Got a success story you want to share? What amazing garage sale finds have you turned into monster profits online? How has using Auctiva's free templates and auction management tools improved your eBay business? Drop a line and tell us in 50 words or less about an outstanding e-sale experience, and perhaps we'll feature your story in an upcoming issue of The Online Seller newsletter. Reply to this thread to be considered.
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My husband and I were feeling a little broke 2 years ago and bought a dining table on for £30. I found out later it was Ercol and sold the seat pads alone for £90, a couple of weeks ago I sold the table and chairs for £400 all on eBay!
In August of 2006 my husband and I were looking on eBay for a baptism outfit for our newborn son. I found only one that I absolutely loved (though it was a size too big) we purchased it. A day later I noticed that the same outfit was now available in the smaller size, so we bought that one too! Not needing both of them I relisted the original baptism outfit and it sold for 3 times what we paid for it!

Shortly after this I was inspired to open an eBay boutique for infant's and children's products...and Personal Impressions Boutique was born! We sold over $50,000 of products working part-time in 2007.
I love selling on ebay as a hobby. I am a garage saler, thrift store shoper and antique shopper. I was at a garage sale one day and saw an old barbie case. I noticed it was from 1958 and new it had to be worth something. I asked the homeowner how much they were selling the barbie case for and they said, " oh I don't know .50 cents". I thought .50 cents sure I could at least turn this around for $9.99! It ended up selling for almost $300.00. It turned out to be one of first editions of its kind! I love finding great deals like that!
Instead of a battered women's shelter, we opened up an eBay jewelry store for the working family!

Crestfallen - we couldn’t afford any engagement ring in any of the jewelry stores...we won two rings on eBay!

Quality Jewelry at a Reasonable Price! People like us can finally afford nice jewelry!
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2 years ago I sold a doll on ebay, and couldnt believe how much I ended up with. So I made more indians dolls, buying most of the materials on ebay. I found a company that sold acrylic cases, that I used to keep my dolls clean before selling. My customer asked me where I got the case, because she needed some. So I started selling them in all sizes. Since then, I have made (average) $1000.00 a month, wich I also use to send wounded soldiers homemade cookies and letter. Thanks to ebay, I have several hobbies going on, and now remodeling for more room!
I took several old rare owner's manuals, catalogs and made high quality digiital copies to sell on E-bay.....sold 80-90 in last 2 years....cost of one item $2.00.....sold for $22 to as high as $50 each.....I keep comming up with other things to copy.....some more sucessful than others.
I started my ebay business in July of '06. I knew I would be starting college in 3 short months, and I had to find a listing solution..FAST! Ebay's system was too cumbersome for me to manage college, family, a household and a business. THANK GOD FOR AUCTIVA!!!!! You guys have made it possible for me to manage it all and still have a little sanity left. I am currently doing my internship and will graduate 9/08. My business tripled almost immediatley upon implementing Auctiva. The business has had it's ups and downs, but I attribute the fact I am still doing business to Auctiva. YOU ARE A GODSEND! God bless you!! EBAY should take notes from YOU =).
Not a success story yet, but hoping it will be.

My mum retired early a few months, but got bored.

She knew I was interested in computers, and had bought on sold on ebay.

As she had some spare cash set aside, we decided to set up a business. She does the research and puts the money in, I do the web side of things, posting the auctions, dealing with the sales, emails etc.

I had a baby a year ago, so the fact that we can list all items once and have Auctiva relist them until they go out of stock is a god send.

In our first 3 weeks of business we have made £460 profit(with paypal and ebay fees still to be taken), with a "trial run" and hope its a long and happy partnership.

I wouldn't be possible if it wasn't a matter of telling Auctiva to keep listing auctions until we're out of stock, and making it so easy to list in the first place with templates etc.
Hi everyone, Ive been using Auctiva for some time now and have enjoyed many successful auctions ever since I started with them. I have to say that one auction in particular still sticks out among the rest. I listed an old game on ebay that I bought at a yard sale for $1.00. There were at least 10 of the same game just like mine listed on ebay at the same time and some had nice bids. I was not getting any bids at all so I changed the auction with a few days to go using one of Auctiva's excellent templates and Walla! I ended up selling that game with a higher closing bid price than any of them had ever gotten on ebay before. I was ecstatic and I know the only reason it sold for so much was because of Auctiva. By the way it sold for $63.00 Thank you Auctiva!

