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Hi everyone, This is an up and coming company...I feel they are going to be successful in the near future. Right now you can get your site listed with them for free..Just thought you might want to get onboard with them while it is free..In hopes of being Grandfathered if they do go to pay site like Gotlinks did. Heres the link:
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Originally posted by BTPS:
Bummer they don't have a category I fit into Frown

BTPS if there is no category for yor site..the woman that reviews the submission will create one for it......there was no shopping category when I signed up as well. Just use their contact link and tell them what items your trying to submit and she will add the category.

Frown wahm didnt rate my site.
Good Luck, William
What I would really like to find is a free .com not or some free targeted advertising. I havent found either of these yet...but im still looking..lolol

P.S. The Myspace business forums are a great place to find new businesses...that is where I found the new link still browsing gotta weed the good from the bad..takes time.
True I could buy a domain name..but I am looking for a free one...I know there are some out there I just havent looked hard enough..I really like the challenge of finding excellent truly free things on the internet...I think its the last truly free frontier there is. By the way, Did you see all the free web tools on the link I gave for listing your site...I didnt even realize those were there till today...alot of them are really great tools.
Originally posted by leahyrlw:
Thanks for the info. Rated everyone I recognized. I emailed them yesterday requesting a category be added. I recieved an email this morning noting that it had been added so I could now edit my listing. They certainly have the communication skills.
Thanks again,

leahyrlw, Your welcome, the woman that started that link site is one smart lady...I dont know her personally but I have taked to her through emails...and she is very intelligent and hungry for success.

BTPS, I already have an ecrater store..its listed below...though I think Ive changed my mind about the vintage lamp business...Its not that it isnt profitable because people do love them old lamps...its the room you need for inventory..Im crammed in here the way it

I need something Ive been talking to a dealer I know in westvirginia about a good business to get into (Like I need More to do) She is telling me Baby Clothes are profitable...I dont know squat about baby clothes though..Maybe My interest in freaky baby avatars is a sign...lmao
NO NO NO to baby clothing online Frown

I know from experience that it does not sell well at all. I still have stuff sitting here and boutique brands like Baby Lulu. People don't like buying baby stuff online, takes away from the whole experience of buying for the baby.

Now if you were to sell used clothing in large lots and certain brands only then they do better.

All I can say is research it very well. I even belong to Boutique Bargains - they basically tell you what to buy and when to sell it, they do all the homework for you but even with this I'm still stuck with a couple thousand dollars worth of inventory that has been sitting here for a good 2 years now Frown
what i think he is looking for is a free website store .. where it is without the ecrater or one with their own url can use better for their own marketing.. for building recogniction of THEIR own store ... with ecrater and blujay one would be building alot of brand recognition for their site .. just like sellers build ebays brand recognition... like when ones item comes up on froogle search which soon will the main way to sell off of ebay, this item shows the SITE on the right and to click for more items from seller.. when they click they get the site not ones store... with ones own dot com then when they click sellers other items from seller.. it will be their own webstore.... so that would build their OWN brand popularity not the sites!!
Originally posted by weirdpatrick:
what i think he is looking for is a free website store .. where it is without the ecrater or

You got it patrick...a free ( store. Not ( Like I said I havent found one yet...but surely there has got to be one out there. I mean I dont care if I have to run their ads on it or whatever..makes no differnce to long as its ( I would even settle for a ( or ( long as it doesnt cost me a single red cent. Dont want much do I?.....lolol

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