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If we go by previous years examples...

eBay has traditionally given it's sellers a listing special after the Big Holiday. It used to be a free day and then they upped it to a nickel and who knows, it might be a dime this year just like last year. Traditionally it's either Tuesday or Thursday after Christmas.

This really helps to pads the reports for the end of the quarter with eBay also.

Plus, people are wanting to get rid of unwanted gifts to make up some of the Christmas/Hannukah money they overspent.

Get your auctions ready and in a folder so when and if it's announced your ready to go with no scrambling.

I love shopping for Fitz & Floyd right after the holidays...I always find goodies!

Much Green Wished Your Way.

Ho, Ho, Ho,
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I've usually done fairly well with after Christmas sales. Figure its since there's quite a few folks at home off work, recovering from overeating, the weather is usually bad, didn't get what they wanted for Christmas and so are going out and buying it for themselves, they have buying momentum and its hard to turn off the spigot - and of course the bills haven't come in yet.

I'm listing some storage type stuff, they will need somewhere to keep all the they got for Christmas.
All of Jett's reasons are zactly why folks should have some auctions ready to go. (storage? I neeeeeeed storage)

Traditionally, I've done extremely well with the After-Christmas sales with eBay.

They might not have the sale, because they've thrown more sales out to us than usual. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that eBay does decide to go with tradition.

It used to be a freebie. That was sweet.

Kbalona...You're welcome. I try to post info that's informative and will help the community here make the most of their ecommerce business.

I'm telling the truth...Many sellers who have very little left on eBay are doing great selling on Amazon. Give it a look and decide whether this could work for you.

Happy Holidays,
Yep...the final fee's do add up.
I'm looking into the Store with Amazon for $40.00 a month.

I've come across some nice new Boyds Bears Blankets that are getting about ten to fifteen more on The River than eBay.

Amazon ranks higher in the search I'm doing the math here trying to figure which would be better. I opened up an ecrater for the Boyds Bears Blankets. I've sold them on eBay and now trying to figure out the pros and cons of Amazon.

Rows I like your input.
Amazon kind of turned me off this holiday season. They had a preapproved list for their toy section. They didnt say exactly how to get on the list. Ive been on there for a few years under a different selling id and I couldnt sell but I saw new members with 0 feedback selling. I think they were trying to cut down on all the fraud. I do know quite a few who made a killing there for the holidays. I was able to make out some on ecrater though. No fees and all. Smile

Donna you hit the nail on the head. Amazon does have its pros and cons. They do have the traffic and sales and there own payment processing so you dont have to deal with paypal. People are willing to pay more on Amazon then ebay because its just a safer venue. If you are able to make profit after their FVF then go for it! Smile I bet you could do better there than eBay! Nice to see you have an ecrater store as well. Hope both work out for you.

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