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Confused - Buy It Now on Auction Style Listings

jeanieb ·
I thought that when a buyer selects "Buy It Now" (on a listing where immediate payment is NOT required) should pay asap as the listing remains active until it is actually paid for. Example: John Doe chooses "Buy it Now" at 10 am, but waits several hours or days to pay. Sally Jones comes along at 11 am and buys it now with immediate payment and John Doe loses out. If this isn't true, would someone tell me, as I can't seem to find this in any discussion thread here or on eBay. Thanks, Jeanie B.

Cannot save my profile

opportunitydoc ·
I have tried about 15 times to save my checkout profile. No error message, but the screen just comes back up again when I name it and hit save. It appears to have eaten all my "return policy" and "payment instruction" details so I am not going to do any more typing until I find out whats wrong. I have saved my marketing and shipping and master profiles with no trouble, but not the checkout... Any hints??

cant edit auctiva templates?

wayoutwest ·
is it just me, or can we no longer edit auctiva templates? I found a spelling error and inconsistent font sizes in a template and thought "well, i'll just do a custom based on original, and fix the spelling error and font size error" but when I try to do that, i only get a partial bit of the html for the original template. template in question is 'clean creme'. I went to Custom Templates/Manage, then clicked "create from existing" and picked 'clean creme'. But when i do 'create from' i only...

CANT ......POST......TO.......EBAY

kendrick1 ·
Hi. Everyone im new here i just signed up a few days ago i also am new to ebay and pay pal i just signed for them also .... well my problem is that yesterday i tried to post my first auctiva ebay listing and it didnt go threw im trying to figure out im i missing something ... first i know that auctiva gives a token that connects to my ebay account somehow ...and that is done when i first sighs up for auctiva correct...but my question is do i have to somehow approve it again in my ebay...

Change ebay ID name

jay ·
Hi, I just changed my ebay ID name. Now my payment form does not seem to work and I think it is because I did not change my ebay ID name in my auctiva account. I can't seem to find anywhere to change my ebay ID name in my auctiva website. Can anyone advise me where to change my account name. Thanks

Change font color--pmt/shpping/TOS?

monicalee ·
Hi, I use a different Auctiva template for nearly all my listings, but the Payment, shipping and TOS don't automatically change with the template. They are set at a dark green (I may have done this myself, but now I don't know how to change it) and I would prefer they change like the text does. How do I set this? I've been everywhere but the right place apparently, because I can't find a place to change it. Thanks.

change the words like "Payment"

stephano ·
Hello I just want to change the words like "Payment" , Shipping" (section Seller Details) .. into another language. As i am in Germany i sell 90% to germans. It`s probably better not to have an english title. Does anybody know if you can change this words, didn`t find any possibility. Thanks

Can you add topics to Seller Details?

dura-max ·
Want to add other topics to Seller Details. Want to have more tabs other than just "Payment" "Shipping" etc. Is it possible?

Can you change Seller Profile Titles??

mrssweet ·
Instead of payment, terms of sale etc... can you customize those titles like instead of terms of sale you can put return policy??

cannot load auction says ebay account error help!

tomscarpt ·
Tried to list a auction have listed hundreds as soon as we are ready to post on ebay we get this message API Error You will be unable to complete this request until you make a payment to eBay or a credit card is put on file for automatic monthly billing with eBay. See your eBay account for more information. There is nothing wrong with our ebay acount nothing is owed and also nothing comes up about this we are at a dead end any ideas? Thanks

Can't create a template..why?

letsmakeupandkiss ·
Hello.. I've been using templates..but it will only let me use the description part. It's the only part that shows up...The Payment and contact, etc part never shows up..what am I doing wrong???? Can someone help me?? thank you..

Can't list, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

terrehautelua ·
Anyone is having this problem? Every time I try to list an auction this warning comes up "Until you have more feedback, you must use the same PayPal payment email address as your eBay email address." There's nothign wrong with the e-mail addresses, they are the same. Anyone has any sugestions? THANKS!!!!!!!!

Can't mark my Paid listings as Paid!

tmpaulk ·
This question has been posted but not really answered. I have 6 closed listings in Auctiva that have been paid but I shows Awaiting Payment. I tried to mark them as paid but I get an error message that they can't be marked as paid. What is the underlying problem and is there something I need to do in order to be able to mark them as paid? Any help here would be greatly appreciated, Thanks guys, tmpaulk

Can't post to ebay after changing bank acct

carolhearn ·
I changed my bank acct info on ebay on 10/28, and it is correctly reflected there. Today I tried to list through auctiva as usual, and my listings are not going to ebay. The error message is: "We noticed that you don't have a payment method set up with your eBay account. As soon as you take care of this, you'll be able to list more items." I called ebay, and they assure me that everything is fine on their end. They suggested generating a new token (although the one I had showed as "valid").

