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Whats the general opinion on Ebay stores ?

ive thoough of opening one , actually tried to but the browser wont continue so im tossing the idea around again , i do have alot of items that i need to keep listed but dont sell on a weekly basis , older model cell phone batteries, accessories and various power supplies , they will sell eventually but it gets expensive to relist .

im a small dealer so far , about 120 items a month and just wondering if anyone has any input or suggestions ?

if i sold 2 items (cell batteries) a month from store it would pay for it , i can fill the 5 pages for a basic store easily with stock on hand .

anyone think its cost effective ?

my list to sell ratio is about 30/70 on listings .
what is your average sales in stores , and how many items do you keep listed ?
i guess im just looking for some input ?
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Originally posted by ziastarr:
I checked out eCrater and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of listings.
Does anyone know how traffic is there?
It looks like you can also just send people directly to your store there once you have one.
Who sells there? Give me the scoop Big Grin
(please Wink )

I love my ecrater stores. (I have four of them)
I will be attempting an oscommerce store later this month.

Dimitri has your items in your store uploaded to Froogle. And Froogle/Google does a great job of getting your ecrater stores out there on the internet for sales.

I can't gripe..I do make sales. And I love the no fee's to eBay sales..oh yes I do.

I do sell more from my eBay stores but my ecraters aren't doing too shabby in sales, either.

If you build it, market it, the buyers will come.

Peace, Donna
Keep in mind I am still new (less than a year) to ebay, but in my opinion it depends on what you are selling. Remember that your store items will only show up in an ebay search if there are only a few listed at auction, or if the buyer specifically searches for buy it now or store items. For example, if you are selling something that when you search for it there are thousands of items found, it will be harder for the buyer to come across your item in a basic search. I sell a variety of things, a virtual yard sale type thing... but if you are selling the same thing all the time I have another suggestion. A friend of mine sells one item and has a store. What she does is keep one or two at auction all the time, and mention in the auction something like "If you don't want to wait for this auction to end, check my store where I have many more for a buy it now price!"

The listing fees are less, but the final value fee is more so about the cost effective part you would have to take into account the final value of your items.

I do have a store also and what I tend to do is list my items at auction for at least two times (more if they get lots of watcher/hits) and if it doesn't sell I just put it in my store. I figure if I have it sitting on a shelf it won't make any money at all so any chance is better than none. So far it has worked out pretty good. I haven't had any months yet where my sales from the store haven't covered the cost.

Hope this helps and isn't just a bunch of useless babble... I tend to do that sometimes Wink.
If you read Bill Cobb's (eBay CEO) letter for this years change...

He stated that very soon, store inventory items will begin showing on EVERY search done in eBay. This is being implimented in direct response to Seller's complaints about not getting enough coverage on their Store Inventory Items.


This spring, the new eBayExpress website will launch which basically will play host to Store Inventory items for Seller's who have 100+ feedbacks and at least 98% feedback rating. EbayExpress will be a seperate site designed around a standard eCommerce cart in all.

I have an eBay store, and it more than Pays for itself. I hold between 100-200 items in store inventory, and plenty of them sell (at .03 cents per listing fees!). It's more than worth it, in my opinion, plus, these new things eBay has going on are promising.

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