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Anyone is having this problem? Every time I try to list an auction this warning comes up
"Until you have more feedback, you must use the same PayPal payment email address as your eBay email address."
There's nothign wrong with the e-mail addresses, they are the same. Anyone has any sugestions?

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Strike Two! This must be stump Danno night. Eek

I assume you are seeing this error in the Auctiva EVENT LOG after you attempt to submit a listing. You didn't say whether you'd ever submitted any listings directly with ebay in the past, but I'd be curious if that works (or has previously worked) OK.

I've had odd Event errors in the past that the folks in Auctiva Tech Support have been able to delve into and unravel. Since everything seems to be correct and I assume you are a first-time lister with Auctiva, they might see something we're missing. It might be quicker to file a Support Request and wake-up the Techies.

Gee, I like to be unique, but not this unique LOL.
I did list before, with the same info. without a problem, that's why I was thinking that maybe a "bug" got into Auctiva. I also contacted Tech support (I really need to list my stuff), but the only answer they gave me was that my e-mail address on ebay was on upper cases and on auctiva was on lowes cases.....?? I did try to change from lower to upper, and upper to lower, but it didn't work since it was the same e-mail address.... you're saying you have successfully done submissions from Auctiva before, and this error has suddenly appeared with no changes to addresses on any of the 3 (ebay, PayPal, Auctiva)? That is wierd. Eek

If it's a bug, I'd expect the place to be flooded with members ranting on the Forum about not being able to list, but your the only one I've seen with this problem (so far).

Upper/Lower case problem is very possible though. The stuff to the left of the @ is case sensitive on EMail addresses. The stuff to the right of the @ (domain name) isn't. However, a name change might not take if it thinks it's the same name, i.e. not a change when updating. Which system(s) has the real correct address, i.e. is the UPPER or lower version correct?

Yes, its is weird, or maybe all the auctiva member are on vacation in a desert island without Internet so they don't know that all their listings are being rejected??? ..... ok, back to reality!

Auctiva's records has my e-mail with a lower case, so I try to change ebays e-mail from upper to lower cases, but it doesn't let me do it, since I am trying to change the e-mail address to the same e-mail address.......

I am going outside to see if there's a full moon today Big Grin
Ebay is lower case like Auctiva..... you know, do you suppose that ...ok, I have 4 kids that do sell on ebay also. We do have 5 PC. , ( I try to list in all of them and I got the same message)but since all the PC's are in the same house, is it possible that fact is causing the e-mails addresses to get crossed from account to account? We have been using Auctiva in our house for 3 years off and on, and its the first time this is happening.

Ok, I am going to bed now. I am hoping and prying that when I wake up everything will be ok

Thank you so much for all your help Smile Smile
Sorry for your troubles...tho I can't be of any help, I CAN tell you that ebay and paypal have been LOADED with glitches lately because of all the changes they've made Frown

Let's see...during the last month...

1. I am only occasionally able to leave FB, depends if the function is working or not at that particular time

2. All of my 'sold' items disappeared, so in order to send an invoice (or even see who bought the item) I had to do an advanced search on myself..I finally fixed it by customizing my summary page

3. The worst one..I've been confirmed and verified by Paypal since 2005. Suddenly I was showing up as neither. Sellers were asking me to pls confirm my addresses. (Luckily I don't buy that much any more) By now I am bald from tearing my hair out Eek I finally had to apply for Paypal Buyer Credit (which I DIDN'T want) just to get confirmed again. 3 phone calls to PP were a waste of time. (Not surprising at all)

There is more but I've already lived it, so I'm sick of talking about it Smile
Just want to tell you you're not alone
Good luck!
One thing you could do is use our GetHTML feature on the saved listings page to get the HTML for your auction. Then create 1 item on eBay just to see if they give you the same error message or a more verbose one. You'll have to fill in pages and pages of forms but at least you'll have your whole description and template and images from the GetHTML and can just paste that into their HTML section for the description.
Originally posted by dleckington:
Is your PayPal address UPPER or lower?

Originally posted by terrehautelua:
Ebay is lower case like Auctiva.....

Dah!!!!, I was just to frustrated yesterday, I should've wrote "Paypal is lower case....." Eek

Anyway, I did notice today that my profile had the paypal address with upper cases, it was not a problem before, but I guess it is now. I did change it to lower case and .... voila!, I CAN LIST NOW! Big Grin

Many, many THANKS for all you help. my kids, my pets and my husband are forever thankful too,because they are finally alowed to 'live'
Roll Eyes
I liked Jeff's suggestion (and even thought about making it last night), but making changes and submission when you are bummed and frustrated and tired usually makes for more problems. A good night's sleep and things obviously got you looking more closely. Glad you found the mismatch.

Well, at least we now know what that error is all about.

Originally posted by terrehautelua:
Anyone is having this problem? Every time I try to list an auction this warning comes up
"Until you have more feedback, you must use the same PayPal payment email address as your eBay email address."
There's nothign wrong with the e-mail addresses, they are the same. Anyone has any sugestions?


Hey there. I'm not getting that warning, or any warning for that matter, BUT -- I am also having problems listing auctions right now.

I had no problem a few hours ago when I listed two auctions/items. However, for the past 45 mins or so I've been very frustrated as I continue to try and try again to list an auction -- but no luck.

Like I say, unlike you, I'm getting no error message -- but it's just not posting. It seems like all is well, everything has gone through/posted -- but it's not showing up in my listings in my auctiva list nor my ebay list of current auctions.

Bizarre. Something's clearly going on here. Auctiva must be having some sort of problems, with their server -- or something. Wondering ... Anyone else having problems at this very moment?

Sunday large store lists/relists often slooooooows ebay and Auctiva submissions to a crawl. Be a retry may simply be stacking-up with prior trys and you'll suddenly have 2+ auctions, where 1 was needed.

If the auctions are not showing on Listings - Scheduled and you aren't seeing red EVENT ERRORS on the Events counter, probably made it to ebay. However, check the Events green # and see if the auctions show success.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your respoonse.

The store re-listings may have caused the problem I was having ... don't know.

But, whatever was happening --and whatever the reason-- it's no longer happening. I'm able to list auctions now: everything appears to be working normal again for me.

The only strange sidenote: when I was having problems earlier -- and an auction wouldn't post after several attempts -- I ended just 'saving' it to my saved list in auctiva, and figured I'd get back to that one later. It was showing up in the 'saved list' after that -- but now, it's disappeared and not showing up there any longer.

This is fine, as long as I can post auctions again -- which I can -- and I'll just list that one starting out from scratch ...

But was/is odd, that the one I was having problems with earlier is disseapered in all regards. It doesn't show up anywhere as 'active' after 2 attempts, and now it's not even showing up as a 'saved listing' as it did previously.

More strange that it seems I may have been the only one having this specific problem earlier, or at least no one has mentioned here on this board that they were having this problem.

Best, and again, thanks for your response, information/help. -- Deana

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