when I relist an item the consignment section will not pick up the new sale info? anyone else have that issue?
Yes I just discovered that something that sold the second time around is showing as unsold. Anyway to correct this, I've not been able to find anyway to associate the relisted and sold item with my consignor.
Hi Whatever Sales -

From engineering:

At least for the FVFs, it can sometimes take a day from the time an auction closes until we get the info and can post it in your consignment account. So, if you run the report too soon after the close of an auction, you will miss picking up the Final Value Fee for the payout report.

You can either wait until the fees populate or you can add them in manually when you send the report to your consignor.

Hope that helps!
I am too very excited to try the consignment features! I wasn't sure if it took the FVF etc. into account and am very happy to see it does. There's nothing more tedious than sepperating fee's from sale with the commision.
Thanks Auctiva!
I do see that after a day or so the FVF does post into the create payout section. The processing fees still do not register. I have turned on auctiva checkout now and we will see in the next few days if it does indeed add in the prcessing fees.

On another note , Is there anyway to get the sellers commission removed after the feesare removed? We take our commission after the consignor's listing fees are removed. I noticed that currently the payout removes prior to an other fees. Razz

All in All I commend Auctva on its consignment section.
You do not have to use the consignment feature. The box under the description should not be checked if it is not a consignment item. This should fix your problem.
When I relisted items I had on consignment, they don't show up as relisted on my payout form. Some items sold the second time, but still show up as unsold. How do we fix this??

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