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I have looked everywhere and can not find a thing about the upcoming Ebay switch from Paypal to Managed Payements. Is there anything I need to do different in listing on Auctiva? I know my listings now show payments going to Paypal with my email address, will I be putting something different in that entry now?

Beth Flood

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Hello Bethofvt,

If you are enrolled in Managed Payments on eBay, you may need to generate a new token in your Auctiva account for it to register this correctly, so if you haven't already done so, please generate a new token once you are set up within eBay.

After you have done this you will see a slight change to the listing creation page in your Auctiva account in the Checkout Options area of the lister.  This area will show that you have managed payment enabled and when you open it there is a checkbox for Payments managed by eBay that should be selected by default.

Up to present, if you have been signed in to Managed Payments on eBay your listings would convert as they were posted, so including the PayPal information would not be an issue.  


 - Craig

Hello tomas - 

If you are not seeing a difference on the listing creation page that shows Managed Payments enabled in the Checkout Options area then it sounds like you still need to generate a new token in your account so that the Managed Payments data from eBay is reflected there.  Note that this change will only show once you have generated a new token after you are fully enrolled in Managed Payments on eBay.

To generate a new token after logging in to your Auctiva account, select 'eBay' from the My Account menu and click the button to Generate Token and follow the steps there.

If you encounter difficulty, please feel free to reach out to our support team letting them know what you have done and what the difficulty you are encountering is and they will be happy to assist you.

 - Craig

I renewed my token and after waiting a couple of hours the Checkout area still offers only PayPal options; no Managed Payment checkbox.  Tried to make a new Checkout  Profile and that only offers PayPal also. 

My listings on Ebay all say "Accepted forms of payment shown at checkout" so Ebay is changing payment methods on their end.  I would like to be able to show what payment options are available on my Activa listing to a potential buyer so they don't have to go to Ebay's checkout  to see what's available.

Hello again,

it sounds like you are not fully enrolled in Managed Payments yet on the eBay side as there is definitely a change on the listing creation page of your Auctiva account after you are enrolled on eBay and have generated a new token.

The listing creation page of your Auctiva account will appear differently in the Checkout Options area where it will show that Managed Payments has been enabled. When you expand that area of the lister you will see a checkbox (which is checked and cannot be unchecked) that shows Managed Payments is being used.  If you are not seeing this after generating a token it is unlikely that your eBay account has completed the transition.

Note that this change is an eBay change, and while we have updated our tools to accommodate it, we will not be able to display the Managed Payments option in your account until your eBay account reflects that and you then generate the token.

Unfortunately, the display of your checkout options is entirely under eBay's discretion and they may opt to only allow the payment methods to show at checkout.

If you can confirm that your eBay account is fully enrolled in Managed Payments and the option on the lister still has not changed, please file a support case with the details of what you are experiencing so our agents can review your account directly.

 - Craig

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