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i think this site... where people go to check auction count charts . should be given the award as the most tricky and devious.....i've seen mods hurl personal insults then go back and erase any evidence... now i see here with this person ... they have been caught again....

::::someone posted saying thank you moderators for the editing of posts... and i find that in extremely poor taste !! yep someone else has seen them do their trickery stuff...

yep..someone else is seeing ..... but also on the site the owner posts about the auction count fiasco that he knew about in feb...but now the heat is more intense and goes in and shows I think even more proof of trickery... he shows the actual listings number of this site who has the biggest adverizing going on with this site... his chart reads auction count listings... listings means listings not total amount of items... one listing can have a million quantity.. but his chart says number of listings... so this 2.5 million figure has NO place AT ALL to be anywhere... he now shows the listing number ... which he could have gotten when he was first of aware of the major problem in feb and march..

now he wants to keep this misleading advertizer 2nd to ebay no matter what it seems... even to the point of showing everyone what he is doing.... he now has this site listed twice in the top 10 auction listings number.... 2nd and again eight or so... now this eigth is more correct but still misleading.. because the site lets sellers make the same listing in many categories and as many times as they want .. now with this and having this misleading stuff NOW twice i wonder what agenda the owner has..not seem to care about totally messing up his auction chart listing numbers WITH PUTTING ONE TWICE IN THE TOP 10.. unbeleivable...

someone needs to exlain how this does THE OPPOSITE in helping sellers in the REAL WAY.. by helping get a real competitor....this auction chart fiasco is just advertizing for this advertizer.... i do not blame the people who are oushing this auction site.. but put the blame where it belongs with the one who knows what the REAL numbers are... and who CAN put the correct ones up... BUT does NOT!!!

that first listing of this site does not belong AT ALL in this chart... the 2nd one can but people should understand the real numbers there also.. and this 2nd number which is about eight of the auction sites this is eight alot cause of the misleads from them being in 2nd.....just so much trickery stuff on the internet!! sites pretending to be working on a princible and interest but under cover just doing the opposite....BEWARE is the WORD no matter how nice and sweet they talk.. check their ACTIONS especially in the money area!!
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Sorry, Wierdpatrick. If you are referring to my post on the PSU board about OnlineAuction just passing ePier in the list count you are mistaken. I am the one who deleted it. I made my point without being ugly about it so no need for the post anymore. Mission accomplished as the auction count is now less misleading, if not perfect. Sure, it would be better not to have the reference to OLA in total listings in second spot. I suspect that it is still there because many are following the chart and would be shocked not to see OLA there. I also suspect that, in a month or so, the total listings line will disappear.

I truly believe the moderator/programmer there is a man of good will. We need to applaud even baby steps to encourage more walking instead of expecting some quantum leap when they are not ready.

While I am here, I want to announce that Wagglepop is now on that same chart for the first time. Not even in last place.
NO.. it wasn't your post that i was referring too.. it was about mods erasing posts that would show they attack in a personal way at times.. even a long time poster said.. thanks mod for erasing posts and that person said.... I find that in very bad i did not see your post deleted.. but now that it is.. that is alittle surprising.... deleting posts harms finding the truth... and can make for a good ol boys type of club..

and you said their change is less misleading really??? now this big advertizer of their site is on that chart TWICE... 2nd and 12th... this will mix up alot people big time too..and give this site twice as much exposure on this important chart seen across the internet..
but you even said it was less misleading... but this is still misleading!!!... see what we NOW KNOW is they CAN put the correct count up and they do with their number 12 placement ... so this means they have NO reason at ALL to keep the incorrect harmful placement at number 2 NO REASON AT ALL.. there is NO EXCUSE...shocking that people will sell their souls to the devil to belong to a club...
I am sorry that feel that way. My post was a polite but pointed dig at the sometimes overbearing bragging I have seen on OLA about their ranking. For one to respond to my post with disdain for my comment would be insulting to the hard working sellers at ePier. The PSU discussion site gives everyone the right to modify or even delete their own posts. Sometimes things are said in the heat of the moment and need to be retracted. Perhaps other posts made by others need to be retracted, too.

I have no yellow cards there because I make my points with as much respect as I can muster. Each has to choose the method one feels will accomplish the end task in the most efficient way. Reform is a long slow process and sometimes one has to be patient.

Implying that one is sold out to Satan would be considered an insult by most here. Anybody else have anything to say?
I don't know why one does not debate this issue of this favorable misleading help is done for their biggest site advertizer... why does one not debate this issue??? This is a RED FLAG for anyone that is looking at why something is misleading... why does no one debate this big issue?? I was stunned at no one bebating this.... and saw where this very important misleading error was known to this site way back in feb and march... and saw posters ONLY talking sometimes about how bad the online auction site was doing.. BUT none about how wrong it was for this site to put this there from their big advertizer... so i was stunned to see no one talking where the REAL PROBLEM was.... but after seeing how posts are erased by mods... its now starting to connect.....there may have been others who voiced strong reaction to PS site itself and then had the posts erased by the mods... my posts showing some big time uglyness was erased by mods.. and they erase their own problem posts also... so with all this.... then it connects why in feb and march no real uproar on the site itself placing their advertizer incorrect and in a misleading position....

yes its ugly .. coffee... and yes some people do indeed sell their souls to the devil just to belong to a club..... but i think people should understand that this uglyness is on maybe 90% of sites that PRETEND to be honest and unbiased... so all people going to forums should BEWARE... and wonder did you delete your post there saying hey he is over at auctiva posting wagglepop propaganda as weirdpatrick.. did you delete that post??

like i said alot of uglyness goes on in alot of forums.. people sells their souls to the devil just to belong to a club...

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