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I just saw the new listing page that eBay is testing in beta format. If they decide to go with it, sellers are in for a big shock!

The top half of the listing first shows other items from the seller. Then it shows similar items available FROM OTHER SELLERS. Finally, you scroll down to actually see the listing. The format is totally different than how we set up our listings now.

Oh, and BTW, if your shipping DSR star is 4.0, then eBay will add a notation IN RED that "This seller has low ratings for shipping time".

The unfortunate seller who was used as a guinea pig had no idea this was happening. Ebay says they are testing it on .2% of auctions.

Anyways, just thought you should be aware of this possible change.
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Hi kbalona,

I agree this seller has lots of issues. But the other seller listings were running while the auction was active.

Also, I saw over on the eBay Seller Central board that there are lots of these test listings running. Somebody noticed that, if the seller had 100% positive feedback and high DSR stars, then the other seller listings weren't showing.
I had already read about this over on the sellers board. I'm still shaking my head about it. If a seller truly has a poor performance record and needs to be ousted, then so be it. BUT, ebay has made that decision based on those pesky stars, which we all know can be manipulated to make a great seller look really bad just because some buyer was having a bad day. If this is how ebay wants to play the game, I will refuse to play any longer.

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