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Hi all,

Just wondering if an Auctiva store format shows up on ebay and if so, how do I get it to link and show on there?

When I click open my store template, it shows items on ebay but when I click on 'store', it says I have no items listed.

Is the Auctiva store a seperate commodity from ebay?

A tad confused right now! Just want to have the store showing on Ebay.

Many thanks
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Hi I am not 100% sure what you are asking but will give it a stab. I am assuming you are referring to the ebay side of auctiva NOT the ecommerce side. So will respond as best I know from ebay listing side.

When you list an item, after you do all of the legwork, title description, shipping etc., at bottom of listing you can click one of these SAVE, POST, SCHEDULE. IF you click on the POST that should post it to ebay, mine normally post immediately, except sometimes there is small lag for photo to get into their system.

IF after doing that it did not post onto ebay, then go to home your home page and look at very top in blue background to right of auctiva logo and name then you will see your ebay name, then NOTIFICATIONS with 3 boxes look at 3rd box. (sometimes there is 4th box there but it is if you have a notification from auctiva so you do not need to read it to do this part) If there is a number there in 3rd BOX that means your item did not post to ebay. If you click it it will tell you what item did not post. I don't remember but may tell you on side why did did not post, if NOT then open the listing, and look for ERROR check at bottom of the listing page right above the SAVE, POST, schedule area. It will say PREVIEW, ESTIMATE EBAY FEES and ERROR CHECK. Click ERROR check and it should tell you why it did not list if that is case.

Hope this helps some.

Hi Vickie and thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, we got our wires crossed as what I meant to say is can my Auctiva store show on Ebay and I think I know the aswer now. By clicking on 'Browse my other items@ on the scrolling gallery, it opens a new window with my Auctiva store and all my listings!

What I am thinking of doing is having a store like you have - not matching, obviously! - but guess that what you have is an ebay store looking at your format.

Is this correct? How much is that per month and is it worth having?

Many thanks again
HI Intoodeep,

I do have ebay store, I am on their middle plan which is around $50.00 and 5 cents listing fee. Plus, they charge commission which varies depending on category (not huge difference but in some categories less than others). Plus, keep in mind when pricing that you will have paypal fees also.

Ebay has 3 store plans to choose from, I use middle one after estimating listings per month and doing the math to make sure the one they recommended was best for me.

I do find it worth it IF you have quite a few items to list. (even though ebay can/is very frustrating a lot of the time). However, I suggest trying out the lower plan to see if this is something you want to stick with and to see if you need a higher plan. After using lower plan you can switch over to higher if needed. But to be honest unless you plan to list quite a bit the lower plan may be what you need for awhile. I am not discouraging, just trying to save you some money while getting started, as normally people do not want to outlay much until they know how they will do and if it is profitable for them.

Also, I would read their DSR requirements, etc., I do remember they had some requirements for having stores. I am not sure if they still do, but I would check into it. I believe you have to have certain feedback also (like 10 but not 100% sure of that) as a seller.

Hope this helps you decide.

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