Can't remove the "other method of payment" from listing

paulette ·
Folks, in order to be compliant with ebay's new payment policy, I'm trying to revise my auctions to take out the other money order and certified checks option. Auctiva won't let me do it. I maximize the checkout section UNCHECK the part about accepting money orders, save and come back and check the listing. the money option is still there, every time. Please tell me: what can I do to fix this. I was able to modify the text of my instructions, just not this money order option. TIA for any help.

Can't schedule or post listings from Auctiva

megamike ·
When I check the eBay API errors, I find the following message: Attention! We noticed that you chose to offer credit card as a payment option. To confirm that you can support this process, please fax a copy of your most recent merchant processing statement to (408) 904-7387. Please ensure the statement is complete and includes all pages. Please include your eBay user ID, phone number and email address in the fax so that we can contact you. While we confirm your merchant credit card account,...

can't sign in to auctiva

countryjoe ·
Emailed support yesterday: Counters not showing on ebay items, can't sign in to check counters on by account. When trying to login it tells my password is wrong, which it's not. If I try to retrieve password it says email address is wrong which again it's not. So what to do now and where are my counters? Got an answer from support that my name and email address don't exist. But it's the same name I have been using for a couple of years on Auctiva, same password and email. Somehow my email...

can't sort transactions

reb177 ·
In "Sales" transactions, it would be most helpful to be able to sort by "Payment Status" but Auctiva errors every time.

Can I do these when using Auctiva or is it not working at all?

moretolearn ·
Hi, I've listed a few using Auctiva and found somethings that I can't do. Item Specifics, do I need to revise it under eBay? Shipping insurance for USPS, BIN immediate payment? I'm having to do these after the auction start and was wondering how I can do all in Auctiva. Thanks.

Can I put Another person's Paypal address in my listing?

laranat ·
I would like to sell something for a family member. Rather than set them up as a consignment, can I just change the receiver of the payment by changing the Paypal address in the Checkout options? I realize I would get hit with the fees directly.

Can I use all seller listing info?

mizkatie ·
I am new to this and about to pull my hair out. lol I can upload video to you tube but can't figure this out. I want to use all the info on the template IE contact us, payment, shipping, etc. But it only allows me to use one. Is there something I am not doing right? And talk dummy to me as I won't get it. Sorry.

Can not create shipping profile

deangelo ·
The creation of shipping profile is failed on UK site. why it is so stupid? I create two times, and the profile can not be saved. I create the profile of payment is sucessfull. I pay money for each month of this software. please help me solve it as soon as possible. thx

Can not log into site

boudoirbabe ·
Hi, Am trying to login but get directed straight to an auctiva error page and do not even get the chance to enter username and password. The page I am directed to has a link to this forum and suggests that I log a support ticket. The support ticket link does not open. I have not logged in since I have begun paying of the site but did get email confirmation that my payment has gone through. Any idea's? Thanks, Ru.

Can someone please help?? Parts of Template are missing.

beachyone ·
Hello, I'm new to Auctiva and have been practicing creating listings for most of today. I am now completely stumped. I chose a template and loaded the title, description, and photos into it just fine. But the "Payment and Shipping" heading within the template is not there. Can someone please explain? I'll be forever grateful! Thank you, BeachyOne

Buy it now

tommymeggs ·
Why can't I use immediate payment for buy it now ( you have a notice that immediate payment is not compatible with Auctiva). You can not expect a person to give up a listing if some one uses buy it now and waits to pay, if he pay at all. I want to be able to re list if I receive no payment. When you push pay it now they should be ready to pay it NOW. Am I correct? Thanks for help.

Buyer could not checkout using Auctiva checkout

nwestfal ·
I noted in this forum many people having trouble with Auctiva checkout, so I disabled it for new listings, however as I understand it there is no way to disable it for currently active listings other than to cancel the listing and re-list. Well, yesterday (3/15/2009) a buyer used BIN on one of the listings I posted through Auctiva before I had disabled the Auctiva checkout, and when he tried to pay for his order he was unable to use the Auctiva checkout. I had to get on the phone with him...

buyer hasn't paid, BIN

californiagirl ·
Hi, so far I have been lucky never to have a buyer not paid for an item. Last Sunday, I put up a $5.00 t-shirt and it sold with BIN in a few hours, buyer had a feedback of (4),Positive,payment to be made in 5 days, Friday the 14. Still no contact. Not a big deal $5.00, but I have not dealt with this before, and its not worth this guy giving me a Neg. How long should I wait? Do I send an invoice? Maybe he's sending M.O., but no contact yet. My auction stated contact me in 3 days for payment...

