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Choosing listings in Scrolling Window

tlajoie ·
Is it possible to choose what listings I want to appear in the scrolling Store Window? If so, how can I change it? Thank you!

Choosing "select image" locks up the computer

johninsantacruz ·
Choosing "select image" locks up the computer, as does "browse or select eBay category", but only some of the time. I end up saving the listing before even attempting to load photos, so that I do not lose everything for the listing, and then I will "continue editing same listing" to try to add photos. I have been using Auctiva for more than five years, and my computer (Vista) has not changed in about three years. I am guessing that Auctiva just made an "upgrade revision" that does not...


carolelliott ·
Hello fellow Auctiva's I am new here, but loving every min of it. I am an escapee from SD ugggg ! I have been playing around with custom templates all week and I have just produced my first template for the holidays. I have pasted it on the practice board. here is the link Any one who wants to use it FEEL FREE. This is my first attempt at producing a template on here, so I hope it works ok for everyone. You might want to do a test auction first to see...

Classic Auctiva / Auctiva

rie ·
I am still battling with this site and am just about to the point where I will go find a diff listing service. Is Classic Auctiva the same as Auctiva? The reason I ask is because A...being Auctiva and CA being the Classic version....A tells me I have 2 different accts. When I tried to log into eBud I can't. It tells me someone already has my eBay/A name & pw. On both websites my ID & password are the same with this exception: One is all caps and the other is just the 1st letter caps.

Classic car parts category

classic-ford-parts · have removed the classic car parts section - dont ask me why they are bonkers. So in future we have to list using an " MVL " Is there any plans to incorperate this into auctiva as without this I dont think it will be possible to list car parts soon. If not the alternative plan is to list on so is there plans to make it possible to post on there with auctiva and possibly use old listings ooriginaly meant for ebay?

Classic.. to new...

qwertydude ·
Hello, How do I switch from a Auctiva "classic" customer to just Auctiva.

Clearer details on how relisting profiles work

philthycollins ·
So, I create a relisting profile that lowers my item by $.25, and relists for 3 days, if NONE sell. And this profile quits relisting, when the price drops below $2. So, let's say I have quantity 10, and the price is at $3, and 1 sells. Therefore, the relisting profile will not fire...cuz one sold. Now, I manually go in, and relist it, with a new quantity of 9, for 3 days @ $3. I perform this manual relist, via eBay (not via Auctiva). What happens at the end of 3 days, if NONE of those 9...

'click here to continue shopping' link on customer receipt

wayoutwest ·
regarding the 'click here to continue shopping on ebay' link on customer receipt after they go through auctiva checkout - was wondering if would consider changing that to where it takes customer to more items for sale by merchant (such as to seller's ebay store). I realize that not all people have ebay stores, so would have to make this an option in account settings or do something else similar, but would be nice it if took them back to my store, rather than to ebay's front page

Click here to see my other items, ranked by popularity!

judyw ·
This line (the subject) is in all of my listings; I would like to know how to NOT have it appears automatically. Any help?

"click here to supersize" in blue

leahyrlw ·
I guess I'll start over. You gave me instructions to select custom template to avoid the new description and shipping inserts. Now the border and wording beneath are blue and no longer match the powder grey template. How can I get them to go back to being black? Thanks

click to Supersize

jamiehodson ·
Hi there, New to this, can somebody please help me out. I have an active listing with photo's which was created without auctive. How do I now replace old photos with a "click to supersize" option. Thanks

"Click to Supersize" link does not appear with my pictures

jstraugh ·
My images are hosted on and when I click my pictures they do indeed Supersize but the "Click to Supersize" link is not present. The template I'm using is Vehicles & Parts/Chrome. My active eBay auctions are #220919988743 & #220920009965. I added my pictures under the Auctiva Image Selection area and Image Hosting is set to External. The image URL's look like this: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Clickable email links in Auctiva store

cpapestore ·
Hi, I have searched both the FAQ's and these forums, but I can't find an answer or even someone else asking the same question. What I would like to know is if there is anyway to make the email address in the contact page clickable? I have tried traditional email tags, but that wasn't accepted. I have also tried the same in the 'contact info' & 'other fields' fields, as well as fields in the the about us page. but all of these just printed the tags without creating a link. Peter.


montanajeweltheray ·
I sent two messages to "Help" last evening....yes, I made sure I submitted it them Neither of them have shown up in my eMail or on my list of help requests so I really need help here. While searching through my images for a listing I was preparing, I attempted to delete one of the images. With one click, followed by a short message that I didn't understand but which didn't appear to be threatening (not the one that asks if I am sure I want to delete image?) The result was that EVERY SINGLE...

Clicking on image links in Store window, returns no results?????

tty2k7winkelstorecom ·
a featured part of my ebay store is my auctiva store window, as it is my header, and it is used for searching as well, but when I click on an item it returns no results

Clinic trashing Auctiva on PP discussion board

tbosshart ·
Anyone that has some time and really likes Auctiva should stop in on the PP discussion board and let people know. Cliniclady and her band of trolls are now bashing auctiva by way by way of insisting they harvest emails etc. Attempting to scare off users.

Clipart in descriptions

kobster ·
Plz help, I'm new to all this!! I'm wanting to put clipart images in my description to 'brighten' them up - how do I do it? I've tried copying/pasting from WORD but it doesn't appear

Clock - Time

unusualroom ·
Is Auctiva 1 hour behind AEST - all my listing have been going up an hour later, if I set for 8pm will list 9pm??? I know eBay had problems with their clocks Any advice - or how can this be corrected Cheers

Clocks turned back in UK

booklocker ·
Hi Auctiva Did you know the clocks were turned back 1 hour in the UK at the end of October? My listings have been popping up an hour early in the last couple of weeks as you haven't altered your GMT. Despite the problems others seem to be having everything else is fine! Thank you. Simon

Close Account

buffalogirl ·
I have tried to shut my auctiva account down, but without success. The help button says to go to My Account and the link is there... but it is not. Please advise how i close my account down. Thanks.

