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I purchased an item on eBay for my wife last of those expensive skin care product sets... Anyway, I did a little research and found out what the average price was that these sets were selling for...and then I started watching auctions and managed to get one for about $30.00 less than the average...

Well, at least I thought I did. The seller never shipped it even though I paid the very day I won the auction. This was not a new seller either. It was someone with 2000+ feedback and about a 98+% positive.

Interesting though, when I made the purchase, the sellers feedback was Public, now though it has been made Private...

Anyway after about three weeks when they finally got back to me I was told that there was a death in the neighborhood and that because of that they would not be shipping my item. Instead I would get a refund (which has not happened yet). Of course I have a dispute open with PayPay so I know I'll get my money back...but the question is do I believe this person and give them a break and not leave a negative feedback? Or should I be cynical and think that they're just making that story up rather than shipping me the item that I won for substantially less than what they probably wanted it to sell for?

I don't like leaving negative feedback...but I don't like getting lied to either. I did tell the seller that refunding me the shipping cost and then sending the item out anyway would be just fine. I think that after waiting for three weeks that this is acceptable, death in the neighborhood or not...

IMO, if you list it on eBay and it sells for less than you wanted it to sell for then it's a learning experince for you (take better pictures, make a better description, create a better title, close the auction at a better time)...but you still complete the transaction.

So...whatcha think Auctiva community? Is this excuse real, or one designed to play with my emotions enough so that I don't leave a negative feedback?

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I'd leave a negative. I have a seperate buying account that I use. I don't care if I get a retalitory negative back on it, and that's usually what happens. I also won't withdraw a negative. That just lets them get away with it. Too many sellers just neg you in return then do a mutual feedback withdrawl.

Be sure to file your refund request with Paypal within 30 days or you may not be able to get one at all. Don't delay, file it today. Smile
Thanks for the advice.

I too have already setup a seperate buying account. That's what I used to make this purchase.

I'm not too worried about negative feedback coming back either...

I usually bid at the last second anyway...and then pay right even if my feedback rating was terrible, who's going to complain about getting their money immediately...

Filing fee? I've never heard of this...

I always buy things from sellers that have at least 50 feedback and more than 98% positive. I've only had to file a dispute one time before, but I got a full refund.

If I don't get a full refund this time, I'll never use PayPal again with any type of cash. I'll only ever use it by paying with a Credit Card as I'll just go back to that company and get my credit... American Express has been very very good to me...

I think that $25.00 is if you go through eBay's "Buyer Protection" or whatever it's called -- they charge you to investigate. I'm not aware of PayPal charging the buyer anything (although I've never had to file a PP dispute either).

Mike, be sure to file the NPS dispute with eBay too so they get the strike, which is more important than the neg in my opinion.

It could very well be that there was a death (in the "neighborhood"?) but that excuse is heard so often on eBay that I wouldn't even risk it. A non-performing seller has to take their lumps regardless of the situation.

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