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Here is ebay announcement today regarding shipping updates in effect January 27th.

Auctiva will you be offering the services that ebay is temporarily not going to have?

This part on question page is what I am really interested in.


USPS will discontinue Parcel Post service as of January 27, 2013. Active listings with Parcel Post will automatically be updated to the new comparable replacement service—Parcel Select®—which will be available in the selling flow and shipping calculator as of January 27.

Know that the new Parcel Select service will not be available for purchase through eBay Labels until March. Sellers that wish to utilize this service before it is available via eBay Labels—and sellers who have sold items with the Parcel Select service—will need to go to the Post Office or an alternate online postage provider (i.e. Pitney Bowes,,, etc.) to purchase this class of service. Also, be sure to upload tracking information within your stated handling time. If you would like to continue to take advantage of the convenience of eBay Labels until Parcel Select is added to the eBay Labels system, consider temporarily offering a similar service

Figured I would ask before deciding or investigating other options available.

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Autiva...since it is Friday and this takes effect on Monday any way we can get an answer as to whether auctiva will offer Parcel.

IF so this is perfect time to get people over to auctiva shipping and insurance who may not have used it....and if people are like me...once they learn a system...they will sure not go back to figure out how to use another.

Other sellers any suggestions will be appreciated on your experience. you know if the company you have mentioned several times that you insure through is going to have parcel offer will?

Thanks for any input on this.
Sorry Auctiva has not responded especially since this issue is somewhat time sensitive as the changes are to go into effect in just 2 days.

It would have also been nice to know if this issue is also going to effect labels on Auctiva or Parcel Post will be no more and a new method will be in this is also an Auctiva issue as Auctiva has a shipping label function as well....and it would be nice to know if we can use it or not.

I am so very glad you reposted it in red because I totally missed the part where it said it will not be available "until March" basically we only have to deal with it not printing for a month.

What I have been able to find out...I just talked to both eBay and PayPal, who's labels for eBay transactions are also managed by eBay and this is all because USPS just put out the announcement so they have not had time to integrate new software to be able to print the parcel select labels and why it is going to take until March.
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Yep, 2 days is not much time, especially when forums are usually not responded to on week-ends.

My assumption would be that auctiva would have made announcement IF they were NOT going to be ready. Or posted to this response so their customers can have a plan of action.

OR....on Sunday night and Monday morning everyone who already uses auctiva to ship will go into full panic mode asking why they can't ship some of their items? Of course, since some are on different time zones...could be hours before they get responses.

What do I know....but to me this would be perfect opportunity for those who have not used auctiva for shipping to convert over, as that also produces insurance revenue from those who may not have used auctiva in the past.

Maybe Monday we will get some information on this.

In meantime if others have used other methods listed in ebay post, please share your experience.

Thanks for that information. Since I have not used auctiva to ship not sure how I would just know this?? Seems auctiva would have come on and asked us to contact them direct at this point if that were needed. I guess since this is not responded to by auctiva no news is good news...but we will sure be finding out soon.

Since this is auctiva system I feel it best for them to deal with their vendor. Would think it is time waster for ALL of auctiva customers who may want to use to all write to Endicia about auctiva system. Seems like this is a YES, we will be ready or NO, we will not be ready to me. This is not an in between like being half pregnant...either you are are you are not. Auctiva is my vendor so sure would not jump above them to get information that I have to depend on their system to use. I would assume auctiva has to do updates to their system for any shipping service to work.

However, ebay says the following so based on the information you provided I would guess auctiva will be ready for shippers on Sunday.

and sellers who have sold items with the Parcel Select service—will need to go to the Post Office or an alternate online postage provider (i.e. Pitney Bowes,,, etc.) to purchase this class of service.

Thanks for that information.
I am very sorry lookandbuyme. I feel terrible for you not being able to get your question answered.
It does appears that Auctiva was on the boards answering other people but once again still NOT answering questions asked (at least when posted by some members).....and your question was posted on the 24th. The very first post on this issue....4 days ago....last Thursday.....after the few posts they decided to answer.
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Hi lookandbuyme (& Community),

I'm sorry that we were unable to answer your question sooner. We are aware that USPS has discontinued offering the Parcel Post shipping service and has added a new option called USPS Parcel Select and our technical team is working to update our site to reflect this change as soon as possible.

As some of you may have noticed, we have already removed the option to select Parcel Post when printing shipping labels through Auctiva and we expect to be able to add the option to print Parcel Select shipping labels in the neat future.

In addition, we are working on updating our lister page to reflect Parcel Select instead of Parcel Post. However, at least for now, eBay seems to be automatically converting Parcel Post to Parcel Select when Parcel Post is selected for items listed through Auctiva.

If you have any other questions regarding these changes, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab and selecting the “File Support Case” option. We appreciate the feedback.


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