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I have noticed for quite awhile that ebay has under their pictures. "Mouse over image to zoom" function under their images, then box shows that says "mouse here to zoom in" and you can move that to area you want to zoom you can see through that box or to right there is a larger box you can view from. They also have "click to view larger image and other views." At first I was not sure I liked mouse over. The more I use it I love it it shows things like hounds tooth check, tweed, any check, small prints and even on solid shows color on color lines in great detail. I am sure a great selling I have bought quite a few items after using mouse over to check detail prints that I would not have purchased based on the click to enlarge as it does not fine tune the pattern.

Added bonus, with this we would not need as many close up photos, as person could mouse to see detail from the larger photo. Time is money and this is time saver one or two less photos to take, edit and submit. Which also saves our allotted photos for more item rather than extra close ups to see detail.

Auctiva, How do we get the mouse over function to work on our ebay listings???? Is this a setting I need to change???

This part is very fuzzy in my brain and may not be accurate, I skimmed old forums and could not find.

It very vaguely seems this may have been discussed at some point with a new feature auctiva put out, but seems you had to click then another window opened to enlarge to get it to work which if I remember was not a hit mainly if I remember because the open window was a wait and seemed it was very off balance or something. This is very foggy, an this part may not be accurate.

Here is a random listing of another seller that you can do both on, BEST example is last photo. You can really see what the tweed looks like, and can see the fibers in photo, when you mouse it. Also, notice the printing on the tag in last can actually read the print and really get feel for fabric in last photo.

In case you are in doubt, I like it, I LOVE it!! I want it!! Smile
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Hi lookandbuyme,

Thanks for posting your question here. Ebay's system should automatically provide the “zoom” option you mentioned to any header/gallery images that meet the minimum requirements associated with that feature, so there is not any sort of *special* setting you should need to select in order to utilize that feature.

I actually contacted eBay's customer support team regarding on this topic myself after noticing that some of my listings offered the “zoom” and others with similar images did not and was informed that the “zoom” feature should automatically show up for any header/gallery images that are more than 1000 pixels on the longest side.

Since some of my listings did not reflect the “zoom” feature even though the minimum requirements were met, they ended up sending the details to their technical team for further investigation but I have not received any additional information about the issue to this point.

Based on what I have observed in my own account, I believe there is currently something amiss on eBay's end of things that is causing the “zoom” feature not to show up for some images that do meet the minimum requirements associated with that feature or some other requirement they were unable to tell me about.

Assuming you currently have listings for which the images you used as the header/gallery images are more than 1000 px on the longest side, I recommend contacting eBay's customer support team for further clarification on why the “zoom” feature is not functioning in your listings.

Of course, the response you receive may be similar to the one I received, but perhaps they have just not made much progress in the investigation so far and some additional examples of the behavior will help move things along.

I wish I could give you a more direct answer, but hopefully this information at least gives you a better idea how this feature is intended to work. I would definitely interested to hear anything else that you are able to learn from eBay about this.

Hi thanks sooo much for checking into this so thoroughly.

'Mine that are correct size are not showing mouse over. Will contact them today. I checked a few and though NOT all of my photos would qualify a lot would and in the future will make sure they do especially on detail items.

IF others would check theirs and make a call to ebay it helps. They HAVE TO know that many of us are having problems in order to do anything usually.

No eye rolls, please, Smile calling ebay has become so much easier than it use to be.

Please have a couple of listings examples that meet guideline Auctiva rep mentioned above this post.

Thanks all!!
The enhanced eBay features work if you add them directly from the eBay site. If you list from Auctiva, regardless of what you do, they no longer work. The problem is on Auctiva's end somewhere. There's a 'connection' issue. This began the day after eBay had issues with their pictures showing up on listings and continues into this morning. I have tried to change my listing template here on Auctiva SEVERAL times checking the enhanced 'box' and saving to my listing preferences; however, IT WON'T STICK. I got back to check and my changes are gone.