Closed / Active Listings having items moved to the Imported Folder

edneff ·
Hi all well in case this is affecting anyone else I thought I would post it as well On 1/2/2012 (Happy New Year) my Closed listings started appearing in the Imported Folder. I was good little boy and submitted a support case. So far I have gotten "no one else has reported this" As I told them I don';t care it is happening I than did some more research for them and found that most of my Active Listings also think they should be in the Imported Folder. Well I have never listed anything from...

Closed And Deleted Listings Keep Appearing

trainerman ·
Why is it that sometimes days later the listings that have ended/closed and I have deleted from Auctiva's closed auctions list keep reappearing in the closed Auctiva listing section? I am tired of re-deleting the same auctions from this list. Can't I delete them once and for all from this section?

Closed Auction Stats Not Working

ccol ·
The Auctiva test auction I had been running this week has closed. It is not showing under my closed listing tab. I was only running one auction and did not set up any specific folders etc... In fact, I did not touch anything at all. I simply launched one auction. Will the mod who fixed my update error the other day please assist me with this or can someone clue me in as to why it does not show as it should? Thank you

Closed Auction Style converted to Fixed Price failed to post

itsjustme ·
Yesterday I converted 54 Auction style listings to Fixed Price. I noticed that when they were in the scheduled listings folder (prior to them posting) they still showed as auction style even though the system accepted 30 day duration. Auctiva accepted the 30 day duration because when I was scheduling I converted them to fixed. All 54 failed. Anybody else or is it just me?

Closed Auctions

dcjpcompany ·
I am not able to see any of my closed auction listings after 2/28/06. They are all listed from Auctiva. Thanks George

closed auctions

werpennst8 ·
This is probably a dumb question BUT, whenever I have an auction end on Ebay and there were bids, what category does that listing end up in on Auctiva? I cannot find it under closed listings or saved listings. It just disappears.In other words, I cannot relist it because the listing is gone. I have many listings that did not sell but I cannot relist them because I CAN'T FIND THEM! Any help would be appreciated.

closed auctions not showing up

baystate ·
I have 100's of auctions that closed sat-monday and only some are showing up in closed. I use the filter for 'unsold' , check them off and hit relist. now cannot do that. I've cleared cookies/history, everything. I called auctiva they 'reloaded' my closed listings. still not showing up . help! I've had to go find the saved listings one at a time to relist.. getting the unsold list from ebay. what to do?

Closed Auctions Suggestion

suthrnjewl ·
I really need to get rid of all of those closed auctions with Auctiva...huge amount. I know, I know, I should've been keeping up with this daily...but I haven't. It would be great if you could implement a delete all on each page. That way I don't have to check each and everyone individually. Example: In email programs....where it states all, client checks agree and then voila, done. Thanks, Donna

Closed Ebay Store but listing still showing.

sdadmin ·
I have closed my ebay store about 12 hours ago and yet those listings are still showing in my other auctions. I would like to know how I can update this so that it only show the auctions and doesn't show my old store itms in the scrollong banner. Any help would be greatly appreciated in speeding up this process. Aaron

Closed item problems,relisting issues,changes coming?

scottg ·
I use blackthorne also but would like to downgrade it to the cheaper monthly fee and use auctiva to do all my relisting but running into a few problems 1. Everytime I delete the closed items I dont need then show back up later on,sometimes items show up from weeks ago or months ago. I had just 12 items in there a little while ago(ones I was going to try relisting on) now when I go in a couple of hours later there are 30 or so again,3rd time I have deleted them but they keep coming back 2.

Closed items still showing as active.

kariskollectables ·
Not the way I expected our year to begin, and definately not impressed. Ended all our items on the 31st, yet a couple items are still showing as being active 3 days later. Have sent customer support who passed it to tech for review. How much longer can this possibly take??

Closed Listing

brojames ·
It has now been 24 hours since I ended a listing on eBay, but it is still showing as Active in Auctiva. What has been the experience of others on ended listings? I don't guess it is no big deal, but if I want to re-list from Auctiva it makes it a little awkward to do so.


judicookie ·
I just checked out the active listings and it shows how many hits each of my listings has had I would LOVE this for closed listings so that I could decide to relist or not can we do this?? If so HOW??

Closed listing in active file-can't purchase insurance Emergency

annkate ·
I asked this question last night--similar anyway, no response. I want to purchase insurance for an item, but it hasn't shown up on my transactions page. It was paid on 2/12. Looked this morning, and the listing is still in my active file (through Auctiva)! What's up with that Auctiva? I wanted to give you some business for all you've done for your customers, but it looks like I'll have to purchase insurance throught the post office. I need to ship this morning, so if I don't get an answer...

closed listing not coming across

pdmcomics ·
hi since the 14th april i have had no closed unsold items imort to my closed file in my auctiva acount sold ones seam to come across is there a way i could pull them across form a certain date as i want to send them to the ecommerce storee i have set up ( they were coming across ok on the 13th up untill 23.59 UK time then stoped when it got to 00:00 i now have 250 listing i need to get accross some how ) any ideas would be greatfull many thanks phil ps the ebay token seams to be vaild

closed listings

jaytee28 ·
How can I move Closed items into Saved.
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