Buyer requirements - Paypal account required

bartonsbargains ·
I was wondering if Auctiva had access through the eBay API to set the Buyer requirement "Paypal Account Required" when creating a listing. I know for Buy It Now listings you can require immediate payment through Paypal, but I would like to require my buyers to have a Paypal account to bid on my auctions, since this is the only form a payment I accept. Let me know if this is possible or will be possible in the future. I'm currently revising my listings after they post to set this option, but...

Buying Clothes on e-bay? Here are some tips to avoid buyer’s remorse

jacebstreasures ·
Buying Clothes on e-bay? Here are some tips to avoid buyer’s remorse. When most people think of e-bay if conjures up pictures of $10,000 dollar grilled cheese sandwiches and people selling autographed major league baseballs. The truth is more and more people are buying everyday items such as clothing using on-line auction sites such as e-bay. Buying clothing on-line presents special challenges to both buyer and seller, so as the owner of an e-bay store that specializes in clothing sales I...

Can A Seller Refuses A Particular Type of Money For Payment?

ktchong ·
Is there a federal law that says that a seller cannot refuse a certain form of money as long as it is valid, commonly accepted form of payment?? I remember about learning such a law back in a college law class, but I can't remember the specifics. Basically, it says that a seller cannot refuse any particular type of payment of money as long as it is a valid form and the buyer agrees to cover for any expense for that payment. Of couse, basic law 101: the laws of the land SUPERCEDE and OVERRIDE...

Can Auctiva assist Sellers in modifying active listings due to new Ebay restrictions?

carmen7887 ·
By now you've heard about eBay's policy of Sellers not being able to offer Money Orders, Cashier's Checks or other forms of payment that are not electronic. Well.... for those of us who use Auctiva and have the offer of Money Orders in the HTML - we need to remove it or face de-listing. Many sellers have 1000's of items in the store. Is there ANY way that Auctiva can assist us in modifying ACTIVE listings via the API so this task does not have to be done manually? It is a huge undertaking...

Can auto-feedback be left after payment is received?

kristinklb ·
I'd rather leave it right away. Is this possible? Thanks, Kristin

Can I Add Categories to Seller Details?

shoduke11 ·
Hi, I was just wondering if I can add more categories to Seller Details then the ones they already have now (shipping, payment etc.) I want to add a 'Returns' category. How do I do this? Thanks, Jordan

Check out this bizarre transaction...

cavaleriesoldaat ·
Of course the following transaction is bogus and bizarre; but I got a laugh out of it. BTW, it was for an item at my eCrater store. Yes, this is a real transaction (if you can call it that). Some retards out there.

Checkout details wrong/can't purchast insurance

1000words ·
Checkout details are wrong due to cancellation of payment since buyer paid wrong amount. Buyer repayed correct amount. Now I can't purchase insurance because Auctiva has wrong amount as paid. I'm trying to buy insurance on the total. Can someone help?

checkout profile font color

nhcreator ·
When I make a new listing from the Auctiva templates page the custom fonts,size, and color that I choose are not carried through to "payment", "shipping", and "terms of sale" How do I make the "payment", "shipping", and "terms of sale" font color and type size the same as the listing?

Checks & Money Orders - How to do SEARCH & REPLACE?

womandi ·
Hi all, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!! I know a lot of my old listings still say I accept checks/M.O. in both payment method and checkout instructions areas. I think there's a way to change all that in one shot with search and replace, right? But I've never done that. I just searched these boards for instructions, but nothing. Can anyone help here? Is it possible to do a search and replace for that? Thank you

how to use the template

grace ·
I choose one of the templates provide by Auctiva. In the preview, it shows that there are graphical headings like description, payment, shipping below which Iu can put related information. However, when i used it, only the first heading (ie. description) is shown. How can I make those other headings appeared? Are those templates free to use? I don;t see any charges indicated when I choose it. Thanks for your help in advance. Grace p.s. hope that I can sort out all these little questions and...

HTC Shift X9501 Unlocked US NAM Version

ordereverythingnow ·
Product Overview: Experience a new era in mobile computing with the HTC Shift. Powerful enough to run Windows Vista® Business, the HTC Shift has the optimal blend of portability and functionality, giving you uncompromised performance while on the move. Product Includes: HTC Shift X9501 US NAM AC travel charger Battery User manual Key Product Features: Microsoft Vista Business OS Bluetooth 2.0 Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g GPS Navigation QWERTY keyboard 40-gigabyte hard drive Adjustable 7-inch touch...

html in descriptions

gotshirtey ·
i'm a newbie possible transplant from SD and i tried to create a listing from a Master Profile and it was fairly unsuccessful. first off: can i use html in my descriptions? i tried to use my own personal 'description template' for a listing but it didn't register as html and i couldn't figure out if there was a way to change that or what??? 2nd: i use the same payment details in all of my listings which is also coded in html. where do i insert that? thanks.

