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I only offer PayPal, recently I offered a refund on a backordered item, and I wanted to refund my customer his cost plus the cost of tieing up his money, so i went to enter additional funds above the refund amount, but I got an error stating you cannot refund more then the refund amount. So I began to think, what happens if I have to refund more then what my PayPal account states. As in the case of return shipping, where I would refund the cost of the item return as well as the cost of the item, and the delivery shipping
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Well when its a mistake I made, that caused me to hold there money, or for instance I made a sell on another auction site, but forgot I listed on the site, I then check my paypal almost a week or so later and i see additional funds. Shocked i I remember listing on the site, so at this point I go to my drop-shippers site and enter the order, I placed the order and for some reason I decided to cancel the order(it was late). So now I have to wait for the money to be placed back into my PayPal account which take 3-5 days, or I could have added the funds from my bank, but that takes 3-5 days. So at that point I know the person was waiting, wondering If i took the money and ran. Later that very nite I get an email from the person asking for the tracking so i tell them what happened and I offered a gift that would go alone with the item if they didn't want a refund. Well they did want to cancel, and to keep my name intak I wanted to still give them a little gift, but then block there account so they wouldn't try to keep getting theses gifts at my expense, I couldn't but they were happy with just there refund.
I see, well it seems as they were quite reasonable about it but I would only block them if they dropped a negative on you. (feedback order always being buyer before seller whichever of them I may be). Afterall they may well come back again and at least you have a measure of their morals.

Personally I would not get into sending freebies except for regular bulk buyers and then only if it does not raise the postage cost.

Ok, if they drop a neutral I think you just have to accept it and then not leave them any feedback as a goodwill gesture as it was you fault.

Good customers are those who react well to honest slip-ups as well as those receiving what they thought they bid for, well packed and promptly delivered. Smile
well the freebie I would have sent him was cheap, it only would have costed $6.50, and that would've come from my profit. However the freebie i was going to give him after he decided on the refund was stupid, Im a little glad I wasn't able to do, though it wouldv'e been $5. What I end up doing in this case, because two days before the money was returned to my account, he started bugging me, and i understand his flustarion, but I didn't have the funds available, so what I did was create a dummy PayPal Buy now button, for the cost of the item, then created a new account and purchased this Dummy item with my CC, that gave me the funds to refund him, then when the money was deposited back into my account, i used it to pay my CC off, problem solved, I then took all the other listing down from that auction site( they didn't email me a confrmation). I then told the buyer that I will offer better service at my ebay store. (although I had a problem with this site it is a nice as to backup to ebay, it also has no fees, i made my first over $100 sell)

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