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Is there a trick to keeping listings organized in Auctiva?

Example, you are selling a candle and keep relisting it on ebay until it sells on the 5th relisting. Left alone, you will have 4 listings for this candle in ebay's UNSOLDs, and 1 listing for it in ebay's SOLDS.

Does Auctiva help with this housekeeping issue?
Is there a technique that I missed?
This is not a big problem for someone who only lists 20 items per month, but if you are listing 200 items a month, and relisting select items, then this gets ugly fast.

Yesterday Auctiva Support sent me the following:

"If you delete any closed listings that are still within the 90 days that eBay keeps them on their servers, they should be imported again when your account reconciles with eBay every day. Therefor if you deleted them they would show back up. Any closed items that are past 90 days and you delete out of your Auctiva account would not come back.

Since you had 4 active items on eBay for the golf bag that ended within 90 days, there is no way to not have all of them show until they are past 90 days.

Thank you,
Auctiva Support"

Basically I don't want to keep wading through 100's of unsold listings, looking for the ones that need to be relisted (and haven't already been relisted).

Any insights on this?
This is a huge deal for me and I would truly appreciate knowing the secret.

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Dear illinoisbubba,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. While I don't have a good enough understanding of what you are looking to accomplish to explain how to best manage your closed listings for your purposes, the information you were provided by the support representative you spoke to about this was actually incorrect and I can give you a better idea what to expect.

If you delete an item from your Closed Listings page within Auctiva, that listing should actually *not* be reimported into your Auctiva account so you should be able to use the "Delete" option to keep your Closed Listings page organized.

Alternatively, you could potentially create a listing folder in your account and move some of your items into that folder instead of deleting them entirely. Once you have created a listing folder by mousing over the “Listings” tab, selecting the “Folders” option, and using the “Create New” option, you can move items on your Closed Listings page into that folder by checking the boxes next to them, choosing the folder from the “Move selected item(s) to” drop down menu and then clicking the “Move” button.

Also, if you would like to sort your Closed Listings page to show only items that have sold or only items that are unsold, you can filter the page accordingly by selecting the desired option from the “Status” drop down menu and then clicking the “Go” button.

I apologize for the confusion that stemmed from the information you were given through your support case, but I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance with this, please feel free to open a new support case by mousing over the “Help” tab and selecting the “File Support Case” option.


If I might add. Sort your Closed Listings by End Date in Descending order. That way your items that have Just ended will be at the top. Than page through the closed Listings Re-Listing the items you want. What we also do is we have a Sold Folder in the Closed Listings and we have colored it RED. So when something sells (again being sorted by End Date descending makes this an easy task) we move it into that folder so we don't ReList a sold item. Once a listing has been ReListed the closed item on the far right will say ReListed and a date. SOP that way you know at a glance if you have ReListed the item. Periodically I delete the older Closed Listings as they are really not of much use. I tend to keep about 90 days worth.


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