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OK, I finally got a response to my case, here's what Auctiva said:


I apologize for the inconvenience. I would like to let you know that our site was on maintenance for last few hours, so that we can serve you with our best. During maintenance Auctiva is unable to communicate with eBay and that is why you were not able to make listings. Our site is up and running fine now. I request you to try to make listings now. Normally it takes 4-6 hours for Auctiva to import your active listings from eBay to Auctiva and it is done automatically.

Please let me know if the problem still persists.

Thank You,
Auctiva Support.
Now wouldn't you think that with TODAY being BLACK FRIDAY - they could change their maintenance??
Auctiva have replied to me see below.


We are aware there is an issue with one of our scheduling servers. Our Engineering department has been notified, and will be working to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Please wait for a return message of failed or not posted before trying to repost an item, otherwise you may end up with a double listing.

Thank you,
Auctiva Support
I think that you can get the HMTL for your listing from the saved listing page and paste it onto the description page of the standard ebay form,or turbo lister, via insert own HMTL, I think all your pictures and details will appear on the description page, All the rest of the info you have to add manually. make sure you disable the design template on the picture section, keep this marked as none and picture as standard
OK, enough is enough.....
In the "News" Community, Auctiva posted:
We are aware of listings not posting. We are working to fix it and we will post an update within one hour .

Thank you for your patience.

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Thanks to Auctiva, I have now lost days of creating listings SPECIFICALLY for this morning (WHICH IS NOW LONG GONE!!), hours this morning trying to figure out what to do next.

They tell me - oh it was the schedule maintenance (VERY BAD TIMING AUCTIVA!!) - then I hear elsewhere one of their scheduling servers was down (IF ONE WAS DOWN, DOESN'T THAT MEAN HAVE OTHERS - SO WHATS UP WITH THEM??). Then I see something different - SO WHAT IS IT??

I think they are just blowing smoke at us.

Activa USED to be a competitor for Ebay listings, but believe me, I WILL NEVER recommend this site to ANYONE interested in selling on Ebay!!!

I will be reviewing the legal obligations and see if any action can be taken, if so and file appropriately, also keeping all other sellers informed. Because thanks to Auctive, I have literally lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in sales this morning.

You cannot offer services like this (even Free ones), for businesses that survive off online sales and mess up their entire BEST SALE DAY OF THE YEAR and blame it on "scheduled maintenance".

Any others feel the same way??

In the meantime, I'm manually creating my listings in Turbo Lister/Ebay because I KNOW I CAN TRUST THEM!!!!

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