Sorry Guys! no way I could tell that story in 50 words or less...Hard to tell any story in 50 words or less..100 would be a little more Brill Baby! Brill!!!!
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I have been selling on eBay full-time for over 5 years and using Auctiva for almost 2 years. eBay/Auctiva has allowed me to support my family of 10 (1 wife Smile and 8 kids Eek), ages 6-11. Because Auctiva is so efficient I am still able to handle the workload alone. My best find/eBay sale was for a 16mm movie projector purchased for $30.00 at an insurance business auction. It sold on eBay for $1200!
I have only used Ebay's lister once. I hated it. Soon after my first sale on Ebay, I found Auctiva. I haven't sold alot over the years (though I always have the intentions of doing so), but I have sold .10 cent magazines for $30.00, $5.00 camera's for $50.00, and some kitchen gadgets, one that I paid $2.00 for and sold for $49.00. I totally owe those sales to Auctiva. The templates are professional looking and their format helps me to include the necessary information that the customer demands.
I don't have a particular "sales" story here.

I just want to say that Auctiva is an awesome site and an awesome service. The fact that this is a totally free service is such an incredible help to all of us "little" guys out here.

You rock. Totally.
Geranium cuttings!! I listed some on Oztion and they got bids within like seconds. So I have a trial listing on Ebay. Not sure it's worth listing them there. Oz is free listing and like 25c sale fee Ebay with a gallery photo it's $1.09 and then probably about another 1.50 if you combine Paypal and sales fees. Still I've adjusted the price accordingly so we'll see. Oz geranium; and Ebay geranium

Plus size designer ladies clothes. Guaranteed to generate a bidding war check this hot numberout!!
This is not a one off special but just want to say thanks to Auctiva - you have save me loads of dosh and let me sleep easy.
I am from the UK but live in Thailand which is 7 hours ahead of GMT. I wanted my auctions to finish during the evening in the UK so to save the 5 pence scheduling fee ebay charges I used to be up until 4am posting my items individually every night.
Once I found auctiva about 2 years ago I could schedule for free as well as add free pics.
In those 2 years I reckon I have saved about 4000 pounds ($6000 at todays lousy rate!) + got around 4 months of extra sleep Smile
Not too bad eh Smile
Auctiva has made it possible for me to have a store front, enhance my professionalism, and become a Powerseller on eBay; All for FREE! My sales have doubled, and my DSR Scores have increased dramatically. Please visit and you'll see what I mean! Thanks Auctiva. You're simply the BEST!
I purchased a bracelet at a garage sale for $1. Upon arriving home, I almost tossed it into the costume jewelry pile, when I decided to open the clasp. It was stamped 18K. I sold that bracelet on eBay for nearly $800! Now, that's my kind of profit.
Years ago, I purchased a home to move my sister and mother into (along with myself of course) after they lost their jobs. Realizing I needed to supplement my income, I made my dream of selling lingerie a reality with Ebay and Auctiva's help! Being able to use Auctiva's scrolling gallery to add on to sales and save money using Auctiva's discounted insurance policies has been a tremendous help in growing my business!
I sold on Feebay BUT I found this awesome website that allowed me to have an Ecommerce store. Was it hard, yes. Was it worth it? YES. I understand fully that anything worthwhile takes work and if it comes too easily, it will be gone. MY SECRET IS------TA TA TA DAHHHHH---It is a website called Auctiva Commerce and here is my store:
The Maine Spot
When I just started selling on Ebay pictures were not free in my category (art). So I used Auctiva and was not only able to include additional pictures for free but also let my potential buyers to supersize the pictures using Auctiva supersize option. I saved money and my sales went up! Thank you Auctiva! Please check my store Inuit Art Gallery Inuit Gifts.
Started selling misc, household items and clothing on ebay in 03. Opened ebay store with Trish Scully Boutique girls clothing in 05. Last year expanded to include shoes, sunglasses and now handbags. 12 month sales averging around 55,000. Not bad for part time and hopefully still growing.

The Shady Sole Boutique
Thanks Auctiva for making it easy to list outside of the USA. With your free scheduling options my auctions close on the other side of the world while I sleep. I haven't listed on ebay USA in over a year and business is booming!!! The world is just a post office away. International selling has changed my business and now IS my business!!
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Got a success story you want to share? What amazing garage sale finds have you turned into monster profits online? How has using Auctiva's free templates and auction management tools improved your eBay business? Drop a line and tell us in 50 words or less about an outstanding e-sale experience, and perhaps we'll feature your story in an upcoming issue of The Online Seller newsletter. Reply to this thread to be considered.
This summer I was shopping at an antique mall and a woman came in and said she was looking for someone to haul off a lot of old stuff out of her basement for $75. I said I'll take it! The first item I listed from that was a 1960's red plastic "Valentine" typewriter. Auctiva even had the PERFECT template with slowly falling red hearts! It sold for $550!

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