However, this box then unticks once the listing goes into my Scheduled Items queue.
Is this an Auctiva issue?
Hi global_ant -

we did receive a similar report regarding the Optional eBay Gallery images, however we have not been able to reproduce the issue as described. Both scheduling and saving listings are keeping that selection, so it is unclear what may have occurred. I suggest that you try clearing the cache of your browser and then logging back in to your account to try again.

Should you encounter this again with either Saving or Scheduling a listing where the Optional eBay Gallery Images box becomes unchecked, please file a support case letting us know the steps you are taking as well as your browser and operating system so we can look into this further.

- Craig

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