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Hi Lesley,

Wow, just using left justify isn't going to do it, it's outside the template...I've never seen anything like this before.
Have you tried the right click/cut when you revise thru ebay (don't even know if that would work?)

As for an unsilicited opinion, it still looks OK to me, as a buyer, I wouldn't care anything about the stuff on the right anyway (unless what you added is really important). I can't see all of it, it's cut off.

You should probably file a support request under the help button at the top of the page if no one else comes along who can help.
Thanks for that. I already filed a support request but they told me to post a message here!!
I don't think I will try to fix it anymore and just try customizing another template and see how that goes - this was my first one!

I still would like to be able to left justify the description text in other templates but I only seem able to do the shipping details etx.
You can leave it as is Smile Really, it still looks fine.

As for left justify, as long as it's inside the template you should have no problems...just follow the instructions above.

Good luck

edit///edit "just try customizing another template and see how that goes - this was my first one!"

If you're starting from scratch it's super easy...before writong one letter of description, just click on the left justify box at the top and there ya go Smile

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