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It is my impression in contacting other online auction sites in the UK that the companies which are very much smaller than feebay give good personal service like Auctiva.

A well intentioned seller on feebay starts with personalised communications and feedback. But as sales take off they are forced to move back with automated messages and feedback to get the items into the post quickly.

Sooner or later staff are employed and the originator gradually moves further from the customer contact and when big enough the personal touch dissapears altogether as numerous employees are just there for a salary, not bothered whether they are working for a, b, or c.

But back to feebay as it is now, we (the users) wish for a more professional service, but too late the shareholders take a tight grip on development and services via the accountants and all end users (buyers and sellers) suffer. Feebay community court being the latest victim while they tweak store visibilty. Roll Eyes

The only difference between small non-professional and large non-professional is that the former are unlikely to become the latter in most fields.

That's my cynical soapbox statement for today... Big Grin
I would be very interested because I am not real computer savvy. Everytime I try something new on the computer, it takes me forever to figure things out. I believe Auctiva would provide a lot of support in helping me get my independent store out on the web. I have wanted to have a real store, that is not on ebay, but have lacked the knowlege and time to get it going. I have a specialty store on ebay, which sells to a certain niche. I have been fairly successful, but hate being dependent on ebay.
We are hoping to have some basic store functionality in our eBay Live release in June. Of course we also planned on having our inventory feature in November 2005 and you see how well that went. I would anticipate at least some fees with this. We're not going to let people dump a million pieces of lint, fuzz, or trash into our database as there is a pretty big cost associated with even storing an item that will never or rarely sell. At a minimum I'd say something like 1 penny per month per item would be enough to keep the stinky items out.

It does appear we'll have Inventory in our March release though. Smile Oh I suppose I should qualify that as March 2008, lol.
We're not going to let people dump a million pieces of lint, fuzz, or trash into our database...

ROFLMAO !!! -- sorry! That one just hit my funny-bone real hard! Big Grin
...and I'm still LOL as I type these words. I personally can't even imagine the hassles of try'n to keep an orderly DB of such as I imagine would be required! Big Grin
Thank you for that. One thing I sell a lot of is books. I read them, then this is how I get rid of them. But some of them aren't worth much more than about 99 cents US. I have seen a lot of complaining posts on this site re: sellers that sell things for that price, so I was wondering if that was what 'stinky' alluded to. Meaning, price rather than product.

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