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Hi all,

I just completed a few of my very first listings on e-bay. Browsing through community I came across the MOMMY Roll Eyes post and was excited to go under the chopping block.

All of your responses seemed reasonable and informative to me, but you know the saying "you can lead a horse to water but..

Anyway if you could take a peak and comment I would appreciate it greatly. We are quite new to the Internet and think this will be a good market for our products. I must admit I had great timing though being this is boycott week..Oh well

This is the very First one: I tried and tried to get the gallery out of there but finally gave up:

Second one:

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Hi tasty looking food, just looking at the first example.

Looks good but the whole listing is rather wide and tall I have to scroll sideways and vertically to see the main item even on 1280x1024 resolution screen.

This tends to destroy the artistic effect of the listing and would make it hard work for a viewer which can be a turn off.

What you need to remember is that probably a lot of people use laptops these days and their screen size may limit the viewing area to even to 800x600 pixels.

I think it would look better without the pictures to the left of the listing, people are used to scrolling vertically but horizontally as well does take their mind off the central picture and text. (yes, like your second listing I just viewed)

I notice the supersized image is only slightly larger could make that say 30% larger than the one in the listing otherwise one wonders why they clicked on it. Just a minor point but would mean the mouth can see more to salivate over Smile

Textural bit is rather long but then again you know your market and those particular about their food would no doubt wish to know why your product is considered gourmet.

These are just my opinions, I also like Italian food, just as well as my wife is Italian. Cool
Yummm...I could really go for one of those right now..'s my honst opinion. Your listings are wonderful, nice pics, friendly text, guarentees, that's great (Tho your first listing is a mess with the scrolling, the second one looks perfect)

The problem I see is the price-And I know you put alot of work into the baking and shipping, etc but speaking for myself I would never pay that much. Actually, I would never buy any kind of food product online. I could go to the Italian or Greek bakeries in my neighborhood and get 4 to 5 times that many for the same price or less. But that's JMHO, not everybody elses. Please don't take offense, I certainly do not intend any, like I said this is just MY opinion.

as far as the setup of the auctions, number 2 looks and reads fantastic! Good luck to you Smile
Thank you both VERY much for your feed back. Don't even give it a second thought about the honest opinion upsetting me thats what I asked for and I appreciate you giving it to me.

Yea That first listing was very nice until the blasted scrolling frame showed up. I finally did as you said and deleted all the HTML and pasted in the one from the second listing.

I'm not sure how this is gonna go on-line with these particular cookies. Our wholesale customers LOVE them because quite honesty the once romantic and intriguing biscotti of the 90's has evolved into a mangier of American flavors in the SHAPE of a biscotti and customers are burnt out on whats the alternitive..well thats were we come in with this and the others we make. The average biscotti sells for 1.00 each across the nation at most places people get coffee. In a couple of small café's in SF our cookies are selling for 1.25 each.
Greetings My Friend

I just looked at both of your listings but first let me tell you what my qualifications are for these comments. I also run a very profitable marketing firm which consults with various sise companies including fortune 500.

So with that being said, I'll tell you what I see. There are at least 20 items that should be in you auctions to increase the probality of success. The first thing I notice is that there is to much information below the fold. This means that customers have to scroll and scroll in order to take it all in, albeit the click through rate is high.

Second I agree with the others the side scrolling needs to be adjusted.

Now here is what they are not saying, so as a suggestion please consider the following:

What are the features of your product?

How do they translate to benefits?

Do you have customer testionials, if yes, use them?

Consider using bullet lists this will cut down on a lot of verbage.

Clearly define s/h with a bulleted list.

Provide links to your other listings.

Provide a link for customers to contact you instead of having them go through the ebay process.

Was there a customer service return policy?

Links in you listing to your about me page.

If you start an ebay store link to it when the time comes.

Consider a free shipping program when they purchase say $75.00 worth of merchandise or a buy one get one promo.

Develope a customer rewards program for example, 10% merchandise credit when you purchase at least 100.00 dollors worth of merchandise in a calendar year.

Consider placing the picture top center in the listing.

More white white space is needed.

There are other things you can do when your feedback gets higher and if you get a ebay store

Email me directly if you want a link to an auction of mine to seean example of what I am
talking about.

I hope this information helps and that you don't feel I was to harsh. Sometimes we need to look at something through the eyes of another. BTW, I appluad you on taking the time to create the listing the color schmes are great including good use of your logo. It shows that some thought went into its creation.

Now that is my 2 cents worth....

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