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It clearly states in my auction that I only accept paypal or money/cashiers checks. She emails me and asks if she can send a check? I emailed her back and nicely said No, I don't accept checks. She emailed me back all mad and said " I don't know why you don't accept checks when I would wait for it to clear before you ship it". Urg--

She said she does not live "near" a place to get a money order easily. Then I have to ask why did she use the "buy it now" feature?

How would you handle this? Am I right to hold my ground?


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As far as whether or not you should take the check, I think that you are the only person that can really make that decision. We accept personal checks, so I would take her check.

I can relate to her being too far away for a money order - when I was growing up, I lived 30 miles away from any kind of civilization.

But, at the same note, she will have to go to a grocery store or a bank eventually... Maybe you could compromise and tell her that you are willing to wait until she is able to get a money order, and maybe give her a specific timeline, like 2 weeks.
I tend to be the person who speaks as spoken to. If I don't like the "tone" of the person's email then I would probably be less likely to bend the rules. (I know, not good business practice, but I'm bullheaded like that lol) Anyway, one solution would be to ask them which bank it is drawn on, if it is drawn on a bank that has a branch local to you then you can go to that bank to cash it. Advise her that yes, you can wait for it to clear before shipping, but if it does not clear, then you are charged a fee by your bank, and that is not a risk you are willing to take. I took ONE check, and won't do it again. It bounced, and my bank charged me $32.00. I advised the buyer that I would not be shipping their item until they paid by money order or paypal enough to cover the check and the $32 charge, within 2 days they were no longer a registered user. Lesson learned...

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