It takes forever to list here and then go into eBay and physically add the enhanced photos one by one but that is all that is working at the present time. Someone from Auctiva needs to get on the ball with this. It worked before and doesn't now. Auctiva isn't saving the listing preference and appears to be passing the buck.
Hi JoesMimi,

Thanks for contributing. I am certainly not surprised that you can get the "zoom" feature to work by uploading your images directly to eBay, but that is not actually an indication that the problem causing the Auctiva hosted images that you submit as the header/gallery images not to reflect that option is due to something amiss on our side of things.

I have personally seen eBay's “zoom” feature on several listings I have posted using Auctiva hosted header/gallery images but, at the same time, I have also posted other listings using images with the exact same dimensions fail to reflect this feature on eBay.

The only *listing preference* that is required for the "zoom" feature to operate is eBay's Picture Pack feature and Picture Pack has been automatically included in all listings since eBay's began allowing sellers to add up to 12 header/gallery images to each listing at no cost in July.

If you submit a listing to eBay with externally hosted images, such as those hosted by Auctiva, eBay's system makes copies of those images to display in the header and gallery areas. Based on my observations, it seems like there must be an error that causes those copies not to reflect the “zoom” feature in some cases.

As such, I can only recommend that you contact eBay's customer support team for further clarification on why the feature is not showing up for you. Provided the images included with the listings are large enough to support the “zoom” feature, eBay should display it automatically.

I just called ebay and was told photos have to have 500 pixels and prefer 1,000. They said mine should be showing. I gave them examples of ones that I KNOW are right size. She said, they will check and have someone email me within 72 hours (have rarely had email back so not holding my breath there). She also mentioned that this has been a feature since end of February...I just never checked mine until now.

They did not indicate it is auctiva...because believe me they are always willing to throw auctiva under the bus, so was quite surprised. That is usually their first response to any issue.


(I hate not using your name, but it starts with a auctiva M____. Hate to sound crazy...but this picture pack, do we need to do anything to make sure we have this???? I have not changed anything in auctiva or ebay for years with images...but if I need to change something please let me know where...and I can do that and give it a whirl...just not sure where to change.

IF I get email from ebay will sure post.

OTHERS if you would check a couple of your listings...would be greatly appreciated...perhaps in numbers we can find problem and get it fixed.

Ebay has previously told me that calls do make a difference....(i.e. squeaky wheel gets the grease!!) If only 3 of us call...we can count on this NOT being fixed anytime soon as I am sure they have bigger fish to fry!
Hi lookandbuyme,

Assuming you are referring to me... I certainly don't mind if you use my name when we are engaged in a discussion. I *think* I may know why you may be under the impression that employee names cannot be used on the forum and, if I am thinking of the correct situation, the name in question was used in a manner we considered inappropriate.

In any event, since eBay now includes Picture Pack on all listings automatically, you should not have to do anything special when creating your listings to ensure that they include the Picture Pack feature when they appear on eBay.

If you would like to confirm that Picture Pack has been included in the listings in question, just check the “All Account Activity” page within your eBay account that shows the insertion fees for all your listings. Provided your eBay account looks like mine, you should find “PicturePack fee” row listed next to each one with no associated cost.

I have a feeling eBay may update their system to no longer display this Picture Pack record next to each listing's insertion fee at some point in the future since it is now a common attribute of all listings but, at least for now, you should be able to confirm Picture Pack is on your listings using this method.

I TOO have found this to be true. I just used to add my images and only ONE gallery picture would show up when posting to eBay. MOST if not ALL would have the ZOOM Feature and if people wanted to see more images, they would find them within my listing.
Then when eBay gave us 12 pictures FREE and started to push the importance of Mobile I realized that only ONE image would show up when I looked on my smart phone. So I decided to contact Auctiva and see HOW do I add more photos to the 'top fold' of the listing WITHOUT having to log into eBay and add them separately. The solution I was told by Auctiva was to Check the Box ENABLE OPTIONAL EBAY GALLERY IMAGES just below the other ADD IMAGEs on the Auctiva Listing page. I did this for many listings and then noticed that the ZOOM was not active. So it seems that something is getting 'lost' between the Auctiva Posting to eBay??? I have tried both way the past couple of days. Not checking ENABLE OPTIONAL EBAY GALLERY IMAGES and I get the zoom feature..of course only ONE image is shown above the fold...but if I check ENABLE OPTIONAL EBAY GALLERY IMAGES and add images YES, I get 2 or more above the fold, but NO ZOOM. Funny situation.
NOW...I JUST experimented with doing a listing directly using the eBay Sell Your Item form.(didn't use Auctiva) I listed this on my other eBay site which is gottaletitgo2010. I added 8 pictures uploading directly from my computer. I got all 8 above 'the fold' and the ZOOM feature is working.

