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Blujay is indeed BEST for both sellers and buyers in many areas.....

First it is best of all sites in the ease and speed and lowest price for a buyer to complete a purchase... blujay and ecrater both are essentially froogle stores..... one goes to .. puts in a search for ones interest and both the tems from blujay and ecrater show in the list all equal THERE in being quality... next steo is clicking on the ITEM of interest... with blujay which shows the item alittle more vibrant and quality than ecrater one can complete the sale right there and THEN without going further.... a seller can put out the terms clear right there and say accepts money orders or checks payable to ones name and address.. and explain how this not using paypal or feebay.. seller is transferring the savings to the buyers this way... so buyer can then not go any further looking and checking and getting confused with feedback like with ecrater... and ecrater i don't think one can put this info on the item page and one cannot complete the sale until buyer does more things.. I think this can work with inexpensive items.... and then after a success in recieiving order the buyer can then feel safe with seller and be a repeat buyer....with this the buyer does not have to register at all.... browses then buys.... nothing is as simple and easy as this..

also blujay is best over ecrater to use for ones own marketing .. cause ones own marketing usually one is building trust in that way... so the simple and ease of a sale would be best....and also the more vibrant and quality that the items looks is another plus over ecrater...and another plus is the name blujay is alittle easier to remember than ecrater.... ones own website with a better name can be used and then direct to ones blujays items.. this would be the ultimate best way... but without ones website to direct to blujay.. then blujay itself is bEST to have as ones website...

wagglepop has the most potential AS the auction format and store format combination and with the energy.... but blujay has the peaceful feeling for buyers....... one is excitement and the other peaceful feeling... both of these bring buyers...
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I wander on over to Blujay every once in a while to check it out but I just can't bring myself to list there because I think the site design is really unappealing. I'd have to want a particular item pretty badly to shop for it there.

Which is not to say that Patrick doesn't know what he's talking about, of course -- just that I'm a design snob, apparently!
I just recently started listing on BluJay and I really like the feel of the site and the fourums are super friendly Wink

My items are already showing up in Froogle and on the first page of a Plus Size Lingerie search!

Its free so why not?

I revised my template to work on BluJay so all I have to do is go into my saved listing switch the template and grab the HTML and bam I'm done.

Time will tell Smile
unapealing site .... compared to what???

one can use html.... so that makes it more right there more appealing than say ecrater as a seller wants....then compared to ecrater it has a less washout look from main page.....more vibrant ... and when buyers find ones item thru froogle one clicks the item....and with blujay it can be much easier and cleaner than any site when a buyer looks ....if a buyer builds trust off line or saying hey first time buyers first buy will be at cost in order to show they will be satisfied.... many ways to build trust.....and with blujay once a seller builds trust they don't need all this other confusing feedback stuff that ecrater REQUIRES....

blujay lets the seller be in control... better than any other site...and the only other site that really looks maybe better for buyers on home page is wagglepop oNCE they get the sellers stuff off main page ... i see one as the auction mode and the excitement feeling for buyers and blujay as the peaceful nature colorful feeling and easy for buyers.... these 2 sites will cover all buyers....
one can use html.... so that makes it more right there more appealing than say ecrater as a seller wants...

Not necessarily. I much prefer the look of eCrater -- I like the uniformity and I like the clean design sense. I like the look of (and the fact that little or no HTML is allowed there) for the same reason.

Lots of listing pages at Blujay are really ugly just like lots of pages at eBay are really ugly.

But what I was really talking about is the Blujay site design itself. I just don't like it.

