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I thought we could use a "Tips & Tricks" thread with helpful tidbits for eBay sellers.

Everyone, post your tip here Smile Please limit your posts to tips only, please put questions in their own threads.

I'll start with something I've noticed here on the boards Wink

If you post a link to your store (or AboutMe page) outside of eBay, be sure to include the referral code in the url. This will allow you to save 75% on eBay's FVF if the person buys something from you. (this will only work if you have an eBay store)

To qualify for the credit, a sale must meet all of these conditions:
The buyer must go to your eBay Store directly from a location outside of eBay
The buyer's Web browser must accept "cookies.
The buyer must purchase the item during the same Web browser session used to enter your Store
The item sold must be in Store Inventory format

To create a link with referral code:

Obtain the Web address (URL) for the part of your Store that you'd like buyers to visit.

Add a special referral code to the end of the URL you've obtained. The code is ?refid=store or &refid=store, depending on the area in your Store that you want to link.

if a URL already has a "?", use "&" before "refid=store". Otherwise, use "?" before "refid=store".

AboutMe yourUserID&refid=store
Category within Store
An Item in your Store
Search of items in Store
Custom Page with your Store

for more info on referral credits visit
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Good Idea Steve!

EVERYONE should have a ME Page.
Go to this link (it opens in a new browser window):

Sign in.
Click on the 'Edit your page' button' to continue...
You are now at Section 1 where you choose your editing options, either eBay's templates or your own HTML.

(this is where your customer logo/template and more can be coordinated to give you a professional look)

There are ALOT of options to choose from but be sure to use links to your store if you have one (with the refid tag that wayoutwest noted for the referral credit)

If you have a store, that store comes with more pages to individualize.

Here's my ME Page!

Note that I have a link to my store (with the refid). From my Store you'll see additional pages on the left hand column..everything is linked and cross-linked. Thus bringing and KEEPING my customers on my site and buying.

Also...ebay feeds this information to major search engines. Every page that you have up with eBay means more sites to found in a search engine.

For Goodness Sake, Use key words and heavily!

Take care and good luck,
This tip is thanks to donna for reminding me about it in a post of hers on another thread.

on eBay, only the first relist of an item is eligible for relist credit.

If an item doesnt sell the first time, and you relist it through ebay, it becomes eligible for a relist credit. (which you get if it sells the second time)

In the past, if it didnt sell on the relist, and you then relisted it (1 original listing and 2 relists - 3rd listing total), this second relist was treated as a new listing and if it didnt sell on the second relist, you could relist it yet again and if it sold on the 3rd relist you'd get a relist credit.

X = relist that qualified for credit if sells
x = didnt qualify

x - original listing
X - relist
x - 2nd relist
X - 3rd relist

This no longer applys!

Now, if it doesnt sell on the relist, you need to come back to auctiva and do a listing from here, that way it is considered a new listing and thus the relist will qualify.

In other words, only relist through eBay one time per listing

I hope that made sense

And an important note - if Auctiva implements a relist function in the next phase, do NOT use it more than once per listing. Subsequent relists will not be eligible (just like the ones on ebay) Instead, you will need to create a similar ad (go to saved listings and launch a new one, etc)

This change was implemented back in 2004, but mentioning it for those that werent aware of it or who have forgotten.
I have set up my eBay store to automatically cross-promote items within the same store category. So when a customer is viewing one particular item, they will see something similar. But you can set it up however you would like!

I felt like eBay's automatic cross promotions were always posting the things that NEVER sold and nobody wanted. I'd rather use that space promoting items that were popular.

Here is how you set up cross promotions:

In "Manage My Store", go to "Default Cross Promotions" in the "Related Links" box. There you click on "Create New Rule" and go from there. You can set it up according to your store category, eBay categories, or keywords.

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