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How do you use an Auctiva template when your item is already LIVE and active on ebay?

I use drop shipping and my products are pushed right to ebay. I log in to Auctiva to use the templates and can't figure out how to use them when the item is already active.

Does anyone know how to do this??? I am going crazy trying to figure it out!!!!
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The templates use a tag system to add information, so it does take a build process to create the code. Essentially, you need to create a Saved Listing at Auctiva with your chosen template, the listing Title, the text Description with any Seller Details, and the Pictures. Once created, you can use the <HTML> icon on the main Saved Listing main page for each Saved Listing to copy and paste the HTML code to the description section of the eBay listing, using the revise listing editor there. Make sure you delete the current code, except for the scrolling gallery window. The scrolling gallery code begins and ends with a comment demarc <!--ASW-->.

The Seller Details, i.e. the Payment, Shipping, Terms and Conditions, About Me, and Contact Me sections, can be created as an Auctiva Profile and added to the listing during the creation process. That can speed-up the process. Profiles are created at the PROFILES tab. You add Seller Details as a selection just right of where template is selected.

Hope those tips help.


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