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Not sure how many of you may know or have wondered why eBay doesn't offer a 6 day and 4 day listing. After last nights scheduling fiasco with Auctiva, I find that half of my listings posted and the other half failed. I wanted all of these to end next Sunday, but that now means that I have to wait until Tuesday and post them as 5 day auctions. I would like to post them tonight, but obviously eBay doesn't provide a 6 day listing option. Any thoughts on why?
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I have no idea why eBay doesn't offer six or four day. I think it would be in their best interest to let the seller situate their auction the way they want to have yahoo allows you to set the length of the auction. (or at least they used to, I haven't used them in years) Perhaps an email to Suggestions with eBay might get the minds working over at eBay. (doubtful but we can hope)

As far as scheduled auctions, I had LOTS OF AUCTIONS scheduled last night and they all went up without a single hitch. No kick outs, no problems noted. Did you receive any error messages? Have you contacted Auctiva on a customer ticket to get an answer?

I'm sorry this happened to you.

Take care, Donna
Thanks for the heads up Bartons!

I'm in FL and on eastern standard time but had auctions uploading after 11:00pm my time. I must have been on a different server.

LIST! All three major news networks discussed today was THE biggest shopping day online plus my local news programs, too!

I can well understand that Sunday nights are good..but I'd at least give it a try for today since the stats are looking good.

Good Luck,

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