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CONSIGNMENT SHOP Functionality...

sell-it-nowauction-express ·
I am an eBay Trading Assistant working my way towards my own "brick and mortar" Trading Post and REALLY REALLY REALLY need a good Consignment software program. Anyone have any suggestions? Will Auctiva ever get that far in their "updates and programming" and offer that service? And if so, will it be DEPENDABLE??? No offense, but I can't afford all this down-time due to "system updates". I just received some trial software from and will be trying it out this weekend. Anyone have...

Constant Lack Of Response From Auctiva

silverfawkes ·
I have been using Auctiva since around 2010. I can't believe how terrible the service has become. If I need to resolve an issue, forget trying to contact Auctiva! They are so frustrating...I filed a support case because of template issues and still haven't heard anything. This has become the norm for the past 2 years. Why has the customer service become so aweful? Auctiva used to be a fabulous program but, lately I am completely frustrated and have started looking for an alternative to...

Contact Us Page

beadkrap ·
1. How do I create a email link on this page. E.g. my email address would be a link that if the user had an email program on their computer the link would open it up with the To: filled in. 2. When I set up the contact page, it has an option to "Include "Please add me to your Mailing List" in email form. What email form, and how does this work.

Can this work with other auctions ?

Guest ·
Can this listing program work with other auction sites besides just ebay? I'm really interested, thanks zbdude

"Can Top-Rated Seller Program Help eBay?"

auctivaeditor2 ·
You can read "Can Top-Rated Seller Program Help eBay?" here . Reply to this message to discuss it.

Can I import my Listings

colourplease ·
At the moment we cannot access Turbo Lister at all and are looking around for a lister. Can we import our listings from the TL data base in program files?

Can I upload images to my domain using an FTP program like Filezilla

loretta-jo ·
I purchased a domain name today and have tried using Filezilla to set up my directories but I can't seem to connect. While Auctiva's 300x400 default is okay I usually use 450x600. Also I spend a lot of time on my pics in Photoshop and I like to be the last one who processes them. I'm also looking to upload a couple of modest web pages now that I have my own domain (I'm so excited!) .

Calculated Shipping includes Insurance?

tomo ·
Hi, I am a longtime Ebay seller, but new to Auctiva. One of the nice things about Ebay's calculated shipping is that it includes my mandatory insurance cost (USPS) based on the current price of the auction. I have signed up for Auctiva's Insurance program. I suspect that the calculated shipping charges shown do not include insurance. I tell my customers that insurance is required but it is included in the calculated shipping. They may be upset if they have to pay an additional charge after...

changing Fonts in the description

niksmom ·
Hi there, Can someone help me figure out how to change fonts in the description area? I noticed there's only few fonts and I would like to use other nice ones I have in my font program. Why can't I copy and paste? Any help will be appreciated.

Changing Template of Active Listing

mure ·
I've seen several old posts saying that the only way to change a listings template is to change it in the Saved listing, get the HTML code and then copy+paste into the active listing html editor on the eBay site. For us, this isn't going to work very well and it doesn't seem like a very efficient use of our time, with around 1,500 items that would need changed... Is there an easier way of doing this or are there plans to implement a better editing tool for live listings in the future? We...

charity lisitng on Auctiva

auctionsqueen ·
eBay Giving Works is the dedicated program for charity listings on eBay where sellers can list items to support nonprofit organizations. How cone tihs feature in not on the Auctiva lisitng? eBay Giving Works listings receive approximately twice as many bids as non-charity items. Additionally, eBay Giving Works items stand out with a distinctive charity ribbon icon and benefit from additional visibility Sellers we can take advantage of all the traffic benefits as well – and the cool...

check this out

chelsea-s-treasures ·
Hello Everyone, I just caught the end of a radio porgram about ebay. The person was talking about a program called TED that would track all misspelled or mis-category listings. For example Liz Claiborne might be spelled Clayborne or Claiborn, you get the picture. It would then give you the item #. Has anyone heard of any type of software program??

How to upload photos from PictureProject

ibyscrap ·
I am new to Auctiva and having problems as to how to upload photos from my PictureProject program. Doing it was easy with ebay, but I have no idea how to get the photos to an Auctiva listing. Please email me with any ideas. Thanks, Howie

I am new and am totally lost

linman ·
I was doing a support case #244544 about importing my existing eBay auctions. When I tried to reply because I don't understand this program yet I keep getting a Server Error in /Application - Runtime error. It is telling me to create a tag within the web config - configuration file in the root directory. I hava NO idea what this means - I am not a programmer. How can I reach a person to help me?????? My previous auction management program is closing down and I have to try to move 1500 items...