I am fed up with this!!!

three ·
I have no idea what the heck is going on with Auctiva, but I can say this...if it continues I will no longer be a customer with this company. 1st, I have to continue to sign in. It wastes my time and patience. 2nd: Since they've changed there is NO spell check. I have to copy and paste everything in and it's another time waster. 3rd: We need immediate payment required to comply with Auctiva checkout. I've had two non-payments this week in my BIN auctions. It's a pain, another time waster. I...

I am in desate need of HELP!

auntveronica ·
Each and every time I place this HTTP into Auctiva it views just fine. BUT the minute I add anything else...description, other graphics, shipping, payment...anything...and then try to save it...everything disappears! What in the world am I doing wrong?

I'm a nervous customer

hkygrl12 ·
Hey all, I purchased a DVD set on Ebay and it was from an Auctiva member. So I get this message after I already send the payment from Ebay saying that I should stop payment, etc because the user has been suspended. I've been emailing back and forth with the "seller", and he/she says that they will send it as soon as the payment is received (I sent it overnight mail and it was delivered). Does this happen often? Should I be worried?

I'm as green as they get

eleda ·
I just signed up to use Auctiva about 2 weeks ago. I went through the listing tutorial and the profile tutorial I believe. On Fri I attempted to do the meeting that took place at 11:15 AM. Although I do have sound on my computer and have no problems with the sound, there was absolutely no sound for the meeting I participated in. I couldn't hear a thing and I cranked the volume up as loud as it will go. There also was no question and answer section so I was left feeling like I came in on the...


retrochicpenny ·
Hello, Not so much a newbie to auctiva been using it for a year now, but haven't paid much attn to insurance until now. I'm trying to figure it out, hope someone can help. My customers are paying insurance through my auctiva checkout, I can see it on my transactions page, but I don't see the money in payment details page it shows that they have paid for only the item and shipping. I don't see where I am receiving any extra $ from my customers for insurance but I do see where I am supposed...

Insurance is not being calculated automatically in my auctions...

cjackc ·
Does anyone remember if insurance was automatically calculated for you when listing on eBay, regardless of flat or calculated shipping charges? I thought I remember the site doing that before and I know that I set up the insurance charges for different price value ranges. I asked eBay and they told me that it only does it when you use the shipping calculator for determining S&H and not with flat rate charges. It used to work for me on my listings with flat rate shipping, but they said...

Introducing The Auto-Lister - The easy way to expand from eBay to Amazon

Auctiva Natasha ·
Hello everyone, I’m very happy to announce that the Auctiva Auto-Lister is now available! With the release of this new feature, you now have the ability to push your eBay products over to Amazon with just a single click. Not only does the Auto-Lister make it easy to expand from eBay to Amazon, but it also gives you the ability to use Auto-Synced Quantity right from the get-go so that you can expand to a new channel without worrying about overselling. How Does It Work? First, make sure you’re...

Introducing The Auto-Lister! The easy way to expand from eBay to Amazon.

Auctiva Natasha ·
Hi everyone, I’m very happy to announce that the Auctiva Auto-Lister is now available! With the release of this new feature, you now have the ability to push your eBay products over to Amazon with just a single click. Not only does the Auto-Lister make it easy to expand from eBay to Amazon, but it also gives you the ability to use Auto-Synced Quantity right from the get-go so that you can expand to a new channel without worrying about overselling. How Does It Work? First, make sure you’re...

info not "updating" in my sales section?

justdandynjkimberly ·
Hello everyone. I am finding that in my sales section, the information about specific sales is not updating properly. For example, after I printed a shipping label, the "airplane" icon that shows the item has been shipped is not highlighted. Also, listing show that I had NOT provided feedback for that buyer, even after I have already left feedback. Is there a way to "update" information without having to individually mark each item as shipped, etc. ? Thanks for any help on this one. I really...

Image is not showing up

ebrsales ·
Hi I have a custom template but I can not get the image to work. Here is the code. Anyone have any ideas? <center><table bordercolor="#29318a" width="650" align="center" bgcolor="#fecb00" border="15"><tbody><tr><td width="50%"><div align="center"><table bordercolor="#3266cc" width="650" bgcolor="#aaca3b" border="5"><tbody><tr><td valign="middle" width="100%" bgcolor="#ffffff" alt=""><div align="center"><center><br...
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