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Ok - it's not letting me quote for some reason - but it's been great meeting you Freddy - have a great day. I hear they have some of the images up - which means at least ONE server is back up and that's a good thing.

I have a ton of photography to do - and I really don't feel like it, but the kids are in school, so I guess I better hop to it..

Get it... Hop to it.... LOL
Freddy the Frog. What was the name of that show. I remember it was on like 5:30am and there was a frog, and owl, and a hippo I think? It wasn't "The Great Space Coaster" It was something else I remember I used to watch it but can't remember the name.

The idea behind the SD thing was if you had listings ending last night and today while they were working on moving the servers you'd still have images working on ebay. Then there is no reason to bitch. By the way tomass doesn't pull the plug on the free account until the 15th so thats 45 days and also since he the free 30 day trial would end on the 4th, 5th or 6th you'd get an extra month and that is right out of merrygolds mouth. She told me that when I joined and I had 2 free months. Also why would you need those images when auctiva is back up? All the ads are seved here and are being moved to the new servers. It was just a suggestion. It worked like a charm for me.
I don't think I ever saw that either. I liked
Sesame Street, Electic Company, 321 Contact and Reading Rainbow. I seriously never watched anything else - told you I was a geek!

LOL You guys are REALLY making me feel OLD since I am old enough to not only have watched all of these programs on a regular basis, but can clearly remember them today ! Maybe the fact that I can actually remember means I am not that old yet LOL. I thought I already had enough stress on my plate today LOL
I liked the electric company and sesame st too. I still watch when I see it. I hope they get the site working soon because I am supposed to be off tomorrow and I usually get listings done for tuesday and wednesday on monday and tuesday. I am going to be at the Metropolitan Museum all day tomorrow so I can't work. Oh and Saturday I am going to see this

Well it is turning out to be a rather beautiful day here in post-Katrina Lousiana. The sun is shining, it's 66 degrees with a cool breeze....and my 5 cats are basking in the sun on my patio about 5 feet from their feeding bowls and 3 robins are pecking at the food and the cats could care less - that's a sign to me that Auctiva was really telling all of us we deserve an extra day off LOL. I have plenty off yard work I can do si I think I'll make good use of my time. Maybe when I come back inside everything will be up and running better than before. Is that wishful thinking ? Am I jinxing it ? If so, maybe I'll just turn on PBS and see if I can find Sesame Street and regress back into a childhood state LOL.
I myself have over 200 auctions going with no pictures at all. Like the rest of you. anyways for about 10 of the auctions what i did was go to the revise your auction. Go to edit pictures.
Downloaded the ebay enhanced picture service active x control and Posted my pictures from my harddrive. On these 10 auctions i now have pictures. Hope this helps. takes a while to do this
That was my suggestion the other day and people wre like "I don't have the time to do all that" and I basically told them how to use SD and get the codes and revise their listings so they worked off SD. Which we both know is a crap shoot. Mostly because SD is a crappy site. Now it's too late and everyone panics. (Not meaning you) All we can do is wait. I did it on saturday but only for listings ending last night. I dont have any ending today. I am not allowed to use BIN.

I can't get in the site to list yet.
Originally posted by dawnblue:
go back and read an earlier post on this thread made by Elfi

You can also hand code your listings if you know HTML and not have to pay for the multiple images - just use a free site host to host them like image bucket. Lots of work if you ask me. I will just be patient. I write enough HTML without having to do it in ebay too.

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