Insurance option

robertc ·
I am new at this Forum. I don’t understand why Auctiva does not offer the option of listing insurance options for both Domestic and International insurance. It is costing me plenty on insurance that I have to pay. Everybody knows that domestic and international insurance fees are different, so why list them at the same rate, and not give the option of listing both. I have looked on the Message Board, and I have seen a few people with the same concern, but no answers. Ebay has gotten stricter...

Internet Explorer keeps closing the program

krissiemae ·
Is anyone else having this problem? For the past week everytime I get on Auctiva, IE keeps randomly closing the program on me. If I've written my description but not saved it yet, I lose it. Auctiva used to save it for us, not sure why they stopped that feature. This is driving me mad!!

how to promote your site

mc319 ·
I have been using a free program called traffichoopla. This site research all the traffic exchanges out there and list the best to use. After you sign up for those sites traffichoopla can retain all your referral statistics. You then promote a site like this (click here to check it out) as much or little as you want. Then boom your downline starts to grow for each exchange you've allready signed up for.

How to select multiple pictures in image management section??

opportunitydoc ·
Please tell me there is an easy way to select multiple pictures in image management section. After I've sold several items I may need to delete 50 pictures, but I do NOT want to click on a tiny box 50 times. So now I have a backlog of 100's of pictures to delete. But the time-honored scheme of holding the shift key to select a range of items (like EVERY email program uses) does not work. It can't be that hard...

How to Speed up Auctiva

ladyreno ·
Go to and download their program. It works just like Internet Explorer. Nothing new to learn. Select the regular download, not the eBay download. When it finishes, type in the Auctiva website. The first time you use it, it will take time to show the welcome screen and your listings because Firefox needs to collect the data. After that it will connect very fast. You'll be amazed at how much faster Auctiva will be. Each page will load a lot faster and you can schedule or post...

Auctiva Multi-Channel is Coming Soon!

Auctiva Natasha ·
Hi Auctiva Community! The entire team here at Auctiva is very excited to announce a new service that will be available in the coming months! For almost a year now, we've been focused on building a new platform that will give you the power to manage your eBay and Amazon listings from one place. Here's a sneak peak into what Auctiva Multi-Channel will bring you: Inventory and listing management tools for eBay & Amazon. A new, enhanced 1-Page Multi-Channel Lister, where you’ll be able to...

Auctiva Feedback not working?

scottt ·
It's been 5 days since auctiva has left feedback for people who left feedback for me. Is it not working? I have to check more carefully, but I think it's also missing some people. Anyone else having this problem. I need a program that works 100% of the time, can anyone help? Thanks

AUCTIVA FREEZES when I try to post-Cookies fine!

help 2 ·
Every time I try to post/save/schedule an auction, Auctiva freezes! I have to copy and paste the item description to another program and turn off my computer and try again! It also freezes sometimes when I try to upload an image. I have checked my cookies and Active X and all is fine. Please help, I am getting so frustrated!

Auctiva Getting Hacked Again? (Monday Morning)

georgeh ·
I used spell check on a listing I was writing up this morning, everything was fine. NOW, when I went to run spell check a second time, I get this: Error executing `"C:Program FilesAspellinaspell.exe" -a --lang=en_US --encoding=utf-8 -H < D:SitesFreetiva2.0WebsiteFCKeditor2.3editordialog ck_spellerpagesspellerpagesserver-scriptsasp28B.tmp 2>&1` 'C:Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file. It looks like it is trying to run...

Auctiva/IE stops responding at save after uploading photos

kitchentablestudio ·
I've just begun using Auctiva this week in earnest. Thought I had the hang of it after successfully listing 2 items. However, on the 3rd item I'm attempting to list, it seems like every time after I upload photos it locks up Auctiva/IE XP SP2. I've tried a few different things after uploading photos: 1) clicking to select a template; new window popped up but no info ever appeared, and eventually it said "not responding," and when I do CTL ALT DEL and tell it to end program it also exits IE.

Big Crumbs

greenscash ·
I know quite a few of ebayers are aware of this program. I don't know which to become, a crumbs earner or saver? You can only be one. Does anybody know which is better? greenscash

Boring theme selections

Guest ·
This suggestion may seem a bit superficial compared to other posts I have read regarding problems that need fixing; however, I would like to suggest that Auctiva provide new themes for use in our auctions. The established themes are nice but are a little played out and the section where it says "download other themes" does not provide very much selection either. Presentation is a considerable feature in any auction and the addition of new updated themes would be a welcome enhancement to your...

