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Now more than ever I need the end dates of my listings to be accurate so that I can manually end them before Ebay's forced relisting in conjunction with its GTC mandate.

When I go to the Active Listings tab two huge issues immediately come to the forefront. I cannot sort by end date so that I can manually end the listing before I incur fees for another month. Secondly, for so many of the listings, the end date actually reflects the start date.  For example, there are so many showing an end date of 3/19, which is the date the listing began.  Note today is 3/21 so an end date of 3/19 in the Active listings tab doubly emphasizes the error.

I will also file a support case but this feature of accurate end dates is critical to those of us who do NOT want our listings to re-up another 30 days and incur 30 more days of listing fees.

itsjustme or is it?

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Hello Itsjustme - 

I am sorry to hear about the difficulty on the active listings page of your account. 

I've taken a look in your account and believe I understand the difficulty.
There is an issue that occurred previously for some accounts where GTC listings were not showing an end date of GTC, but showed a date 100 years in the future of the post date (this is how eBay records GTC listings and that is the data returned to us now on all fixed price listings). Our engineers resolved that issue for listings posted from Auctiva with the GTC duration, however, it seems that this issue has recurred for listings where eBay is changing to the GTC duration, which they currently are. The dates I see in your account for recently posted listings do show 3/19/2119, but this indicates that the listing is currently on eBay as a GTC. Since eBay made their change earlier this week, any fixed price listing posted with any duration other than GTC is converted to a GTC listing by eBay.

If I click on the column heading "End Date" the page does sort by end date - the GTC listings posted the same day do order by their timestamps.  Note that those listings would show only GTC and the timestamp otherwise.  If I click the heading again the order reverses as expected so the issue does not appear to be a problem with the sort, but the actual data that is showing as a result of the change that eBay has made to the listings.

I've gone ahead and filed a work ticket for our engineers to have a look into this, and please note that in the very near future the listing creation page in Auctiva will not show other durations available for fixed price listings.  I am also following up with your support case.

 - Craig

So our listings will auto renew after 30 or 31 days (tbd by Ebay).  I know I can look at the saved listings tab to see when I listed the item and then forcibly end the listings at 30 days.  If I relist from the closed listing tab this option won't be available.

What is the best Auctiva tool to use to see when our listings will be 30-31 days old to forcibly end them?  My original hope was to use the ACTIVE listings tab each day and then click on "end early".

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Hello again,

yes, you would need to use "End Early" to end the listings from within your Auctiva account, and you can use the information on the Active Listings page currently to see when you posted the items, just noting that the end date has the correct day and month based on when you posted and the year shows 100 years in the future.

Once the data is resolved to show GTC, which is the expected behavior, you would not be able to see the post day on the active listings page and, unfortunately, you would need to review the saved listings page or your account notifications to have a count of when these listings will be renewing on eBay.   Both the Saved Listings page and the notifications area have the post dates of your listings.

We do expect to have the change to our lister page very soon so that only GTC will be available for fixed price listings.  This will then have the listings on the Active Listings page just show the GTC duration.

 - Craig

So this all begs the question, can you add a field to the Active Listings Page to show when the item was listed.  This would maintain the value of using Auctiva.  Without this, as I mentioned before we would have to rely on the saved listings page, which would not include any listings posted or renewed from the closed listings tab. 

Since we need the Active listings page to use the end early feature, this would make reasonable use of our time.  Otherwise we would have to find the listing on saved, then copy it over to search for it on active.  this is daunting and time consuming and done on a one by one timeframe.

Hello Itsjustme - 

I certainly understand your request and I have gone ahead and sent the request along to our Development team for consideration and will update this thread should any new information become available regarding this request.

Please keep in mind that we are unrelated to eBay and must comply with eBay's policy changes.  If you are dissatisfied with this change of policy, I suggest that you bring this up directly with eBay and let them know both your feelings about this and how it affects you as a seller.

In the meantime, while I understand this would be slower,  you could also create folders with dates for titles and when you post listings place them in the appropriate folder from the Active Listings page after they have posted.  This way the Folder column on the Active Listings page would show the post date of the items and items in the same folder would then be color coded.  You can also use an Auto Relist profile, if you are not already, so that when you end the listings they relist based on the profile you create.

If you are unfamiliar with using Auto relist profiles, or have other questions, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site and our support team will be happy to assist you.

 - Craig

I am not sure why you think we attributed the ebay policy change to Auctiva. In the very first post I reference, "Ebay's forced relisting in conjunction with its GTC mandate."  As a long time Auctiva user, I clearly understand the differences between the two companies.

The "end date" in the Active Listings Page is now completely obsolete, since it says GTC.  It would make sense to show the Start date (rendering it a valuable field in the effort to mange inventory). The use of a folder with a day or date is a possible workaround but it sort of makes my current folder system useless.

Hello again,

I was not trying to imply that you were unaware of any difference between companies or where the decision came from,  but that if this change represents a notable difficulty for you that you let eBay know directly.  They have made changes to their policy decisions in the past based on seller feedback.

I am sorry to hear that my suggestion will not necessarily assist you, it is the most immediately available work around for the current situation given your request.  I also understand your concern about the End Date field for fixed price listings and as noted I have passed your request along to our Development team for consideration and I will update this thread when there is more information regarding your request.

 - Craig

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