With the new changes ebay is implementing next month it looks like the auto-relisting feature will no longer be useful (at least not as I use it). Will Auctiva do some kind of a global feature removal or will I need to edit all my listings?

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Hello LWW,

I'm guessing that you are referring to the change for Fixed Price items so that they will all need to be GTC listings instead of using any other duration.  If this is not what you refer to, please elaborate on your comments with the specifics of your query so I can get you a more appropriate response.

However, if this is correct, then unfortunately not.  We have no plans to eliminate auto relist profiles systematically from any account.  You would need to manually select the listings that have such profiles on them where you believe the profile will no longer be of use to you and then use the "Stop Auto Relist" button near the top of the Active Listings page to end the profile on the selected listings.  Please note that you can display up to 250 listings at a time and if all of the items on a given page have a profile you wish to end you can select them all with the check box that is also near the top of the page and then stop the auto relists.

 - Craig

On GTC listings that ebay automatically roles over does Auctiva get a listing end notification that would trigger the auto-relist profile in Auctiva? I am trying to determine if it is even necessary to remove the profile if it only comes into play if I end the item or it sells. I use 30 day listings with an auto-relist profile that re-posts them a few days after they end.

Also if I edit an existing profile will the edit apply to listings created before the edit?


Hello again,

the relist profile should only come in to play when an item actually ends and then comes in to the closed listings of your Auctiva account.  However, please keep in mind that should an item end that has been converted to GTC, the profile will send it back up to eBay so you may wish to end the profiles on the active listings where you have them to avoid potential issues in the future.

As far as the profiles themselves go, you would not be able to modify an existing Auto Relist profile while Active Listings are utilizing it - attempting to modify an existing profile that is in use will generate an error.

 - Craig 

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