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I have no idea what the heck is going on with Auctiva, but I can say this...if it continues I will no longer be a customer with this company.

1st, I have to continue to sign in. It wastes my time and patience.

2nd: Since they've changed there is NO spell check. I have to copy and paste everything in and it's another time waster.

3rd: We need immediate payment required to comply with Auctiva checkout. I've had two non-payments this week in my BIN auctions. It's a pain, another time waster. I get in a foul mood.

Ok, so I sound grouchy. I'm just tired of having to pass the nickel and dime to everyone when I only have pennies and the service gets worse!

Hummm, maybe I need to check out other companies.
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Hi three,
I have a couple answers that I can give you...on another thread Auctiva Jeff said that the annoying constant signing in was a bug and will be fixed (and yeah, my patience is wearing REAL thin with that one) Smile

You CAN use immediate payment on your Buy it can find it in the Checkout section, (maximize it) there's a box to check under the big Paypal logo. It says 'Require Immediate Payment'.

As for the spell check, yep that's gone Frown

But 2 outta 3 ain't bad Wink

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