ATTN Sellers! Promote your Best eBay Deals on the KickItBack Forum

auctivamiked ·
Hi Community, As many of your have probably noticed already, we have recently started heavily promoting the service offered at This service allows buyers to earn cash back rewards of up to 1% of the final selling price for any eBay purchased they initiate through the KickItBack website. We have just started a new section of the KickItBack community forum called "eBay Deals" and we encourage everyone to post links to their best eBay deals in that thread. The KickItBack service...

Auctions not posting, thank goodness for upgrade

wimom ·
Well now that the "upgrade" has finally finished, now my auctions will not post. They keep saying "posting" but never actually post. I've never seen any program with as many problems as this one. Anyone else having problem with their auctions not posting?

auto feedback

stephen ·
I have been trying to get the auto feeback program again. Please tell me where, and how can I get it.

API Warning

auctivabillb ·
If you get this error message: The Legacy XML format used in this request is being phased out. All applications should migrate to the Unified Schema to avoid loss of service. Please ignore it. This is the technical explanation: The error is refering to a change eBay made to their API program. Legacy and Uniform Schema to be specific. This 'error', does not effect your listing... but it is eBay's way of telling third parties that we need to migrate to the 'new' Uniform Schema. We are almost...

API Warning

spunkybob ·
What does this API Warning relate to? This is found in my Notifications tab on Auctiva. Does this mean that eBay is no longer going to use our Return Description preferences in our listings? I noticed that my returns rule on ebay is now invalid even though I am opted out of the automatic returns program. Any thoughts or clarification? Thanks! API Warning Return Policy Attribute returnDescription Not Valid On This Site

Are you looking for more traffic?

mc319 ·
I had trouble getting traffic to my site also. I found this site that auto submits your site to over 700 search engines. You can use this site free for 31 days. Click here for more information. They also have a great affiliate program.

Auctiva Store Affiliate Program Reducing EBay Fees

lotsoflotions ·
Hello, Recently on the EBay Powerseller show, someone asked a very interesting question that Griff couldn't answer. I was wondering if anyone here knew the answer. The question was asked if you put a link to your Auctiva store in your About Me page and then people purchased items there, could you get a referral fee credit? Also, is that why people have Auctiva stores as well as EBay stores in case the search engines would pick that up before an EBay store listing? Is that correct? Any other...

Auctiva vrs. ebay blackthorne program

pixiedust ·
Wow, just found this, looks great. Am a newbie and wondering is this comparible to the ebay program Blackthorne Basic. If so, I want to cancel the other, can't seem to figure it out and don't want to pay for it if this is the same kind of program

Auctiva Vs.Turbo Lister (Per eBay Agent)

sirbella ·
Good Evening All! I am by no means a seasoned veteran with forums, listing product on eBay, but I am a quick study. I have come to the conculsion that between Turbo Lister and Auctiva, Auctiva is hands down the winner. It is more user friendly and has more eye appeal. However, this is not my reason for posting, but I thought I would voice my opinion. I recently listed about 25 items through Auctiva and thought ok this was relatively easily once the master templates were made and all content...

Auctiva Web Based Tools Vs Classic Software

tal69966996 ·
I was hired by an IT Asset Recovery company a couple of months back. My job is to develop a sales program on eBay. Company has never sold on eBay until acquiring myself. I know very little in regards to eBay or Auctiva however learning daily. I started eBay sales using Auctiva’s Web Based tools and am currently listing 10-15 items a day. I would like to double this immediately however foresee major hurdles down the road. Currently I spend most of the day pricing new and active listings to...

bulk listing

jerblaster23 ·
when will bulk listing become available, and untill then what are other options? I am on dial up so no desktop based program would work only web based, thanks

Bulk UPLOADER is NOT WORKING-Java not showing up

bannerbonanza ·
I have been unable to upload pictures using the bulk uploader since 8/22! (I can upload using the HTML uploader, but not from a duplicated listing or using the bulk upload option). I hope someone out there has experienced this problem & can tell me what the problem may be. Below are all the tech support emails that have happened with Auctiva support so far. Below are all the tech support emails that have happened with Auctiva support so far. Nothing is working. HELP! Here's what happens...

