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I have searched and can't find an answer to my question so hopefully someone can give me the answer here!

Although I have used Auctiva for a long time I have only recently begun to use Auto-Relist. I like it and have several different ones set up.

For example: If I have one set to re-list a 30 day listing 5 times. How can I tell when the final re-list has been done?

I hope I have explained my question and also hope there is an easy answer. Thank you.
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Hi Ashleycat,

Thanks for contributing to our forum.

We do not currently offer an easy way to determine whether an item you have posted with one of your Auto Relist profiles has been automatically relisted for the last time but, if you are curious about a specific listing, there are some things you can check to determine the current Auto Relist status.

First of all, if you search for an item on your Closed Listings page based on the title, you should be able to see the complete history of your listings which have been posted with that time.

Any specific items on your Closed Listings page which have already been relisted will state “Last relisting as: _____” beneath them and any items which have an Auto Relist Profile attached to them should cite the name of that Auto Relist profile in the same area.

For example, if you were to find 4 instances of the 30 day listing you mentioned on your Closed Listings page and that the one which closed most recently has been relisted, you may be able to conclude that the most recent relist was the 5th and final one that will be executed automatically according to your profile.

I hope this helps!

Thank you, Mike, for your answer.

Well, that is the cumbersome way I have been using and was hoping that I was missing a vital link but it seems not.

How nice it would be to see "Final Auto-List completed" instead.

I think that I won't use it again. Too bad as I thought I had found a time-saving way of re-listing but it seems the time saved upfront is totally lost on the back end.

I would like to take this little opportunity to thank you & 'the Team' for the work you do in keeping up to date with changes and trying to make things better for us.
I also appreciate how quickly you act on unscheduled 'downtime' and try to keep the irate masses informed at the same time!

You're very welcome!

I can definitely understand how it would be beneficial to provide an easier and more definitive way to determine when an item posted with such an Auto Relist profile would be (or has been) automatically relisted for the last time, and will share your feedback with our Product Managment team.

We appreciate the encouraging words regarding how we have been handling recent site updates and communications regarding certain technical difficulties as well.


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