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I input my new code the same way you do it.

It is stretching ABOVE the measurement table, where I can actually input a line or two of description...where it says description text goes here. Stretching in both editor and preview.

What is up with ebay's new page view? If a seller doesn't have custom pics, do the pics only show up in the top left corner? I looked at a number of auctions in my cats during morning coffee, and they had no pics in thelisting itself?
Hi Deb,

I do believe you, just haven't found a cause. I repeated my prior test and at the end, switched back to HTML and copied the code to practicewriter for a look.

Deb, does it do that if you don't select a template and use New Listing? That's how I'm testing.

You're seeing eBay's New Design page. No more pics at the bottom. They will have that box at upper left with a row of thumbs underneath and click to supersize (separate) page. They've suggested a zoom viewer is in the works, but with scant details.


Edit: Hmmmmm....I did my tests in IE. Were you using Firefox? Just repeated my test in Firefox and it worked with that browser too. Confused
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I opened up the lister page I was using last night, and now it is working! Go figure!!

I also copied the latest code from practicewriter, put it into a new one page lister, and that is working as well.

I think sometimes Auctiva must just do funny things! I have some weird things happen from time to time.

click on preview or save from the one page lister, and the page jumps back up to mid page.
Have to scroll down again and click on selection again.

Inserting images into the one page lister, and the system will only give me one page of pics to choose from...the page numbers at the bottom of the image pages simply disappear! Have to close out of Auctiva, give it a rest, then get back in!

Text stretching one time and wrapping the next Roll Eyes Frown Smile
Hey Danno,
I am still having major issues with the text editor and have been editing in Ebay once the listing is active.
Now that Ebay, or at least Ebay au no longer allows you to edit in real time view this is a much larger challenge for html ludites like me.
My concern at the moment is this listing 250465875683 you can see the text style is all over the shop.
I will probably fix it before it attracts bids it is a hot item and a expect it to fetch appx 150 so I need to fix it fast.
I don't have the time or the aptitude for learning html, that is why I use Auctiva! If the text editor isn't consistent that makes it all far less easy than it should be.
to fix this listing I will have to go into the Auctiva saved listing. Export ALL my text to notepad. Put it back, reformat it, save, go back into saved listings get the html then go to revise listing and description, select all and paste new html over it. Seems like a massive hoo ha!!
What I still fail to understand is how come the text editor USED to work perfectly but now doesn't. And of course why do all the Geeks insist it is easy to overcome. It is NOT!

Sorry for venting but I have attempted patience. Marian.
Originally posted by Sapienette:
After an evening of browsing, I can safely say that I don't care for the new ebay auction pages! The pictures just seem way too small without using CTE, and not having the pics in the same field of vision as the description really loses something! Another great decision!


Your observations are exactly why I started down the SophieBox path about 1 year ago. Look at any major retail site and the images are right next to the description. Here's a link to a Bloomies page with the classic "box" (in white) section on the page.*1*24*-1*-1*5

KEEP THE BUYER'S EYE ON THE ITEM is my motivation to design something that does just that. The pictures always make the sale (IMO). That's why I harp on bad photos...hehe...sorry! Yours look great now, and I'm sure your models agree. Big Grin

That's not to say that Auctiva's methods to integrate the pics in the description are wrong, I just think the limitations from one-size-fits-all, like their wrap-around thumb method, isn't what alot of sellers want for their more precise layout requirements. That and any labor or cost savings, add-on functionality, and WOW effect you can get to motivate buyers has me on the path.

Hi Marion,

One simple trick that seems to get the editor to operate better, is to switch the editor to HTML and back to Standard mode. That causes the editor to check the code for problems. If you do that before a Preview or Save, it might reveal any hidden problems.

Also, when you paste any text into the editor box, ALWAYS use the paste icons on the toolbar. Failing to use the icons prevents the editor from doing proper code format....a leading cause of bad formating and odd drop-out of format changes after the paste.

Hi Deb,

If you check that test listing of the new template, you should see the gray background is now filling to near the page width.

ebay just made a change to using a 100% dimensioned table in the IFRAME (codeset now seems close or match to the Sandbox for fans of that realm). That means backgrounds on the description section, like wallpaper and colors, should be page-width (or close).

Let's hope this toss of the spaghetti sticks to the eBay fridge (and they stop using the coolaid dispenser in their cafe). Big Grin

Having some other confirmations that paste to the editor in HTML mode not always gets a correct result (corruption on paste vs. original codeset), so that might explain the "wrap problem" on the table cells.

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