Hi Vickie I got through to them on phone & they called me back, there was a error that they are suspose to fix & refund part of the $65 but that 18 month special deal is over Frown Frown Frown sad really my deal was a great deal & its gone bye bye now Frown auctiva may provide a great service better CS then ebay too but it still does bite the same to pay more then you were for 18 months. Oh well i guess my buyers will just have to pay more to cover my higher FEES now Wink
What is the 18 month deal? I want to make sure I am not on an 18 month deal and would like to know little about it. Is there a way to know if we are on a special?

That was a one time special deal offered 18 months ago when they switched to a paid service from being a free service. Check your plan info on your account to see what plan you have. But really no need to because that deal went bye bye now if you had the special offer deal it is over now anyways Frown 18 months sure go by quickly. Too many photos stored & it will cost me MOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEE $ now, kind of takes a bigger bite of my sales. Ebay PP Auctiva ISP service can cost really good $ & the cheapo BUYERS WONDER WHY a seller has to charge enough for thier items to pay everyone who gets a pc of the $ you make. I pay around $750 & up month in fees now to everyone before I get my $. For a couple months I recently had I paid out over $1500 in fees. It used to be around $450 to $550 before the fee increases here & on ebay Mad Frown
I think the 18 month deal was 18 months for $180. $10 a month essentially when prepaying for 18 months.

Now we offer $9.95 a month without needing to pay for 18 months. Also if you prepay for 12 months with one of our yearly plans it's 16% less than $9.95. $99.50 for a year. $8.29ish a month.

Hope this helps.


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