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the fee calculator

Valgal ·
These questions pertain to using the "estimate ebay fees" button when creating a listing. Can anybody explain why Auctiva shows the insertion fee for ebay to be .30 a listing when it's been .35 for a few least that is what I've been charged for some time? And what is this ebay "optional image hosting fee" of $2.00 they add into the calculator when using the "enable Opional Ebay Gallery images" option (not the Gallery Plus option....I can find that answer)? I do not seem to find...

Re: the fee calculator

auctivacraig ·
Hello Valgal - Apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately there are some technical difficulties with the fee estimator at this time and it may display incorrect information. The Image Hosting reference you note is erroneous and some of the fees may display incorrectly at this time. We are aware of this difficulty and our engineers are seeking a solution. I will update this thread as soon as more information regarding the difficulty with the estimator becomes available. Apologies for...
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