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You may not agree with our decision, but we have an honest process to make the selection. We screen the eligible submissions and come up with a list of three to five photos that are finalists. We then have a panel of judges who vote. Two of these are graphic artists, one is our Product Analyst (who also is a Top Rated Seller), one is from customer support, and one of the judges is me. We look at the photos and we vote for the one we think is the best each month. The votes get tabulated and the winner is picked.

As a veteran of entering many competitive fine art photo exhibitions, I can tell you that many times that when I saw the winning photographs, I disagreed with the judge of the show as to which photo was best. Judging photographs is inherently subjective, and there are no fixed rules for what constitutes simple, clear and professional photography. Different people can looking at the same photos can disagree; that's why we use a panel of people who work here.

That said, we are not retreating in any way for our selection of the best photo for the month; we selected as winner the photo we felt was the best photo for that month.

We welcome all Auctiva sellers to submit to the contest in coming months.
Well, the next time you have a "PHOTOGRAPHY" contest get photographers as judges! At least my buyers have spoken;

Quick question, you take phenomonal pictures. Are you using a macro lense and if so are you using a flash or strong studio lighting. I ask because A I sell on ebay and am always looking for photo tips and B I am doing a project on GiJoe and need to improve my photos. Any tips regarding proper lighting especially, F-stop, ASA, white balance etc. would be greatly appreciated.thanks

Well, you made some good photos, better than most.

hello, Nice radio. Are there any cracks, hairlines or chips to the case? By the way, your images are just beautiful! What kind of camera did you use to get those images? Please let me know. Thanks!

Not a question, but a comment. Now why can't ALL eBay sellers have such clear photos? You can practically reach out and touch each medal, and your photos are miles better than the typical blurred and poorly composed fluff that people throw out to eBay to sell their stuff. It's amazing that people just don't get it that if you can't see the item, you ain't gonna pony up the bucks to bid on it. Good luck, Tom

I concentrate mostly on radios, and felt I took some of the best damned pix of radios till I saw your Catalin

what kind of camera do you use your pictures are close and clear? randy

Awesome photos, wish everyone would do that.

actually not a question---wanted to compliment you on the great pics!! I am actually shopping for the Hull gingerbread men---but your pig caught my eye. I am new to ebay, so am a bit overwhelmed, but just wanted to compliment you!

wow! no question...just a comment. I'm the one who earlier commented on your great pix---looks like it paid off on the piggy bank

PS..Your photos are KILLER!! probably some of the best on ebay that I've ever seen!DARRELL

You did a great job photographing it, too BTW

Hello Wow I like the pictures

No question just a firm handshake for a set of truly superb photographs! This is with no hesitation the finest set of photos I've seen to date on eBay. These set the standard or "benchmark" if you prefer. Nice job, keep it going. George W.----Pennsylvania

Great photos -- exceptional detail & clarity.

Wonderful pics! You didn't mention does he still talk? Thanks

Hey there! Great photos!

I wish all the auctions on ebay had this nice of a lay out in pictures. It lets the buyer see what he/she is bidding on and lets the seller get a much better price for a good quality item (such as this one).

Very nice & balanced photographs, very impressive. thanks

I wanted to compliment you. Best pics I have ever seen on ebay!
Hi - it really is auctivas contest to set the rules as they like I think their choices have been a lot better than my photos are, but I for sure am not a professional. This is supposed to be fun and auctiva should not have to hire a photographer to judge "their" contest. In the big picture of life this is very small. It is people who do not win that complain about those who did win and the rules that stop companies from having things like this. Let's face it the price is not like a million dollars it's for fun!

However, I would LOVE to see link to your store and see if your pictures really are all that. I have had comments on photos, however, frankly I always thought they were joking as I know my photos are really nothing to brag about. I work on them, have improved, but have huge and I mean huge ways to go on them. Maybe I could learn something from your pictures to help improve my own.

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Hi Vickie!
We do post our winners to Facebook and Twitter each month. I was trying to post them here each month, but didn't get a chance to post June's winners at the beginning of July. We are still going through the entrants from July, and I'll be sure to post them here (along with June's winners) when we have them. Thanks!
Auctiva, hate to ask this again, but since these are forums and this is a contest through Auctiva, I do not feel I should have to chase down facebook and twitter to see pictures. Why are they not posted here where the contest actually applies? To be real honest I do not depend on auctiva news on facebook nor do I twitter. Is there a reason that we HAVE to check facebook/etc. for auctiva news? If this is the new norm then we need to be told that.

It seems to me that it would only take seconds to put on here, probably less time than it would to be posted on both facebook and twitter.

I am in quest always to improve my photos, so do enjoy seeing them and have written to ones I like and gotten hints from them.

Thanks for posting Auctiva business on Auctiva forums. (have no problem with them on other sites for those who like to find your news there, but would like to see them here also)

Maybe this has been abandoned? After several months of not seeing winners thought I would ask?

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You do not need to have Facebook or Twitter account to see the winners or other news about our site.

Here's the post that I did on the forums for the July winners of the photo contest (note that it did wrap up in July, which is why you haven't seen any new posts about it.)

The Education section of our site carries news about all of our updates, new features, user profiles, industry news, etc. We also send out a newsletter with this information twice a month (sign up to receive it from your My Account>Preferences page.)

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