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Hi. About a year ago I had an account take over. I started new with a new ID and added auctiva as a bonus. I used firefox until it comes up as errors so I switched to Internet Explorer 7.

I am taking a beating in sales especially now with the increased shipping rates and our "WONDERFUL" new fb star system. I am losing on international shipping since it almost doubled in price and buyers have the balls to mark my shipping as high. If they could read, they would see I pay more than I charge. I think I will no longer ship internationally. It is too much of a heart ache and a financial loss.

I am contimplating opening an ebay store. I need to increase sales revenue and cannot go on in the red on a continous monthly basis. I recently lost my power seller status.

How does one transfer their auctiva display background choice and additional sales display to an ebay store? Is it permitted by auctiva or is it against their policy?

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I've given up on international shipping. The last item I listed was a $10 pair of 4 channel headphones, and all the questions I got were from Europe or Asia. I explained to each one that because of the new rates, it would cost about $50 (weight) to ship these to them. Guess what? No bids. I changed my template to US only. With the loss of "surface mode" international is no longer an option.

I lost my power seller status several years ago. Recently they tried to get me to join again. I realize now that "power seller" just means "indentured servant" to eBay as you slave and struggle to try to keep your status. No thanks.
I am so glad people are responding. I am at a standtill. I think a store is the way to go. Yes, power slave...Absolutely. I have been through hell and back. My account was taken over. I started over. ebay has thousands of us in the same position. They lose our ebay emails. I receive ask seller a question in my ebay emails for other sellers and visa versa. I receive hate mail for not answering questions. Listings get lost in cyber space. ebay states they are aware of this problem and if they knew how to fix it they would. HUH???? They have never refunded listing fees due to their technical errors.

International: I lost so much money over the price of shipping. Then they have the nerve to mark my stars as a high priced shipper with the new fb system. I've been in the red for 5 months. I now state that international buyers should wait until after end of auction for a shipping quote. If they don't like it.....well they do not have to bid!

I also lost my customer base due to my new ID. The account take over did not happen through my ISP/personal emails, it happened via ebay.

Biscuit, I will ask tech support if I can use the logo and my castle. I have seen many sellers with stores using auctiva as their logos.

Thanks everyone.
m_m, i'm sorry you are having such a hard time! that really sucks. i have never heard of getting the wrong buyer q's.. (maybe that's why some people i've posed q's to never answered, lol!)... i think you should def. keep at ebay about that. if you can't even get the right emails when someone clicks on ebay's link, that's just wrong.

as for intern. shipping: PPPPPPPPFFFFFTTTT!! i've had it. i write in my auctions to ask me FIRST about international shipping, but often they wait til after they've won the auction, and then.. surprise! for some reason they think it's going to be only a couple of dollars extra. and then i feel like a jerk for telling them some $5 item will cost $20 to mail. i'm thinking i'm going to stop shipping intern.

as for your previous customers.... do you have any of their email addys in your reg. email acct.? from 'auction end' notifications, etc.... if you do, it might not be a bad idea to send out one mass email, letting them know of your ebay ID change so that way they can find you. if you only send one notification, i'm sure no one would mind. i know you said you changed id's a year ago, so it might not be feasible, but it's just a thought!

i wish you the best, and sure hope your sales pick up!
RLMFAO..... Warning: Sellers are prohibited of notifications to past community members, through any source, ie: ebay mailing system, private emails. See user agreement. Blah, Blah, Blah......

Man, everytime you make a move you learn something new from that darn user agreement. I swear they stick it in there when you have a question.....And BTW: Who recites the darn agreement. 2002 changes, 2005 changes, and now 2007 changes.

I used to volunteer my time on the AC. Bet that's where the problems started. Now I have 3 accounts. 1 to buy, 1 to sell, and 1 to bust chops occassionally on the AC as an in your face kind of thing.

But yes, ebay is aware of their tech problems and as stated to me many times, "if we knew how to fix the problem we would fix it." Very efficient.

Recently, a poor seller was bombarded with 1000 emails. Somehow hackers got in and sent ebay emails to 1000 community members, and acted as the community in ask seller a question. All the emails read, I paid for my mini bike 4 weeks ago, why is paypal not reflecting my payment. Did you steal my money? I still have the email, of course I was 1 of the 1000. And yes, it came in through ebay's web site.

I checked to see if the seller was legitimate. I sent them an email and used the wonderful squandered number system to send the message. Their business is in shambels. That was 10 years of dedicated sales on ebay.

Go figure!

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