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I recently had a question removed from the seller discussion group on ebay. The question had to do with a customer that that apparently isn't going to pay because she said she had trouble with paypal. I did mention that a certain other company blah blah blah. Don't want to get in trouble here. The reason for the removal of the question was that I mentioned the name of the other company on which people do business and this is against the rules. I've seen lots of companies mentioned on the discussion groups. Perhaps they did not like the advice that people were giving me about taking money orders. I found out lots of people still are. I've been on ebay for some time now mostly as a seller. I've sought advice from time to time especially about getting paid. This kind of thing never happened to me before.
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Just about every ebay auction I look at lately are still taking money orders and checks and they say as much in the auction discriptions. The only way these auctions will get pulled by Ebay is if someone "a user" reports the auction to ebay for rules violation.
In short ebay wants your money then your time policing their listings. Ebay expects its members to police the site for FREE while they gouge you up front in listing fees then rape the backend in FVFs.
If ebay is going to charge these high fees the least they could do is police their own listings and stop expecting the members to do it for free!!!!!!!!!
At this point when I see a listing violation on ebay I just GRIN and move on to the next item. Ebay Has gone completely nuts if they think I am going to act as a free policeman for their listings! Ebay CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESS and stop expecting your members to do it for you!

Ebay has gone so crazy I just packed my bags and went to ebid where the management isn't abusing its members.
I do have one seller that doesn't like me. She took my images for a couple of years. Ebay is very sensitive about a certain large on line company that is do better then they are. Not in auctions but in selling your old books and stuff. I didn't know we couldn't say the name of this place to sell your stuff. It certainly is extreme to remove my comment because of that. Many people were urging me to take money orders and it really could have been about that. The question had to do with someone who couldn't pay by paypal.They already won the item and they can't pay this way.
I didn't have a listing violation. I don't offer to take anything but paypal. I've seen before this references to other sites on which to sell. I never knew that ebay was so sensitive about it. Someone had to report me as there is nothing in the title to indicate I mentioned another company other then Ebay. It was just a comment that this other company gets the credit card number first, then it automatically charged without the hassle we have post sale on Ebay. Usually during the Christmas season I get paid right away as folks want these books I sell right away. They hardly ever cost very much.
Irish, I wouldn't worry about it Smile Some of those folks can be very petty sometimes...maybe it was a competitor of yours, who knows?

As far as the money orders go, you cannot advertise that you take them, but if someone asks, you are free to accept if you want to. There is a link from Ebay somewhere (I'll look for it) that says those very words. Remember, they want their final value fee, if it's by a money order so be it Smile

BTW I once had a post removed for asking a question about another auction biggie Smile
Here ya particular attention to the sentence above the link:

You may only solicit approved payment methods in your listings or communications with buyers. This means you must be explicit about the payment methods you accept, and they must be approved.

Should a buyer initiate a conversation about alternate payment methods, it is your choice to accomomdate this request.

Here are the rules as of the October release date:

A seller may not solicit or advertise that the accept paper payments, either in their listing description or in their emails sent to their buyers.

A seller may not "hint" that other than approved payment methods are accepted, for example, an email to a buyer or a line in the description that says anything along the lines of "EMail me about other payment methods." OR "Email me if you have questions about these payment methods."

Anything, and I mean anything in a seller's listing that hints or alludes to unapproved payment methods will result in the listing's removal.

Attempts to circumvent this policy will be viewed and handled as such.

If a buyer asks a seller if they will accept a paper payment, the seller may accept or decline that request.
The person finally asked me to take a money order. I told her yes. I wasn't allowed to ask for a money order. I was only allowed to accept if the customer wanted to pay that way. People are being squeezed credit wise. They have many reasons fo preferring to send a money order. Many sellers still are writing money orders into their descriptions.
Originally posted by member_8880:
Ebay was probably more upset by all the replies I got to offer a money order solution. They never used to monitor people's conversations this closely.

Ebay doesn't monitor anything...(See DSouth's post above) Someone reported you for whatever reason....

Well this isn't quite true, Ebay monitors their money supply very closely. Wink

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