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Hi Community,

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer information such as saved listings and images from one Auctiva account to another. Therefore, if you have saved listings or images in one Auctiva account that you'd like to move to another one, you would have to recreate those saved listings and reupload those images in the other account.

However, if you just switched from using one eBay username to another one and you don't need to use Auctiva with the old username any longer, you are welcome to continue using your existing Auctiva account with your new eBay username.

In order to do this, you would just need to generate a new token within your Auctiva account to link it to the new eBay username. This can be done by mousing over the "My Account" tab within your account, selecting the "eBay" option under "Settings", and then clicking the "Get New Token" link on the ensuing page.

If you have any additional questions regarding your Auctiva account, please feel free to contact our customer support team about this using the form on the following page of our site:

Thanks Mike ..

So if I generate a new token to link my current Auctiva account with my new ebay one, what happens to the active listing currently associated with my old ebay account (created using Auctive templates) ?

Or should I wait till the listing expires or gets sold ? ie there are no active listings. (Sunday)

Can I just switch accounts by creating new tokens associating each with the other ? See .. I have 2 ebay IDs and 2 Auctiva IDs and I want to switch them from their current associations to the other.

Is this just a matter of putting in a request to Customer Support explaining what I would like to happen ?

Thanks for your help. This would really save a lot of time copying content / profiles and relisting.

Hi Robyn,

Since you are actively using both of your eBay accounts, I would NOT recommend using the same Auctiva account for both of them by switching the tokens periodically. The main reason for this is because the scrolling gallery in both your eBay accounts would be associated with the same Auctiva account and would likely end up displaying items listed in both of your eBay accounts.

If you were to switch your token to be associated with your second eBay account, your listings you posted through Auctiva in the first eBay account would remain intact but the scrolling gallery in them would start displaying items that are listed in the second eBay account.

Under the circumstances you have described, I would have to recommend opening a second Auctiva account to use for your second eBay account, which would mean you'd have to recreate the content from the first account that you'd like to have in that second account from scratch.

Hi Mike,

I think you misunderstood. I DO already have a 2nd Auctiva account, this is a new one that I haven't yet used. I opened this one to use with my new eBay ID, which I also haven't yet used. So there will be no confusion with the scrolling gallery.

However, I would now like to link my old Auctiva Account (the one with all the listings / profiles / photos attached) to my new eBay ID (as yet unused). This shouldn't be a problem, right ? Just involves getting a new token ?

However, I would then like to associate my new Auctiva account with my old eBay ID. This also shouldn't be a problem, I hope ... just a new token, right ? I currently have only 1 active listing, so I will wait till it's either sold or expires before I do this.

My only concern then, would be that my Auctiva account names will be back-to-front with my eBay IDs, as I have them named the same. Can my Auctiva account names be switched once I've re-created the tokens ? Once they're switched it will be a permanent thing, not periodic.

I hope you can understand what I'm trying to do.


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