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If you have 2 accounts with Auctiva, have you ever been switched back and forth between your accounts without actually logging in and out?

I have been listing things with one account, and it just started posting them to my other eBay ID. I made the listing with one account, and it posted it to the other account. I can't figure out how this is even possible! I filed a support ticket, but I'd just like to see if this has happened to anyone else.
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Nice to see you too, Donna.

So here is the latest:

I uploaded a bunch of pictures and then created another listing using my personal account. When I started creating the listing, I checked to make sure that I was logged in under my personal account. When I was finished with the listing and ready to preview, I noticed that I was still logged in under my personal account but the "Events" numbers matched my business account and not my personal account. So I previewed the listing, and the seller name was my business name, but all the other details were my personal account.

So I logged out, logged back in, and was successful. It's a funny little bug, whatever it is. Either way, it's not too bad now that I know to look for it and double-check those "events" numbers.

But I'm wondering if it has something to do with the picture uploading...
I only have one account here BUT on another service I used I often had problems when listing to 2 different ebay ids BECAUSE of the cookies on your pc. The way I finally solved the issue was to use 2 different browsers. I used FF for one and IE for the other - never had a problem again.

Just a thought.

HEY, Just noticed You are in Colorado --- so am I, lol!

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