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Hi Cindy,

We just released the change I mentioned a few minutes before I made my last post to this thread so I am not surprised that the listings you posted earlier today do not reflect this option, but I do expect the listings that you have already scheduled to post later today and tomorrow to reflect this option. Your assumption that you do not have to make any changes to the listings is correct.

If you do not see the "zoom" options in any of your listings that post after this adjustment was made, don't hesitate to let me know and I will be happy to take a look.

Mike (also thanks for use of your name...that way people KNOW who we are talking too).

Thanks for your follow up.... sorry I misunderstood or did not read well. ..I thought we were in the total hurry up and wait mode with ebay and know what hurry up and wait can be with them sometimes.

Interestingly, I went on ebay forums today and there were several people on there having issues. I asked if they were using 3rd party and suggested they contact ebay.

Anyway...I did discover this tonight. I happened to be messing on my iphone and looked at a listing through the confirmation link...and it had zoom feature on it. Now...I got all excited...of course, checked from computer...and no zoom! This is really first time I have clicked link from phone from ebay confirmation and seen the zoom.

Hopefully this will be the END of this.

Also, Pattycyn...thanks for ALL of your snooping around into truly do have a lot of patience and logical thinking putting this together.

Thanks again.

This is a great thing to see how a problem can be resolved. Some of us were impatient but you were steady and I thank you very much for ZOOMING in on the problem. (pun intended) OK...I've worked enough today and I'm taking the night off. Last 4 of postings within the past 1/2 hour HAVE THE ZOOM ON ALL MY UPLOADED ENABLED EBAY IMAGES! AND the Supersize Auctiva images within my description...doesn't get any better.
Cindy in San Diego

Thanks for reporting back that your most recent listings were all posting with the "zoom" feature. That is excellent to hear. We really appreciate all the valuable observations you provided about this situation as well


The change that was made will not have any impact on your listings that are already active, but any new listings you post through your Auctiva should reflect the “zoom” option if your images meet the minimum requirements associated with that feature.

Listings which previously did not have the “zoom” option will reflect that option once relisted *if* you relist them using the "Edit and Relist" option on your Closed Listings page. Unfortunately, that will not be the case if you relist your items using the "Bulk Relist" option.

thanks Mike

are there any plans for the closed listing page to make it more useable. Being able to buld relist to ghet the new features sure would be better then having to edit 500 plus items as we are on a slow internet connection I am looking at hours of "wasted time"

you have a gold mine in the closed lsiting page if you would only build on it
As I responded to Mike Auctiva has a gold mine in the closed listing pages yet they refuse to use it.
The potential usefulness of the Closed Listing is enormous yet every change they say edit each item. Come on Auctiva let's make our lives easier for once. I do find it funny that months ago I asked the same question about the new photo package
Hi Ed,

Although we do not have any immediate plans to expand on the options that can be edited when using the Bulk Relist tool, we have made note of this suggestions you have made with respect to this page (including this one) and will consider them when planning future site updates. We appreciate the additional feedback.


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