Good Morning! I have a consignment that I am doing for 30% and when I fill out the form where it says "%" I put in 30 or .30 -- the item has now sold and it is taking off 30 cents. I have filled out crazy amounts like $200 just to see if it would translate 30% or 30 cents and it is still taking off just 30 cents....PLEASE HELP...what amd I doing wrong? This is my first consignment that has sold.... I was trying to do a print off for her. Thanks. :)
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Hi ckhamill,

When you are creating a commission plan using Auctiva's consignment tools and you would like to specify a fixed rate of 30%, you should enter 30 in the "Fixed(%)" field. If you are filling in this field in this manner and cannot achieve the desired result, I recommend contacting our customer support team for further assistance.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact our customer support team using the appropriate link on our help page:


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