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The only reason I need Auctiva software is to keep track of consignors and to create accurate payout Reports in a timely manner.

I reported a problem with Payout Report months ago and it is still not fixed. Auctiva does NOT follow my fee schedule and continues to add in eBay Listing fees which it should not do (I charge a flat % rate and do not add in any eBay fees). I have to massage the report by hand and delete the invalid fees. This is bad enough.

Now I cannot even produce that report. I get an error message "Error
We apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the high volume of requests at this time, your request took longer than expected to process. Please retry your request again. If you continue to receive this error, please contact technical support referencing ID# 65ad65ba-47b0-4ac2-bc9d-98c93126b148. Thank you."

Of course I cannot get a live person to answer the phone. So my consignors will have to wait or I will have to try to figure out what I owe them by hand - arrrrgh!
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Still NOT working and they refuse to refund this month's fee since I used it to post auctions! Big deal - I can use many services to list stuff but what I am paying Auctiva for is to produce an accurate Payout Report.

They don't seem very motivated to fix this, so I have been looking for another software company but no luck there - unless I want to pay a percentage of my sales. And I refuse to do that. It costs nothing extra to process a $10 item than a $1,000 one so why should I pay 100 times extra. And no guarantee that I would not experience different problems creating Payout Reports.

Since Blackthorne is almost dead, I need a reliable inexpensive alternative or else I will just have to quit selling consigned items.
Hi CaptJohn & mommiesugar,

Thanks for helping to bring this issue to our attention.

We have just released a change intended to resolve the issue which has been causing you to receive generic error messages when attempting to generate payout reports for your consignors, so we believe you should be able to resume creating the desired payout reports at this time.

You should receive updates on this issue through the support cases you filed on this topic as well, but I figured I would update this thread as well in case anyone else who has been experiencing similar difficulties comes across this thread.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused!


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