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wagglepop's listings are increasing maybe 10% a week..... BUT their sales are increasing at a faster speed..... the last weeks increase was about 20% over the week before this weeks report shows a 25.7% incrase over THAT WEEK... this MEANS that buyers are starting to SHOW they LIKE this site... it is indeed very buyer friendly about the most buyer friendly of all sites ... gives a great feeling for buyers blujay is close to this for buyers also....

Here is an item from blujay that i saw from froogle..... people need to take this link and show people JUST what all sellers can do with blujay.... it is by far the best site to use for being FREE.... one other site to watch and maybe use also is wagglepop......

wagglepop's sales report for the last 12 weeks have shown a steady increase EACH and every week... a week ago a 20% increase in just one week and this past week another 25.7% increase in sales over that week... ... this site and blujay is the best for BUYERS.... sellers should just use BOTH of these sites...

here is the froogle listed items from 3 sites .... ecrater 166,000 on froogle and a listing of 255,000...
blujay 88,000 with a listings of 95,000... wagglepop has 113,000 on froogle but PSU chart shows 95,000 items .. PSU site chart is not accurate... wagglepop has store items as well as auctions... the auctions don't go up to froogle..... so this means their percent of store items is very high like blujays.... and the site for buyers to see and buy is great like blujays is... buyers will come back and look and buy again... this is what we are seeing with the sales report with wagglepop.... blujays if they had a sales report would be SIMILAR....

BUT the thing about blujay.... is sellers can do so much more than even with wagglepop..... Blujay is out of sight and out of mind for ALL what sellers can DO !!!
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