Bulk Uploader Not Working

typetiques ·
The bulk uploader is not working for me. When I choose the file on my computer to then hit Select All, nothing happens. The photos ARE in the file on my computer (they open normally) but they will not open when I use the bulk uploader. The Select All window stays blank. I use Firefox and have the Java Program and Plug In installed. Any help much appreciated!!! Thanks.

Help with moving template & photos from auctiva to list on ebay

ecmallory ·
I'm trying to list a samsung smartphone. I use the old listing template program. The Find Product no longer works. Ebay won't let me upload this item because I MUST use their product information. How can I transfer the template, all my descriptions and photos from auctiva and list it directly on ebay where I can click on the find product and get choices. I see that I can probably switch to html in auctiva and copy and paste the description in ebay listing program but how do I use the photos...


judyxt ·
I just spent almost three hours trying to list one single item. I am so confused. I couldn't do anything except download the items picture. Am I just old or what? It says list a new item I filled out everything......discription was in HTML well that was wrong..........Where does one start with this program? What are you suppose to set up first? I tried shipping payments but those didn't work either.........Please can someone explain how this thing works......

HELP! Browser Keeps freezing up when I try to list

conniesbargainsgalore ·
Hi, every time I start a listing the page freezes up and I can't finish, I have tried through Internet Explorer and then through Firefox, anyone else having this problem, or know what's causing it. I get a message that this program is not responding. Connie

How can I delete folders from Activa

alansgrammie ·
When I go in to upload my pictures in Auctiva it shows about 5 folders under pictures but the folders are empty and I don't know how to delete them. I use hp Photosmart to import my pictures and the folders are not in in my hp Photosmart program. One is listed as 2009-(Dec.) but nothing in them. How do I remove them from my uploader page?

How can I make this worthwhile?

tiny2dancer ·
Hi to everyone. Just wondering how this is all going to turn out and my main questions have to do with having items to sell. Will this new auctiva program allow me to sell product that I don't have to buy first. I have heard of a program, Ispeedway, that lets a person load their store from a mall and then when a buyer buys the product it is shipped directly from the mall. I have been with Auctiva for about 6 months, sold a few items but haven't really made much money. How do I get to the...

How does Auctivia Checkout Work? What should my setings be?

taulukos ·
Hi, I have posted a few auctions through Auctiva and thought that I had everything setup so that buyers go to the Auctiva checkout but I am not certain that they are actually going to it and not going to eBay's regular checkout. Is there a way I can confirm this? The instructions say to make sure one's eBay preferences are set correctly but there aren't specifics (that I have found) that say exactly what the settings should be. I have the checked the eBay preference boxes for: Use Checkout...

How does the new Google Product Listing Ads affects your business?

joylandgiftstore ·
Have you heard? Google is trying to run small business out of business. Read the article below: or Click Here Truly great search is all about turning intentions into actions, lightning fast. In the early days of Google, users would type in a query, we’d return ten blue links, and they’d move on happy. Today people want more. When searching for great local restaurants, people want places to eat right there on the results page, not another click or two away. It’s the same with hotels, flight...

How is Auctiva paid for?

onthego ·
I've peeked around and can't seem to figure out how this works......when I clicked on how this can be free, I read about insurance and such. Then I read the insurance can be turned off and that I could offer buyers regular USPS insurance. So if this program is paid by the proceeds of Auctiva insurance and I don't offer that type, how is my usage of Auctiva paid for? I'm a better morning person so sorry if I missed it somewhere!

How many templates in Auctiva

tommymeggs ·
I am new to Auctiva and so far it seems to be a nice program for listings. I am in the starter plan and will most like move up next month to unlimited. Here is the main question, The starter plan does not mention how many templates are available to choose from, however, the unlimited states that there are 1,700 templates. Are more templates available in the unlimited than the starter? Thank all for any help

How do I upload my photos?

jjabs ·
well i need help, please if i have 10 pic to upload please give us all the step by step process please i have edited and resized pics in heewlett packard camera program and what is the best ways to proceed from start to finish something is wrong??? i stopped using auctiva for a couple of weeks and i am lost again please help whoever answers talk to us, in simple terms i have windows xp thx jj [Edited: title from "OH MY!" to something meaningful]

How to improve Auctivia Poster.

Guest ·
I have been using Auctiva Poster for about 5 days now. I like the program but I have one really big suggestion. You should remove the auction sniper program or make it very clear to new people downloading this program that they stand a good chance of having their auctions canceled because of the auction sniper logo being placed on their auction. All I wanted to do was create some really nice listings, I was told by several people that Auctiva Poster was the best program. I created some...
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