And eCrater doesn't require any "feedback stuff" any more than eBay "requires" it.
yes.. i have identical items on both ecrater and blujay.. doesn't matter which is best.... but clearly blujay is best for the buyer who does not require feedback... but if a buyer requires feedback on a seller .. than ecraters is about the worse to try to understand... if one has this need wagglepop would get these buyers..

i looked again at identical items i have from both blujay and ecrater here is the difference:::: on ecrater it shows a link right in front to view sellers feedback, this starts to make things more complicated for both the seller abd buyer... and when a buyer then takes more time to click.. what he sees is a confusing feedback which will make them be more confused and use up more time.....

and all print and text on ecrater has a washout look will make a buyer feel a site is cheap and about to go off line..... even the buttons with the blue has a washout look compared to the solid buttons of blujay... and the black text print on ecrater is more washed out than the black print on blujay.... people who need glasses will have a much harder time with ecrater....

clearly to me and not even close blujay is better appealing to a buyer than ecrater... and if a buyer requires a feedback to check... why go to ecraters confusing feedback?? these would go to wagglepop which is so easy to check feedback and to understand....

my items are identical on both sites.... i just checked froogle .. and all my blujay items are before all my ecrater items.... BUT my blujay items has been most recent...... so this issue may be a timing issue .. and if it is.. then we all need to make our items NEW so that we will get better placement on froogle...
after rechecking the main sites of blujay and ecrater.... the appealing nature of blujay is alot better than ecrater.. even more of a difference here than with items viewed directly from froogle... that come up from blujay and ecrater..

main page differences:::: the search box is one of the main things for buyers...... blujays is more prominent... BIGGER.. and the word search is easy to read with a solid blue button... ecrater has smaller box less prominent place.... smaller box and the woirds SEARCH is bARELY readible so washed out..... and the heading is welcome to blujays is welcome to blujay.... this is a plus for blujay but another big plus blujay has like with the search box is the welcome to the site is washed out compared to blujays...... the WELCOME word is barely readable...... and then the rest of the site is much more vibrant for blujay... clearly a non contest for a buyers interest and enjoyment..

what goes on in these forums many times are alot of agendas and alot of times these agendas are even hidden where the one with this don't even know....people need to explain WHY something is so??? why something is better or worse than something else..... and place the correct weight on the importance.... we all need one or 2 sites to build.. we NEED to just build the ones that has the best chance to be the real competitor to feebay... then this makes both competitors lower fees on sellers....sellers then make good for both sites...etsy may be a good pleasing site haven't looked but some say its for handcrafted items... but clearly ecrater is not a pleasing site as of yet for buyers.. old folks who need glasses will not be able to shop at ecrater..

people with agendas like feebay employees trying to misdirect away from the real potential sites.... these and the 100's of sites that are wanting to be the competitor themselves and also just plain ol types that can't stand happy people romping and ripping and being happy these all will misdirect from the best potential sites....we need to analyze the potential correctly!!!
I have to disagree with Blujay is indeed BEST for both sellers and buyers in many areas

Since MAY I have had problems even getting registered. Since buyers got to register as well - how many buyers can't buy?

Customer service - LMAO - Blujay has none! It wasn't until someone else contacted Blujay on my behalf that I heard from them -3 months later!

Unless you plan to sell to those that Blujay allows to register - go some place else!
yes.. if many people can't register that would be a negative... but so far i've just heard about big tall with that problem..

customer service.....i think sellers can be their OWN customer service with their buyers..

the IMPORTANT thing is the BUYER friendlyness of a site... that makes buyers keep coming back to look and buy.....and then sellers can make their OWN customer service like their own website.
and actually a buyer does not have to register at all to buy from either site i beleive...

one goes to froogle .. puts in a search for ones interest and a list comes up.. some items from ecrater and some from blujay... one clicks an item and then sees the price and shipping and terms in their description and sees the address and name to send a check or money order... if they trust enough they can just send it in the mail and not go further.... very very very simple..... with ecrater a seller cannot control this as much makes it harder for this fast easy sale... they have a link prominent to view sellers feedback .. makes them think and spend even more time... then they click and see a confusing feedback where they have to analyze... makes it alot more complicated... if one builds their own trust blujay will be best by far.... if a buyer needs feedback .. wagglepop has the easy to see and understand feedback..

buyers do not have to register to buy....yep sellers do.... but buyers not having to register then a site can get ALL the different needs of the all the different types of buyers.... just a bigger buyer pool to sale to...

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