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many people go to the auction counts charts at PSU to see whats going on in the online auction industry... this is somewhat a good yardstick and one then can make the correct plan.. I use to only go to PSU to see just the auction count chart.....many will go to find the 2nd best chance to get a competitor to ebay... many will use the auction count chart and then go with the 2nd... it is more reasonable to help build the 2nd then any other one usually....all we need is 1 competitor to ebay in the auction mode style to help sellers the best way there is... 2 in real competition will give sellers exactly what we need no matter if they are a bunch of jerks... the competition itself will MAKE them do sellers RIGHT!!!

in their auction chart counts... it does not count ebays store items .. just their auctions....i think the rest of the sites they count shows store listings in with the counts of the auctions.... so this is wrong....this is not accurate... and it also shows PSU can separate if they want to....them doing ebay this way makes an inacurrate count chart and it looks intentional...decieving to get people not to give up in seeking a competitor is not too bad...but then at the 2nd slot where people will go to who are trying to get a competitor going... they have a site called onlineauctions with nearly 2.5 million listings and no other site with 1 million....this is very misleading cause it counts the quanity of the items..... and then when one sees that this very company is tied to PSU as their biggest advertizer and i see they link to each other.... now way at the bottem iin find print where 95% of people don't go it does give an OUT for them in case someone says something... says something like something like this site is quantity of items.... knowing how important makeing this chart half way accurate they would put that at least on the same line where people sees their number.....

now this COFFEE has posted the most immediate need of PSU the biggest problem ... a problem in their OWN backyard.. if one goes read the lack of response to coffees post one can see this site is very similar to SD and the owner is very similar to the owner of SD... the most urgent problem for the people at PSU and no response yet they response STRONGLY to a guy jumping up and down singing I'm a wagglepopper dandy.....many hurl personal insults instead of being negative on the issue if they choose ... even a mod that seems good .. goes and erases posts when they are caught hurling personal insults.. like i said the same as SD...

coffee if you notice.. here when people don't like what a posters say they do NOT spend and waste their time time in responding.. much less go in and hurl personal insults...people playing mad and joking is no problem and fun for all... but the way so many do on PSU is the same as we saw many do on SD...

and when one is banned from a site.. that does not mean bad in alot of cases ... in alot of sites NOT BEING BANNED means bad..!!

so many dishonest sites and biased pretending to be the opposite... here is a reasonable request from coffee.....but if one reads the response can see the SD problem at PSU..

but hats off to the people here who don't waste time on issues or people that don't have their interest... and these don't go in and spend valuable time hurling personal insults...

+++++++++ Have you noticed that we have included eCrater and BluJay in the Auction Listings Count when they have NO auctions?

The Store Items are not included in the eBay count because we want to see the auction listing total. Fine. More complicated would be Bidville which is a mix of store items and auctions. Other sites are each different as well.

I propose that TWO charts be made to show store item counts in one and Auction Listings in another. I also propose that Brian1212 be nominated to help PSUNITE to make it happen. Maybe this would be have to done once a day by hand (and not hourly) because, apparently, doing it automatically introduces errors which we have previously discussed at length.

Can I have a vote?
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I too would like to see the close to exact numbers as to who is the second largest auction venue and who also is the second largest stores venue.

Or at least a list of auctions by auction counts and a list of store venues by host counts.

So that simple decisions can be made as to where to migrate to for the purpose of having a chance at making a greater income and making a difference in the way auction venues handle sellers and the fees they charge these same sellers.
I,m the Coffee in this post. PSU will eventually make the changes to the Auction Listing count. The moderator is working on little time and sleep so could be awhile. It is hard to create valid charts by programming because the external sites referenced change.

We will just have to be patient.

One other thing, Bidville is working feverishly on a Import feature to use for eBayers looking for an alternative without the hassle of re-entering data. Should be soon.
there is a whole thread over there about this serious problem .. this was in march this thread.... how can one say they are working feverishly is beyond understanding.... this is why i say this site is very similar to sd alot of people understands how things worked there .... cheerleading and covering up just because people wants to be part of a group is part of so many forums... one has to read between the lines of the many good things also to see this biase stuff and trickery.... some is not intentional... this was known as a major problem in march at that site... if they NOW fix it .. it wil come from my bringing this up ... but heck i'm banned !!! I come and get something very very important fixed ... but fixing the most important problem that this site has .. does not matter... i'm banned !!

and the problem of having this auction site with the false numbers as probably the sites biggest money source ... is a big no no too.. but people want to be part of a club so bad they just selling ones soul to the devil so that one can be part of a club.... like i said being banned from some sites is GOOD... being not banned from sites is BAD..!!
and coffee notice at this site... when people don't like or agree with what i say... what do they do??? they do what reasonable people do .. they ignore istead of hurling personal insults like there... many posts were erased with these personal insults even by a mod... same as what all went on with sd...LEAVE all posts so people will know THE TRUTH!!! erasing posts is just hiding the truth!!! and coffee don't know but do you think it was a good idea to tell all of them there .. hey i'm over here.... ha ha ha maybe you just didn't have your thinking cap on personal insults here... just debate or ignore.....!!
Sometimes people need to experience the difference a new discussion forum makes. Each has its own personality and "cast of characters". If one forum can demonstrate by the demeanor of the posts that there is no flaming and erasures there will be an influx of new converted posters who appreciate honest discussion.

On the other hand, hearing the same old arguments in multiple forums serves no real purpose, either.
yes .. with posts that if people don't like.. there will be no replys.. and not being erased like other forums. and if a poster is someone people see they don't like what they say... reasonable people do not get upset and go in and flame... this site shows no flaming when people don't like or are not interested in something... being bothered and then saying one is bothered is just a type of being irritable... just don't make any negative comments on a persons style just ignore...and letting someones style bother someone that is a CHOICE .. these are letters on a screen.. it is not reasonable to let ourselves make a choice to be bothered... yes we should be bothered by incorrect stuff and go debate... but thats all... seeing the same post in different forums.. i sure wouldn't let bother me...sometimes people sees things others don't see right off...and at times posting it in different forums can finally get a important point understood and others then can run with that point... like for example .. where is ebay store sellers going to ... this is a very important thing to find out who will later be the best vcompetitor to ebay...if one wants it to be bidville and its instead wagglepop yes that may be a problem... BUT we all should STAY nutral and really see who has the best chance to be the real competitor..... where the ebay store owners goes is a HUGE advantage ... this should be debated everywhere....but yes if someone wants a certain site to be the one and the store sellers are going to another.. yes posts like this could bother them... but it shouldn't we should CHANGE as the facts changes to see who the competitor is.. i changed from bidville too cause of only facts!! also now i see the nme itself with a bid in it is harmful to grow a site.... people who change when the facts change like donna are people with an open mind and really trying to find best sites....

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