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Well, after several years on ebay, my very first ever listing completed today. A bit of a bidding flurry at the end, and a Nikon camera I picked up at a jumble sale for £5 went for £51 - I am a happy bunny Big Grin

Mind you, the winning bidder who jumped in during the last 2 minutes only has 3 feedback, and I did specify less than 10 to email me, but now I guess I'll have to hope he turns out OK - FB comments seem OK.

Right, now then, when is the next jumble sale I can go to.........
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Well that, as we say over here, is sod's law! I am no longer a happy bunny Mad

After several chaser notes, I got this today:

i am really sorry for mistake but i asked my freind to bet for me and he bet the wrong item and that was your item, i am really so sorry for any inconvenient. thanks.

Aaarrgh! This was my response, which I think is pretty fair:

thanks for your response. That's very disappointing, this is one reason why my listings state that bidders with less than 10 feedback should contact me first, as I recognise that new ebay members may not yet be fully aware of all their obligations. ebay's Unpaid Item Policy is quite clear (, you have entered into a contract by bidding and winning the item. I can file an Unpaid item report, and recover the Final Value fee, but you will end up with an Unpaid Strike record on your account, which you may want to avoid. So, before I do that, may I suggest you consider going through with the transaction, and then, if you do not want to keep the item, you list it yourself and sell it? That way you will also be able to gain some more positive feedback, both from me as a seller, and another from the next buyer. The item did have a lot of interest, there were actually 4 seperate bidders, and the price went up from £14.99 to £51, so I doubt you would have any problem moving the item on. I would even be happy to guide you through the selling process if you wish, and allow you to copy my original listing information and photographs.

Let me know what you think, preferably today if possible, so I know whether I need to file the Unpaid Item report. Many thanks.

I know I can drop back to offer a second chance to the second highest bidder, but frankly I could have done without this hassle on my first listing! Roll Eyes
Oh yeah, been there Pete,
Nothing worse than someone who won't pay...and especially with such a bogus excuse. (Very good response to him, BTW, proffessional) Just to move things along as quickly as possible:
(and sorry if you already know all this)
After 7 days and 1 minute you can file the UPI
Then you have the luxury of waiting 8 days to close it out Mad but it's worth it, this person would deserve a non-payment strike on his account.
THEN you can do the second chance offer.
If you offer a SCO to the next bidder before the dispute ends, he might pay and then report YOU as a non-performing seller.
Welcome to the joys of Ebay selling Wink

Really sorry this happened on your first sale Frown
Hi Pete I had something similar happen a few months ago with a Air conditioner I was selling. The winning bidder jumped in at the last minute and bid. After winning the unit he then measured his window opening and found that the unit would not fit. He then emailed me with a proposal to get out of his bid which was something like this. Hi I won your item and have found it will not fit my bid was 175 dollars and I cannot use the item. I have perfect feedback and do not want to jeopardize it. I propose sending you a 30 dollar payment to cover your listing expenses and time. If this is acceptable ETC... ETC...
I found this solution more than acceptable and created a PayPal money request and was paid within minutes.
Then I did my second chance offer and it was taken.
Possibly give your bidder the option of 7.50 pound good faith payment to keep from getting the strike and then try your second chance offer if he takes you up on it
Big Grin

@Member - no problem, if we can't have a chat, that'd be sad!
@Steve - I will certainly let you know how it works out!
@TimelessRefinement - Yes, I'll certainly be offering a 2nd chance, but I can't do that until I have completed the NPB process - otherwise if the numpty suddenly decides to pay, I'll have 2 winning bidders. What I may do though is contact the second highest bidder and let them know they may receive a 2nd chance once the process is completed.
I had that happen once. I sold an item, buyer never paid. Reported him, waited seven days, got my fees back. Then I relisted the item, and it sold for more than the first time. The 2nd buyer paid, I think I had even shipped out the item when out of the blue, the original buyer pays up. What??? I contacted eBay and they said that since he had not paid and I had gone through all the steps, his transaction was nullified and he had no right to the item.
I refunded his money and never heard from him.

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