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hi I sold an item for $299 and posted the same day of payment - Please help me post the answer to the following query! ( I did say I posted the item on the day I did it)

"I have not yet received the item or response to previous email requesting tracking number and approximate shipping time.
please respond"

I didnt want to say not trackable/ I dont know the delivery time from US to canda on a $450 bag I sold for $299- how do i respond to 18fb Buyer?
please help!
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this was my answer - I didnt send but how is this"Hi there
There is only a customs form ID number for your item and your item was shipped same day of payment on the 4th of august- I can provide the copy of the shipement -
Since your item is a higher value item I can safely assume the package must have been opened at the customs - according to some of my prior customers this may take upto three weeks or more. Your CUSTOMS ID NUMBER IS LC594429174US"

well What do you think guys???
Hi Oneheart!

I think I can help you. I just went to the Canada Post website and entered your customs number "LC594429174US" and it gave me these details:

Date of Event Time of Event Location Description Retail Location Signatory Name
2006/08/15 17:04 EDMONTON, AB Item accepted and entered into sortation plant
2006/08/10 22:27 MONTREAL, QC Item accepted and entered into sortation plant
2006/08/04 18:54 International item has been posted in origin country

Looks like as of right now it is in a sortation plant in Edmonton.

Go to the Canada Post site and tell your buyer to go there and look to see where the parcel is. Here is the link:

Canada Post Site - Track a Package

Just type in the customs number where it says "Item Number" and it should show you the info.

This is always helpful for me to use to try and diffuse buyer complaints about slow or parcels that have not made it yet. I was just at the Post Office and the workers and customers were all talking about customs is slower right now with the terrorist threats. More things are getting held up in customs.

Hope this helps...let us know if you need more help!


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