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i am also having trouble revising my listing. i go to my e bay page and hit the revise button. it had worked before and now is not.

the auctiva revise structure that the above poster describes is a terrible function to have to work with. who thought that up. horrible. AND it does not even work.

i am not so sure about auctiva and its function. i am glad i get one month free as i do not think this system is very good at all.

revising my item or adding pictures is cryptic if not down right impossible. how do you peopel work through thi stuff?
Hi- I had this same problem when ebay made us take insurance blurb. I worked many hours trying to get this to work, send numerous support requests, WHICH I would suggest you do, keep pushing, send them some so they can physically check it themselves. At least you will know if it is possible if they try it.

I was told it was formatting issue with MY HTML. Would not change through auctiva or ebay. You may also be told that you can't cut and paste from works/word.. but need to do from notepad. I always did from notepad and had this problem.

I know you do not want to hear this.. but I had to go in and change each listing individually to take out the insurance blurb it took weeks to do this.

Good luck.. and I do hope you get it to work. . as I nearly pulled my hair out for days on auctiva support for a fix and finally just changed them all myself which took WEEKS and WEEKS.
Hi- I did contact support for ebay and auctiva when this was going on and at Auctiva told me it was ebay problem, ebay blamed Auctiva. Same with a friend who lists on turbo and auctiva.. she WAS able to change her turbo listings and some she listed directly through ebay because she did not need pictures.. . but none through auctiva.. so I really think it is two-fold issue.. that both have some kinks in them.

I assume you mean on SAVED LISTINGS. I am using mozilla but assume location is same on Internet explorer. If you go into listing.
Under that you will see: Switch to: HTML and View: Full Size
Right Under that there is row of small icons, you will Small box and words source. Go across there.. you will see magnifier and other icons. Go to where you see the printer box, next to that it says ABS with check mark.

That should change it on saved listings. Click it and it will pull up a box that shows mis-spellings. You can click ignore, change, cancel, etc.

Hope this helps you out.
Eddie you are very welcome.

I always wonder if I "over-detail" when I send someone a how to. I just know sometimes when a response if vague I will look and look and eyes just miss it every time. I guess it is looking toooo hard.

Glad it helped. I am fairly good speller so rarely use, but it sure helps if you are clueless on how to spell a word.

Have a great day and Happy Listing!!


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