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I am not a big store operator but have constant/repeated problems w Gallery. Recently I listed abt 20 items for 10 day sale. It seemed Gallery was working initially, at least for most if not all. I noticed 1 or 2 where only Gallery item was a bin I've had listed for months. Now, last day or two, I see the bin is only item in Gallery. WTH ?! Confused Mad
I've done nothing to cause this.

Last month I had some auction items hidden but they are gone. According to store settings now, nothing checked as hidden.

Problem so frequent I am now familiar w routine, I must supply ebay #. Not sure why. OK here is just one, representative. 172537113548

This is systemic & driving me bats. If something I'm doing, I need to know what it is. (Apparently not a common problem).

Can't live w checking every day if Gallery is working.
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Hello ukidnme$ -

We are not aware of any issues similar to what you have described regarding the scrolling gallery, however, given the item number you have provided this may be an issue with the types of listings you have posted. Please be aware that Adult items will not appear in the scrolling gallery unless a user is signed in to an age verified eBay account and is in the Adult area of eBay - so a mix of items from different categories would only leave non-Adult items showing on non-Adult pages, but the Adult items should show correctly in the gallery on other items while in the Adult area.

The gallery appears to be operating correctly on the item number provided. If you are not seeing other similar items in the gallery when you view this item, please try clearing the cache of your browser prior to returning to eBay and if the difficulty persists please feel free to file a support case providing the details of what you are encountering so we can take a look into it. Please be sure to include your Operating System and Browser information in the case so we can test accordingly.

If you switch over to have all of your currently active listings use our new scrolling gallery, if there is only one item available, the gallery will not show at all instead of showing NULL, which can occur if, at any given time, you have only one non adult item available as the Adult items will not show in the gallery when it appears in other categories. Please feel free to file a case and request that we update your currently active items to make use of the new scrolling gallery if you wish.

- Craig
Thanks Craig as always.

"Please be aware that Adult items will not appear in the scrolling gallery unless a user is signed in to an age verified eBay account and is in the Adult area of eBay .. "

This sounds OK/good, but oc does not explain why I, the user who created the listings, and has to be signed into restricted area to view them, did not see anything but the one unrestricted item in Gallery. !? Confused

As of tonite, w those listings ended & new ones put up, I found all the new restricted ones appearing in Gallery while the one unrestricted was not there. ! When I went to it, the Gallery there showed, quote "Null."

It seems to have "flipped". Cause unknown? I would not complain about this result, but is it stable? Last week, I am sure the appearance changed from when restricted listings were first put up.
Hello again,

eBay does not allow you to view Adult items without being logged in to an eBay account that has been age verified - and our gallery will not display Adult items outside of an Adult category to satisfy eBay's requirements regarding such items.

We are not aware of any issues that would cause the effect you have described with the gallery - on non Adult items the gallery should show with other non Adult items, however, as noted, if you have only one item that is not in the Adult category the gallery would not display at all if you shift your existing active listings over to the new active-content free version of the gallery. If you would like us to make this change for your account, please feel free to file a support case letting us know and we can remove the older version of the gallery on your active listings and append the new version of it to them. This should resolve the issue you refer to with the gallery on one item showing as Null.

If you continue to encounter difficulty with the scrolling gallery, please provide the specific details and an example listing or two in a support case so we can have a look into it for you.

- Craig
Hello Craig -
As I feared and suspected the problem is back & I have filed case. (Actually continue of case from 3 months ago. Never fixed.) Frown Mad

I don't know why you keep repeating "eBay does not allow you to view Adult items without being logged in to an eBay account that has been age verified - and our gallery will not display Adult items outside of an Adult category to satisfy eBay's requirements regarding such items." Confused

OC I must be logged into restricted to see my own items, even though I created them! I am NOT trying to have those items visible from outside the area. And this is not an explanation of the problem.

I'm posting again in case any others are experiencing same problem.
Hello ukidnme$ -

Please continue with your support case and provide specific examples of listings where you are encountering difficulty with the scrolling gallery - at this time, we are not aware of any issues with the scrolling gallery that would cause the difficulty you have described and we will need to take a look into your account and at specific listings where this is occurring to assist you further. Please be sure to include your browser and operating system information, a description of the difficulty as you have encountered it and a few listings where you are running into this and we'll be happy to look into it further.

- Craig
I opened a case today regarding the same issue. I have about 100 listings with the same issue. I will be looking into the signing into eBay issue. I had looked into some of my live listings earlier today. The gallery was working after that. But it is not working now. So I am going to verify again on eBay and see if that might be the problem. I'll let y'all know.
Hi SpunkyBob,

you should be able to see the gallery on your items in the Adult category when you are signed in to a verified eBay account and viewing any of them. I've taken a look at a few of your active listings and the gallery was operating correctly for me on the items I was able to check, so it is unclear what you may be encountering.