I will try it again using my seller ID pattycyn.

I listed several items IN THE SAME CATEGORY BY DIFFERENT METHODS. These 4 listings were under my other seller ID of gottaletitgo2010. I use for each of my listings on eBay ID pattycyn and gottaletitgo2010.

Here are my findings:

item # 251133482475 LISTED DIRECTLY ON ebay using the sell-your-item form. 8 pictures uploaded and each one has the ZOOM feature.

item #261084286019 LISTED USING AUCTIVA with box checked to ENABLE OPTIONAL EBAY GALLERY IMAGES. Images uploaded to auctiva listing page and then to the 'enable optional ebay gallery images... All images show up and can be seen in the 'galery' position however NONE have the ZOOM Feature.

item 251133520065 LISTED USING AUCTIVA Images uploaded ONLY to the auctiva images. NO IMAGES WERE UPLOADED TO THE EBAY GALLERY IMAGES. One picture shows in eBay gallery area, and has the ZOOM feature working.

item #251133543761 LISTED USING AUCTIVA
iMAGES UPLOADED only TO THE AUCTIVA IMAGES. NO images were uploaded to the ebay gallery BUT I DID CHECK THE BOX FOR 'ENABLE OPTIONAL EBAY GALLERY IMAGES. The gallery image #1 from the Auctive images was automatically inserted.
One picture shows on the listing and the ZOOM Feature is working.

SO IT SEEMS THAT WHEN WE TRY TO UPLOAD MORE THAN 1 (one) image to the boxes for enabled optional eBay gallery images...the zoom does not work. See the glitch may be on auctiva?????

Cindy Hallsted adrcaiseb and/or gottaletitgo

Hopefully we'll get a reply and if now, I will open a support case. Thanks.
I listed several items this morning. NONE of them have a functioning ZOOM feature. What I did notice is that if I click on the 'enlarge' icon, it takes me to the Auctiva hosted photos and at the bottom of the screen the ZOOM feature is gray and non-functioning.

Now, this issue/problem has only been taking place for me within the last 3-4 days, not weeks or months as some may suggest. There is a problem and there is a glitch and neither side, either eBay or Auctiva, is stepping up to the plate or doing what they should be doing, providing the best customer service possible. Why should they do that? Because we PAY THEIR SALARIES.
Thanks to both of you for your investigative work, both of you. It is very much appreciated and may help get to root of issue.

I do not even think Auctiva was aware of issue unless someone reported to support and did not post on forums until I mentioned it. I really thought it was something I needed to check and had not noticed.

I just went back and checked quite a few listings for the last 3 months. First, I made sure were ebay compliant size for this feature to work. Mine have not shown zoom since May 19th (and probably before then) which is as far as ebay system will let me check back. (they dump them after 90 days). I frankly never remember seeing one of my listings with it. BUT I do not check each listing when listed to check. But from May 19th till today, none that I checked showed zoom.

IF ebay gets back with me on their 72 hours (doubt they will)....will post response.

If others check theirs please let us know.

There is sure something going on here.

My guess would be because it is weekend auctiva is out of picture until Monday. However, it sure will not hurt to call ebay. Make sure you tell them to send to technical if you do not, they will not. Also, ask for email on issue...(doubt they will send...but maybe if we all ask, they will send someone an email).

Thanks again.
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Below is a response received from Auctiva. PERHAPS WE SHOULD keep on eBay and see if that solves the problem?! I will contact them with my 'experiments' and see what they say. (LOL)
("have you cleared your cache and cookies") Who wants to bet with me!

Posted Monday, 8/20/2012 8:24 AM

Thank you for contacting Auctiva support. We have fully investigated this issue with the help of eBay and have come to the conclusion that the issue is on eBay's end. EBay reports all items will have the zoom feature automatically if the images are at least 1000px on one side. Through our investigation we found we are submitting everything correctly for eBay to add that feature, just that eBay is not adding it for some reason. We recommend contacting eBay support in regards to this issue, as they will be quicker to resolve the issue due to customer reports.

Thank you,
Auctiva Support
Just talked to ebay...(arg) quite extensive run around.

They checked several of my listings again.
lst reason, mine are not in categories which allow zoom feature. Not the case and I showed them same category that has it and had them go to it.

2nd story. They said, that my photos not correct size. I checked sizes in auctiva and if auctiva site is correct they are correct size. (they told me 500 x 500 but that 1,000 looks best).

3rd I need to add value pack...asked how to do that that I have picture pack, he said, same thing and verified that I have that.

Many others after that.

ALTHOUGH on some of mine the click to enlarge appears not to be working either, he said because they are too small. One that one in particular the images are in 1024 x 800 and up range.

So apparently somewhere between auctiva and ebay the photos are being dumbed up. One they show in the 200 range and I doubt seriously I would load anything that range. Plus I checked the one they specifically said and it was way over that.

Now, again, going to technical support and guy assured me he would call me on Friday after getting answer from technical team.

Auctiva???? Any thoughts???? We are monkeys in middle again???

Hi Community,

The observations you have all provided regarding the "zoom" feature are definitely interesting, I do not have anything new to add and can only recommend that anyone for whom the “zoom” feature is not working contact (or continue following up with) eBay's technical support team to have the issue investigated further.

All our system does in relation to this feature is submit the URL(s) of any gallery images that are selected to eBay along with each listing. From there, the process of making copies from those image URL's and adding the “zoom” feature to images that meet the requirements associated with that feature take place on the eBay side of things.

It definitely appears there is a problem on the eBay side of things that is causing the “zoom” feature not to work in certain cases, but I'm afraid it is not something we can investigate from our side of things so eBay will have to pursue the issue further as they collect more information.

I spoke to ebay again (yes, I am a pest).

They suggested re-doing photos through them. I said, seriously that is not solution to redo photos every month.

They then said that people who list directly with ebay seem to be not having this problem. Have no way of knowing if that is true...but does not seem to be real active on their forums. There is one person on there in last few days who is said she is auctiva lister.

Their other suggestion was to just list directly with ebay? That they do not seem to have problems and as a couple of posters have said, they are not having issues doing direct.

Auctiva, is it possible for you to contact your sister lister and see if they are having same problem. that would sure identify some of issue??? I would think??

Listening to eBay Radio today (Tues. 8/21) Auctiva was a guest in celebration of 14 years as an eBay listing tool. SO....I would like to send this whole 'conversation' to GRIFF to see if he could do anything for us OR PERHAPS send it to the correct department. BUT I am not sure how to do that. What would the URL be for sending all these conversations as a link - and is that allowed? I have just listed several items on my seller site 'gottaletitgo2010' and chose not to ENABLE EBAY IMAGES. My listings have only one gallery picture, it has the zoom feature. The rest of my photos are in my listing as usual. I like to have the zoom so I'm just using one gallery for now.
Items 251136229527, 261086162058, 261086140818
Called into eBay Radio today. Griff knew exactly what was happening when we select the Auctiva Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images. He said that Auctiva is resizing the images again. THUS when we DO not Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images the first gallery picture we choose on the Auctiva Listing page "Auctiva Image Selection" the first picture is the correct size for zoom. BUT if we choose Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images they are once again resized so they can not be zoom-able. SO AUCTIVA...what can we do about this?

Is there a way to NOT resize the photos when they are uploaded. Why would the Auctiva Image Selection Picture #1 which is used for Gallery not be resized and then the rest if we select Optional eBay gallery Images be resized too small?

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