I suggest as a first step that you try clearing your browser cache and then logging back in to eBay and giving a few items a look. If you have specific items where the gallery is not showing, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know a few examples of where you are running into this so we can look into it further.

- Craig
Hello Spunkybob,

that's good to hear, however, we've done some more research into this on our end and have found that there is an intermittent issue with adult items in the scrolling gallery, but at this time, we are unable to reproduce it consistently.

As a result, I've gone ahead and created a work ticket for our engineers to look into this further as, based on our further testing, it appears that the issue can arise again for adult items.

At present I do not have an ETA on when this intermittent issue will be resolved, but I will reply back to this thread as soon as more information regarding this issue becomes available.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

- Craig
Hello hippophile1 -

If you are running into issues with the scrolling gallery, please let us know the details of what is occurring for you in a support case and please include a few example items where the difficulty is occurring so we can take a look into it for you.

If you are encountering the same issue as noted in this thread, filing a case will allow us to update you directly as soon as we have more information regarding the difficulty.

- Craig
My help filed cases on this subject of no gallery showing are often not resolved. I'm usually told It's due to my revision of a typo in the title but the gallery was not showing hours before the revision so that can't be it. Then I'm asked to remove the "broken" gallery HTML and report back to Auctiva support to command it be re-appended. They do that, and gallery still doesn't appear. I complain and am told the broken HTML is still there and needs to be removed. I do that again to the newest HTML. The thing is, every time it is commanded to be appended, the HTML naturally appears in the HTML of my description But the gallery still does not show. Then I repeat the complaint process and here we go again. This scenario has been going on, off and on for months. What's the matter? I'm not messing up your HTML by adding a photo or anything. I see the HTML as complete and not broken when you say its broken.
I can't recommend Auctiva to anyone expecting there to be a scrolling screen or Auctiva store show up in their listing, not until there's a true fix. Otherwise I'd be glad to recommend Auctiva. I think I speak for many. PS: My listings are always kid acceptable animal paintings.
Hello hippophile1 -

I'm sorry to hear that this difficulty has persisted for you.

Please be aware that if you revise your description on eBay, it is possible to damage the gallery code, and, if you use prior listings to create new listings using either the Saved Listing and then saving as New or using Create similar, the data from the initial listing is included when you begin working on the new listing. If there is an issue with the HTML in a listing you are using to make a new listing that issue is carried across to the new listing.

Please also note that if you have only one active item at any time, the gallery will not display on your listing as it would only be able to show the listing that it is on, but anytime you have more than one listing available the gallery should show with your items as defined in your gallery preferences.

Given your description here, it is unclear what may be occurring for you - however, if the issues persists, particularly in listings that have not been revised on eBay, we encourage you to continue with your support case with specific examples so we can look further into the HTML on the listing.

- Craig
Hello hippohile1 -

if the gallery was showing correctly when a listing closed, you should be able to use Create Similar either via Auctiva or eBay and the gallery should then show correctly on the newly created listing. Please be aware, however, that when you relist on eBay there are certain elements of your listings (such as Auto Relist profiles or which images are actually in current use) that our system is no longer able to track.

It is not a dispute, but you may have found a bug. If you have an instance of the scrolling gallery appearing on a listing where that is the only active listing you have on eBay (and it has been at least 4 hours since any other listings have been active in eBay so the gallery can wholly refresh) please let us know while it is occurring so we can have a look. The scrolling gallery should only appear on your listings when you have more than one listing currently active.

- Craig
Hello hippophile1 -

You are most welcome. There should not be any issues when changing the images for your new listings. If you make alterations to the HTML directly it is possible to affect the gallery code which can create issues with the scrolling gallery. If you are modifying a listing within your Auctiva account and make text changes using the editor without going into the HTML you should not encounter any trouble. If you have more than one listing active, the gallery should show appropriately on your active listings as per your gallery preference settings within Auctiva.

If you refer to changing your header image on an already active eBay listing, you will need to let us know that you have done this once you are complete and we can run a command to ensure that the images in the scrolling gallery update accordingly.

- Craig
Hello again -

there is an option available in your image management area where you can replace an image - however, this will replace the image anywhere it is used.

If you are in the Image Management area of your account you can see that each image has a unique URL and the Replace tool that is just above the table that shows your images will allow you to swap an image for a different image and the new image will use the URL of the originally uploaded image. This changes what shows where that URL is used, so it will change the image that displays on your active listings.

To use this, locate the image you wish to replace in your image management area, check the box to the left of the thumbnail and then click the Replace button. This will open the tool along the top of the area where the images display where you can browse for your image to replace the initial image with.

Alternately, you would need to update the saved listing with your differing images and use the HTML from the saved listing to update the listing on eBay using the Revise Your Item form and the description editor in HTML mode.

If you have further questions about this or run into any issues, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site and we'll be happy to assist you further.

- Craig

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